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PS3 Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

Bounty V

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Looking for a dedicated group to get all these heist trophies done! :) I've been playing with randoms the last couple of days and it's to hard to do the 4 player heists... Either one runs off somewhere or there just so bad they just run in rambo like and die, lol.


I have a microphone and would like to find others with one as well. :p


PSN: Kaa-Bling



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I have already completed the game 100% but would like to complete the mastermind challenge for the 10 million bonus. if anyone is looking for players to do that please send me a psn message. Also willing to help with heist completion as long as i get compensated 20% and up :D


psn: Lazo87/have a mic/gmt -5/level 122 and rising

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Just started the online.


Looking for a boosting partner to get all the trophies with. Available most nights from about 9pm onwards and all day on Saturdays.


Time zone gmt.


Psn is AshleyAc


I'm only looking to get all the normal online trophies at the moment so please don't add me if you're just trying for the heist trophies. Thanks.

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What your post should at least include (but not limited to):

Your PSN ID - Eric_PGH

Online trophies you're wanting to boost - Plat Award trophy

Your time zone - Eastern


We are looking to get a group of ten people together for the GTA5 fill a titan and fly it. I know this is not for a trophy itself but is required as part of the platinum trophy. Please let me know if you would be available to help. We would need to have everyone fly so we would need to have someone pilot take off then land switch pilots then take off land etc. I think all ten people really wouldn't take longer then 30 mins. This way everyone that needs it could get it as part of the trophy.


I would also be more then happy to help others out with doing things they need in any games I have.

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I'm looking to do this criminal mastermind challenge in one sitting now. It will take about 7 hours. We will have drink breaks ;) I'm doing it on ps4 version, add me if you are up for it. My psn is gcrock


Only serious gamers please. It would be better if you had a mic. Also, don't join me if you havnt already completed each heist multiple times. Experience and focus is key in doing this challenge easily!!

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