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nobody ever completed this yet?


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The only trophy i'm missing is Grand Dragon. This game can get a bit of annoying as there are not checkpoints per level. I would only recommend this for people who want a challenge. I would rate it around a 5 or a 6 for difficulty but I still need to beat hardcore mode to get the final trophy so i'm just gonna hold off on voting until I get all the trophies.

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I'm just cranking through it now. There are a lot of easy buffer trophies, the only ones that even really require any serious play are the "beat all three worlds", "beat the bonus levels", and "beat hardcore mode" trophies.


It doesn't get tricky till late in the game. Part of the difficulty comes from the fact that the game is uh... poorly designed. Don't listen to anyone who compares this to Super Meat Boy. The only way it's similar is because it's about a square character who runs and wall-jumps.

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