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AFL Live 2 ~ Trophy Guide and Road Map

Dan Allen

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One of my friends said they played the last two seasons on hard and got the achievement (xbox) going by that I would say yes but can not confirm


What I can confirm is when I played a majority of the first 3 seasons (to get the brownlow/coleman/3 premierships in a row etc....) I changed it from beginner to hard.. simmed the rest.. the trophies stacked for long hard road and going the distance.


For those trying to get a 95 average, I moved my full forward I built up to the LBP position which boosted my average. When I simmed, I got more man of the matches and heaps more posessions that way , which in turn built up my XP to use on my player to boost up his stats.


I just got 95 on my second last career game (phew).. but mind you, it was a hell of a climb to get there. I find you sometimes go down in your avg. stats. Don't get it. I mean I'm still winning all types of awards.


Tip would be to play in a successful team. You're the primary position player regardless if there's a better player in that spot. But playing extra finals games helps get you extra XP.

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i cant get the rising star one either for some reason. been through a couple of times now..


Struggling with this also. I think I'm gonna delete all my saved games (or store them somewhere) and delete my player, start again. I think it's holding onto something from my career that I started before my 15 year journey.


I didn't have 1997 as my DOB to start with. Started a new career and I won every award possible and still didn't get rising star.


I'll keep you updated with how I go, unless you found a way?



Actually, here's a question. The auto save. That things a killer and time waster. Can it be disabled? I have two trophies left to do. Should take me an hour without autosave.

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Thanks for the guide! I've only got the two Competition trophies to go before my Platinum so 12 games and then I'm done.


I needed to simulate through a second Career Mode for the Rank 95 trophy as I didn't do it the right time the first time through and ended at rank 93. I waited until the end of the seasons and then manually upgraded my player and fell short. The second time (with a bit of researching) at the start of every season I put all my staff up to rank 10 (which I hardly did the first time) and they did all the work and upgraded my character during the season(s). I got to rank 95 on Round 4 2025 (out of 2027) so plenty of time to spare and another thing I went to the training screen and trained my entire team a few times during each season which also helped towards my own stats.

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