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Beyond: Two Souls - Bonus Locations Guide (Text/Screenshots/Video)


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There are 22 collectibles, the "bonuses". Finding all of them will earn you the Explorer (S) trophy.

These collectibles can only be located and obtained with Aiden. You can see which ones you have already found by going to Additional Content - Bonus in the Main Menu. Each bonus has a specific name and the in-game bonus overview lists them in the order in which they appear throughout the game, with a few exceptions: "Kara" is found before "Design Pack #7" in the Homeless chapter, the "Beyond Two Souls Trailer" is closer to the starting point of the Embassy than "Design Pack #2".

You can get every bonus through chapter select. After finding one, you can leave the game immediately. There's no need to reach the next checkpoint. Your progress will always be saved immediately and automatically.

To acquire a bonus you need to get near them with Aiden and press :l1:.

The last two bonuses cannot be picked up. They will unlock automatically after beating the final chapter of the game. If you follow this guide from the beginning, you will get the trophy after finishing the story. If you have already finished the story, then you can collect everything via chapter select and quit to the main menu after finding the final bonus.


*PS4 Version Update*

On the PS4 you can play the game in "New Remixed Order".

The bonus locations are unchanged, just the order is different. Here's the new order (thanks to NemoG, see spoiler):


0. Prologue

1. My imaginary friend...

2. First Interview

3. First night

4. Alone

5. The experiment

6. Night session

7. Hauntings

8. The party

9. Like other girls

10. The condenser

11. Separation

12. Welcome to the CIA

13. The embassy

14. The dinner

15. The mission

16. Hunted

17. Homeless

18. Broken

19. Navajo

20. Old friends

21. Norah

22. Briefing

23. Dragon's Hideout

24. Black sun



Video Guide


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35w-c32OQl8]Beyond: Two Souls - All Bonus Collectible Locations (Explorer Trophy Guide) - YouTube[/ame]


Text Guide



When you gain control of Aiden for the first time (in the room where you need to guess the correct card), fly through the wall on the right side. You will come into the room where the scientists are monitoring the experiment. The first bonus is in the corner at the end of this room.




Behind a wall, from where you enter the party in the very beginning of the chapter (first floor).




In the sheik's office (second floor). When you enter the room it's on the right side.




From where the chapter starts, fly through the wall to your right. This bonus is just a couple of meters away from where Jodie is sitting.




After the fight with the dogs you will have to escape the police by getting a motorbike. The bonus is in the same area where the motorbike is located. It's behind the Sheriff's car, on the side of the road (behind a broken tree).




This bonus is in the bush in the garden.




You can find this bonus in the very beginning of the chapter. After entering the building you need to go into the room to your right before reaching the elevator. It's a very dark room that looks like a small cafeteria. The bonus is behind the counter in this room.




When you come to the frozen corridor with all the dead bodies, you need to open a locked door that requires a keycard. On the left side of this locked door, in one of the research rooms, is this bonus collectible.




When you leave the shelter of the homeless, this bonus will be in a corner to your left.




When you need to collect money with Stan, cross the street and go to the Supermarket. Now keep walking down the street until you come to a man that offers you $10 for "going to the alley with him". Go to the end of the alley (you don't have to accept his offer) and you will find this bonus in the snow.




Fly through the wall of Jodie's room where the entrance door is located. You will now come to the room where the scientists monitor your behavior. In the corner at the end of this room is the bonus.




This bonus is in the bar, in the restroom. To get to the bar you must escape the DPA without being detected. When the security guard sees you (inevitable), you must press X to make Cole speak. After that you need to get into the trunk of Cole's car to escape unnoticed.




After riding the horse for the first time, you will have to follow Jay to a herd of sheep. When dismounting the horse, go to the wooden fence behind the sheep. The bonus is behind this fence, but you need to get really close with Jodie, so that Aiden can reach it.




At the funeral, when you carry the blanket, this is on the left side of the area near some bushes.




In the bathroom of Jodie's Apartment, next to the toilet. You can get this after Ryan arrives.




This bonus is in the corner of the room where you have to find the kid's book.




After killing the first two soliders in this chapter, you will have to leave a building. After leaving the building, you will automatically switch to Aiden to scout the area. This bonus is on one of the rooftops in front of Jodie.




At the end of the chapter, when you get to the tall tower where your target is located, you must fly up to the balcony to find this bonus on the second floor of the building. It's right above the room where all the enemies are meeting.



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This is in room 38 of the mental institution. It's in the same corridor where you find Nohra's room, but on the opposite side.




In the very beginning of this chapter you need to scout the area with Aiden to find shelter. From where Jodie is standing, go straight until you reach the end of the area. Here, at the very end is the last collectable bonus in an old, destroyed house.




The last two bonuses unlock automatically when beating the story. Cannot be missed.


The last two bonuses unlock automatically when beating the story. Cannot be missed.

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Wow mate, great job! I do wonder if you are actually human at times :p. Our last couple of weeks have been hectic to say the least, yet you still managed to pump out another collectible guide for a new release despite focussing on GTA V at the same time and putting all your attention on that when it was necessary. A true professional and great person to boot.


I will likely rent or borrow this game, as I've heard mixed things about it and from what you said about its short play time, I'm not sure it's worth the investment with PS4 so close. But when I do play it, there's only one guide I'm using :). All timelinks work fine too on my end.


Oh, and great job with the screenshots. I trust you had a ton of fun doing that ;)

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First off, thanks to everyone for the feedback =)

Appreciate it.





You know how many Ends have the Game Because i think i have 5 or 6 at the moment? And for that Trophie Uncontrollable we have to do all bad things with Aiden (destroy stuff, let people die and kill people)?


Thank's for Help.


Cya soon!




For the endings there is a thread here:



And the Uncontrollable trophy seems to be a tricky one. The game doesn't provide any type of progress tracker for the bad things you have done. I'll try to get a video guide out for this trophy asap.

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By the way if the bonuses are ordered by the chronicle in the main menu, the 2nd should be Beyond Two Souls trailer and the 3rd should be Design Pack #2. U've mistaken it, I think.


I show them in order of accessibility during the missions. Like the "Kara" collectible in "Homeless". It can be collected before Design Pack #7. Everything is in the intented order.

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Great guide as always but there is a slight error with #12, you state you must evade the CIA but it's not, it's the DPA. It's just a little thing but I thought you might like to know.


Hmm... well, the DPA belongs to the CIA. They are a small group within the CIA, focusing on paranormal activities.


Nathan explains this to Jodie in the "Separation" chapter when Ryan wants Jodie to join the CIA. He says "this facility belongs to the CIA".

So it's not entirely wrong to write CIA, is it? :think:


But fair enough, I'll change it to DPA to be more precise. Thanks for letting me know.

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Hmm... well, the DPA belongs to the CIA. They are a small group within the CIA, focusing on paranormal activities.


Nathan explains this to Jodie in the "Separation" chapter when Ryan wants Jodie to join the CIA. He says "this facility belongs to the CIA".

So it's not entirely wrong to write CIA, is it? :think:


But fair enough, I'll change it to DPA to be more precise. Thanks for letting me know.


The DPA is doesn't become part of the CIA until much later in the game. They are seperate at this point in the game, so technically he was right.

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