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Gave it a 3, some of the levels are pretty challenging and none of the relics or whatever help make them easier. While some of the other levels are made extremely easy with certain ones. Especially the one that kills enemies you run into, or the feature that makes you float down.


Plus, the stupid splashes of the droplets killing you and wonky hit detection.

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I gave it a 3 but considering I used carrot juice 98% of the time (just couldn't handle going slow once I could go fast) and no power ups at all except for specific trophies and got all 4 carrots in every level I think I might of rated it a bit too hard considering if you are having trouble with a particular level there's some power up that will help you immensely.

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Voted a 3, its not that bad once you unlock all abilities and items, some levels can be tricky, but nothing you will break your vita, its fun and not that bad of a game. The only thing i can complain its that the level selection its a mess, you can be playing hardcore levels or bonus levels without noticing it until you are at the menu, because bad menu design

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