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Need for Speed Rivals Car List


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Welcome to the official Need for Speed Rivals car list page. The list will be updated throughout the coming months until the game releases this year and further once the DLC kicks in.

Credits to kfree7 for helping me complete the car list for this game.


Aston Martin

2010 One-77 [Cop]

2012 Vanquish [Racer/Cop]



2013 Audi R8 V10 plus [Racer]



2012 Continental GT V8 [Cop]



2010 M3 GTS [Racer]

2013 M6 Coupé [Cop]



2011 Veyron 16.4 Super Sport [Cop]



2012 Camaro ZL1 [Cop]

2014 Corvette C7 Stingray [Racer]



2012 Challenger SRT8 392 [Racer]

2012 Charger SRT8 [Cop]



2010 458 Italia [Cop]

2011 458 Spider [Racer]

2011 599 GTO [Racer]

2002 Enzo [Racer]

1987 F40 [Racer/Cop]

1995 F50 [Racer/Cop]

2011 FF [Cop]

2012 F12Berlinetta [Racer]



2005 GT [Racer]

2013 Mustang GT [Racer]

2015 Mustang GT [Racer]

2013 Shelby GT500 [Cop]



2013 Spano [Racer/Cop]



2012 Venom GT [Cop]



2013 C-X75 Prototype [Racer/Cop]

1993 XJ220 [Racer/Cop]



2012 Agera R [Cop]

2015 One:1 [Racer/Cop]



2012 Aventador LP 700-4 [Cop]

2013 Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario [Racer]

2013 Gallardo LP 560-4 [Cop]

2013 Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica [Racer]

2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo [Racer/Cop]

2006 Miura Concept [Racer/Cop]

2010 Murcielago LP 670-4 SV [Cop]

2011 Sesto Elemento [Racer/Cop]

2013 Veneno [Racer]



2010 LFA [Cop]



2012 B2 [Cop]



2011 GranTurismo MC Stradale [Racer]



1995 F1 LM [Cop]

2011 MP4-12C [Cop]

2013 MP4-12C Spider [Racer]

2013 P1 [Racer]



2012 C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series [Cop]

2005 SLR McLaren [Racer/Cop]

2013 SLS AMG Coupé Black Series [Racer]



2012 GT-R Black Edition (R35) [Cop]



2012 Huayra [Racer]



2013 911 GT3 [Racer]

2013 911 Turbo [Cop]

2014 918 Spyder [Racer]

2013 981 Cayman S [Racer]

2005 Carrera GT [Cop]



2013 Viper GTS [Cop]

2014 Viper Time Attack [Racer]

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More Ferraris than Lamborghinis? That's a first... A Hyundai but no Mitsubishi huh? I think I know where this is going?


(drumroll please)


DLCs of course! It's an EA game and Need For Speed at that so expect hoards of "packs"... for sure there will be a Japanese Pack that will probably include Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Mazda... and (scoffs) Legend Packs, Movie Packs... what else? Porsche/Lamborghini/Ferrari packs... Hyper Car packs as I didn't see any Zondas in there...


Before I commit, I need to see the trophy list first :) Got a lot of games lined up for "day one purchase" so EA's gotta impress me with this one.

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More Ferraris than Lamborghinis? That's a first...

Well now that they have got the Ferrari license again they have to squeeze as much as possible into every NFS game. Plus we already have one Gallardo, two slighty different Aventador models, taking a look at the list it's clearly that this isnt a classic's game.

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Yeah I kinda missed the NFS era where they had Ferraris so this one excites me a bit. Nothing much else is said about this game. Hopefully by August we'll have more sneak previews on this one.


I just finished (sort of coz I skipped drifting) NFS: Pro Street (decided to try old school-pre-trophy-NFS-games) and defeated Ryu Watanabe which was a "rival" (of Ryan Cooper). I wonder if NFS: Rivals would have a similar plot? I thought that NFS: PS despite being OLD was a cool game...


... gear shifting and it has ALL the events (inclusive in the disc) without having to resort to DLCs. If Rivals would also give us back the "customisation" features - that would be awesome.

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If Rivals would also give us back the "customisation" features - that would be awesome.

I can give you some costumization news that I found out today, if you are obsessed for costumization you might be a little disappointed. (I actually agree with that preview)

Unlike in Hot Pursuit, there will be limited customization, but don't expect to be turbocharging your Ferrari. According to the developers you will be able to change your rims, add some decals and change your number plates, to add your personal touch to each car.

Need For Speed Rivals : More of the same? ~ Kiwi Gam3r

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... so as I suspected, it's a revamped NFS: Hot Pursuit (just as NFS: MW2012 was a revamped Burnout Paradise)... I am a fan of recycling stuff "to save the world" but this sort of recycling is a tad disappointing, especially as the article says there is nothing new to add since HP. Some folks are gonna bitch about this for sure LOL


... Frostbite engine? Last time I played a racing game from EA/NFS using Frostbite was that "unpopular" (according to some) The Run of 2011. I was only annoyed with the constant freezing (but in fairness, not as bad as Criterion's NFS: MW2012) and hard restarts/resets, but that game was... okay.


Well I guess it would just be fair to give these new guys (Ghost) a chance. Hopefully they'll be more thorough in utilising Frostbite 3, than how the now defunct Black Box did with The Run. Germans are well known for their meticulousness and their passion for cars. Let's hope they won't disappoint.... oh oh... I really hope they won't forget that "bonnet/hood view/camera". I'd get really crossed if they didn't give us that option.


So customisation would be for aesthetic purposes only then. Hrmm decals huh? I hope they give us new designs as the ones they give us are from circa 2007, and they haven't changed since then...




Thanks for the article btw... :) Something good to read for now...

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Now that's what I'm talking about! I have a feeling that these EA/Ghost guys are deliberately starving us for info and giving them out in trickles, building up the much needed hype I believe. As long as there is new "relevant and important stuff" to share, it should be fine...


Now going to twitter to ask more questions to these lads :)


About cars that had missed out in the "initial" list, I think the answer to that would be DLC packs. The Pagani Zonda (series) which is said to be more powerful than the latest model Huayra aren't there as well. So I expect a "Hyper/Super Car Pack" coming out a few weeks after the game's release.


Sadly it has been NFS tradition to release multiple DLCs that started with NFS: Shift(1). Every single NFS game that followed had DLC "packs" which to no surprise are tied up with trophy support. Just think NFS: MW2012 and recall how many DLCs this game had. NFS:HP 2010 had hoards as well, not to forget that... So yeah, there's a chance that your wish for more Koenigseggs will eventually come true.




... two days later and still no reply from the NFS Twitter guys regarding the hood/bonnet view/camera on NFS: Rivals... please please give us that feature. Quite crossed with Criterion for not giving one to NFS: MW2012 when they added that option in NFS:HP2010. I really felt short changed...


Fingers crossed, these Ghost guys aren't going to be as lazy as Criterion 2012/13 devs...

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