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What game are you playing currently?


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I am currently playing on ffr.

But I would like to be playing some Bad company 2 if psn wasnt still being gay.

I highly recommend it to people who love music, or music games, hell even both would do.

Click on my sig to check it out.

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Struggling with a couple of 'Iron Man' trophies on Homefront. Hoping to get a couple of the online ones between the PSN being up and running and the release of LA Noire. Can't wait for LA Noire, may have to book a day or two off work for that one.

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Pokemon White still.


Training up my Tirtouga for the 4th gym. Despite it knowing Dig I want it to be at least level 30 before fighting. I'll have Victini as back up though. Once I eventually get my Drilbur and Joltik I'll have my full team.

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