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The Last Level (20)


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There is one slight problem, no one that bought this game can install it, comes up with error messages. So you won't be getting any help soon.


I do have to ask though, how did "you" manage to install it? Did you get a review copy?




i had a copy from 8 floor for testing it on my blog (ashesheart.fr) I didn't buy it. I have no problem for downloading & installing it. Sorry i can help you on this problem :(

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Yeah, thought you must of had a review copy.


Can you ask 8 Floor games, if they are working on a fix for the issue, because right now people are out of pocket without the game to play.


Any info would be appreciated :)


I will publish my test tonight on Ashesheart | Un site de gamer and i'll talk on the same time to 8 floor for this installation problem.

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Use barrels to buy the 2 extra build spots, will make it easier. I used quite a few machine guns (which will mop up the little fast units) and the green cross bows as these will slow down the 'invincible' ships. Also had 3 of the hut/blacksmith things located in strategic locations to boost the powers of surrounding towers.


Personally I found this level to be one of the easier levels but it still took me about 3 tries to get it right (not including one game crash and one that I missed out on by about 1% of the last ship's health).

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