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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 4.09

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A 6 (3-5 from others), Ereshkigal and Aeronite are some obstacles to overcome but that is pretty much the challenge given and you get the equipment and abilities for it pretty easy. Generally there are some harder battles but with some upgrades, Overclock and such it can be made way easier.

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Voted 3.

Since you can basically play on easy and by every playthrough you can get stronger, at some point the strongest enemies will pose no problem.


I think the strongest fight (and trophy) is against Aeronite since he has a huge amount of HP and the battle has an invisible time limit. But as I said you can get stronger and fight him in another playthrough if you believe you're underleveled or prepare some better strategies against him.

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I just got the platinum and I'd say it's a really easy one to get.


You can just play on easy if you have problems, then go to hard to farm cash and buy weapons of mass destruction then go back to easy and finish the rest of the big enemies.


Nothing is missable so yeah, it's just time consuming.



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I think 3/10 seems about right for me. It was fairly straightforward, although Aeronite was pretty tough. I barely beat him with NG+ stats and very specific schemas. Farming soul seeds is also not really evident (if that's the right word), but as people here mentioned, it can be played around with the connecting bridges or the Death Game of Biggs and Wedge. Both work great from my experience.


Other than that, Expert Craftsman could be a problem, depending on how thorough you are in your two playthroughs and how many/which Last Ones you exterminated. It could potentially mean a new playthrough. But I don't expect that to happen to the average gamer.

There's also conquering the Ultimate Lair, which could possibly be a bit too much for your first playthrough, but you could always retry later with NG+ stats, since you have to do NG+ for some of the trophies anyway.


Everything else seems fairly clear to me.


On a side note: now that I got the three platinum trophies for the Lightning Saga, I'd like to say I've had a blast playing and obtaining the platinum trophies for the three games. I would like to thank this website and its community for helping me get them. Thank you!

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I'll give it a 4. Only thing that was troublesome for me was Aeronite. I think i was underpowered, or maybe he's just insanely powerful. He 1 shot me with pretty much everything, lol. The hard part was to get him staggered which takes quite a bit. And if you take too long he'll just fly away. Happend a few times for me ;-; kupo..

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I love Final Fantasy games, however fucking hell, this is by far the worst FF game i have ever played! Its horrible and boring! I would rather grind out the treasure hunter trophy 100 times in XIII than plat XIII-3! Thats how much of a horrible grind this is going to be for me! LMFAO i really hope X HD out sells it and the creators get a grip and go back to the roots of this once great rpg genre! Feels more like a god of war game :mad::(

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I give it a 5 only because of Aeronite. I was incredibly strong and using SoP with Heavy Slash LV4 as well as staggering him 4 times rather quickly but he still killed me about 5-6 times. He does insane amount of damage. If only you could improve your defense overall and not just the defense while you use a guard move.

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You can get all trophies on easy difficulty, so it's no big deal. Just a little bit time consuming (platinum took me 45 hours). Even if you have trouble with a boss fight, you can return on the second playthrough and try again. Then you can use upgraded weapons and shields which makes the fights significantly easier.

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This is a textbook 3/10 in my opinion. Took me 37 hours to plat. Way easier than FF13 and slightly easier than FF13-2.


I recommend doing the Ultimate Lair on your first playthrough (it's really not hard) so that you can speedrun your second playthrough in a matter of about 4 hours (no need to do sidequests and actually finish the game if you've already done the Ultimate Lair). Aeronite can be done on either playthrough though.

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3/10. Nothing particularly hard. Aeronite is easily done using the right equipment to complete nullify magic damage, as well as Artemis Arrow when he's finally down to Overclock him to death, which makes Ereshkigal the harder of the two, though not that hard either. Artemis Arrow makes quick work of the final boss in combination with Overclock.


NG+ stuff can easily be done in 1,5h-2h by picking up the easiest accessories in the first NG+, then start a NG++ (sort of) through the thing in the Ark, and pick up the same ones again. Upgrading weapons & shields won't take a lot of Gil either, so that's no issue either.


Much easier to plat than both XIII & XIII-2. Took me 39 hours personally.

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Just got my plat. It was definitely not the best FF game by a long shot, but I don't get the hate. It's still Final Fantasy! :p I loved the music, and having only one character in battles was actually refreshing. The ability to quickly switch between schematas was awesome and I liked a lot of the new concepts. I'll admit the story was inconceivably stupid, though. I think Square just lose it when they start making sequels for numbered games. JUST MAKE A NEW ONE WITH NEW CHARACTERS, geez! You got to keep it fresh. It is after all what makes FF what it is.


Anyhow, I give this a 4. Like others have said, playing it on easy made it less bothersome. The only thing that annoyed me was having to do another playthrough and repeat the same exact side quests because I had to reach the Ultimate Lair a second time to get all the head accessories.


Now, I'm awaiting FFX / FFX-2 in HD in March! :D It should be awesome to replay those games!

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The only thing that annoyed me was having to do another playthrough and repeat the same exact side quests because I had to reach the Ultimate Lair a second time to get all the head accessories.


This isn't actuallly needed :)


You can easily pick up 3 accessories in Luxerion, 1 in Wildlands, 4 in Dead Dunes and 3 in Yusnaan from the get go, then 4 by following the main quest there to the Augur Gate. If you then get on with a NG+ from the Ark and pick up the same ones again, it's much faster than going through a large part of the game to hit 30 (you're just upgrading 15 accessories twice, rather than 30 different ones).

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Gave it a 3..


definately the easiest of the 13 series. Short, and extremely simple. Without a quest guide would increase it a touch.. but I was at like ~40 quests before I started using a quest guide.. so not horribly difficult without one.


Ok game otherwise.. Won't be remembered for anything, but it wasn't terrible.

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