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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Hey all new to the forums have used the site forever though for trophy guides and am in need of some assistance, I need to boost just one epic online badge if someone could add me my ID on PSN is:






Got them!! No more help needed!

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PSN ID: alexyov1

Boosting: Exotica

From: Ontario, Canada (eastern time)


i'll be hosting a DLC online race for the next little while, even if i get the trophy, i'll still be available to help others...



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Hello chaps,


I need to boost Exotica (Race online with each of the DLC cars, 7 races in total) as the online is long dead for this game.


I live on GMT +0.00 and will be free for 3-4 hours during evenings this week from about 6.30/7.00 pm GMT.


Please add me, with NFS:Shift in invite so I know what it's for please!

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Hi, need help wit online badges. "Online Drift Champion" and "Online Japan Champion" are pretty fast when you boost, and will be enough for my needs. Please add me and mention "NFS Shift" in your friend request. Thanks in advance!

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