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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 3.33

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So I (virtually) got 100%. Game is glitched so it's impossible to get trophis for getting all S ranks in Hidden Labs and for getting all S ranks. Also it's impossible to get trophy for all S ranks in Suburbs on Vita. Also it's very easy to screw up S rank counter so it would be impossible to get S rank on a given stage.


I was playing on Vita. There's system of upgrades - "gears". E.g. "+2 ammo". On ps3 you can simply buy them, on Vita you have to use Near. And the worst thing is - devs somehow managed to block sending gifts to your friends, so you to send/get one you have to be near the person with this game. And that's why it's Near to impossible to get gears on Vita.


All levels are supposed to be beatable (and S rankable) without using gears. However some of them were glitched, eg in 3-1 they forgot to add detonator for TNT. By using gears it's possible to easily overcome this, but without them... On some levels it's possible to use glitches and some mad solutions to get S rank, but on level 3-4 it's simply impossible.


With gears getting all S ranks is 6-7/10, but without - 9/10.

There're also achievements for completing all levels in Night Missions in 60 minutes and without deaths - but there're quite simple. Let's say 6 with gears, 7 without.


ps3 version difficulty - 7/10

vita version difficulty - 9/10


Game is not really hard, but everything is done wrong. Controls are really sloppy, physics engine is just horrible, glitches are everywhere. It feels like game shouts "f*** **u!" right from beginning.

If you want to play puzzle platformer - get Stealth Inc., it's better in every aspect and is actually harder (in a good way).

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