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amazing game or terrible in comparision?


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To many co-op trophies for me. When i seen this game i googled it and found the second and third titles were soo much better and looked incredible. And it put me off grabbing this one. Well that and the sheer incredible amount of online trophies.


Anyone else have this problem. Or am i the only one?

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If you've played the Amiga original then the co-op trophies are a none issue as co-op takes a lot of the difficulty out of the game :). This one is also a lot less buggy than the sequels/remakes with no glitched trophies.

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This game is awesome, that's the real Alien Breed, the 3d trilogy is a shit(but to be honest, the amiga alien breed killing grounds 1 and 2 was a crap too). I hope they remake also alien breed 2 and alien breed tower assault because the games are great even now, after 20 years from release.


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