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What game are you playing currently?


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I thought Payday was far from perfect, but a great co op experience. Hoping the sequel does greater things.



I just finished Gravity Rush, now I'm playing Persona 4 Golden. Such an amazing game, I don't want to stop playing!


It is the consistent dependency on a 4-man co-op that sank the game for me right down the drainer. Couldn't care for anything else since I've played worse.


I don't mind things where you have to co-op with another mate to achieve them, sometimes, I love them! But making it nigh impossible for me to get at least ONE trophy without 3 professionally trained and boost-minded people is ridiculous!


The game sucks, and makes too much effort into hiding it under the rug by emphasizing co-op and difficulty.


"Hey! This isn't a game about graphics or gameplay! It's all about playing with friends and getting a challenge! Even though it's absolutely mediocre-to-bad in everything else!"

Is what I make of it.


Sorry to be all stressful on you, just had to let that out somewhere. On and off months and I still haven't gotten the platinum. :p

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I'm currently playing LittleBigPlanet Karting, it's not a terrible game at all, which I'm happy about. A bit lose controls, but it works much better than Modnation and there's not close to 1 minute load times. It's not as good as Crash Team Racing, but I didn't really expect it to be either, but I hoped, at least it was the best karting game on PS3 so far.

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Just boosting some Tomb Raider multiplayer with mjc. Not sure whether to start the single player or wait until after my THL games arrive.


You'll enjoy Tomb Raider SP mate! I played it during this THL and got the (P) as well. I really enjoyed it, can't say a bad word about the game apart from the MP obviously :p I was so eager to play it as I purposefully saved the SP for THL!


On topic...Currently playing ~ Resistance Burning Skies on the Vita. Have to say that I have enjoyed it, even though it's a short game. Only 1 trophy needed for the (P)

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