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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Just picked this one up from the Mid-Year Sale, and I'm looking for someone to boost the online portion. My schedule is pretty flexible.


PSN: TabbyTown

GMT-5 (Eastern US)


EDIT: Done!

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Trophies acquired
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Looking for a partner for those mp trophies. My PSN ID: fraxer1079. I have the VITA version. Im GMT+2 Eastern europe

Edit: Got the platinum! Huge thanks to x7eight for the help. Finally tied up this loose end.


And id also like to call out another player by the name of fredjeturbo. This sack of s**t promised me to finish up the last 2 trophies at some other time. Then gets his last trophies with another players help and then when i message him multiple times about his promise to help me out he just ignores me. I sincerely hope you choke on a bag of d***s and die you stupid c**t. Avoid that loser if you see him. He is not to be trusted.

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I'm looking for someone to help boost all the online trophies for the PS3 version. I'm hoping I can get the online trophies done before the end of the month, November 31, because I'm renting this game and will have to return it then. Please don't send me blank requests as I'm boosting multiple games online right now. My information is below. Thanks in advance!


PSN: RyoDragon20

Time Zone: GMT-07

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Surprisingly, the online for the PS3 version is still reasonably active at this point in time. So it's not absolutely necessary to find a partner for the online trophies.


If you're (like me) not having luck joining with "Quick match" just start a lobby yourself. I have done this all week in the evening (EU region) and had players join within minutes. We've even had races with 5 or 6 people. I'm about 30 minutes away from the last online trophy.

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