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What game are you playing currently?


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7 hours ago, Ashbo said:

Still chippin away at Valhalla although with the UK having some banging weather atm, i've not been arsed about playing much.


Nearly at 675 milestone, so subconciously i'm plannning that.

Too hot to do owt lad and other northern sayings!

Gonna get some more gigs and side missions done in Cyberpunk, slowly levelling up perks and skills. Holding back the perks as per the trophy guide though, don't want to miss a thing.

Shooting a grenade out of the air with a revolver for a trophy I got without much effort from a random gang member. Short distance was key and you could tell when he was gonna chuck it as he shouts something random just before hand. Fucking love the revolvers by the way. Headshots galore!

Very, very likely to make this #600. And that is a milestone!

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Back from my vacation to jump back into Fallout 76. The Steel Reign update date arrived a few days before my trip, but I elected to wait to play it until I got back. Time to regain 100% in this game, and across the Fallout series! New trophies seem easy/straightforward, so I may be able to do everything today.

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Finally overcome my laziness to start my Metal Gear Solid retrospective with...Metal Gear Solid 1 (played on PS2).


To say I'm rusty is an understatement (and I did the VR practice before !) but I hope improving...


One thing I didn't forget, and the game painfully reminds it to me at each Codec call, is the horrible, atrocious, awful, disgusting, shameful french dubbing : actors completely "miscast" (Snake and the Colonel...), poor translations, flat "acting" (at least the actress who "plays" Mei Ling doesn't imitate the chinese accent...), for a game with so much dialogues, it was an incredible mistake to take it lightly.

Not to mention that subtitles have typos, because why not ?

As far as I remember, Tomb Raider and the Legacy Of Kain series had pretty decent dubbing (even though the french voice of Ariel has a strange way to pronounce Nosgoth) but maybe my memory is playing me tricks because 20-25 years is a long time...


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Booted up Dirt 5 on PS5 and I'm really liking it so far! I've heard nothing but negative things about it but I don't see what everyone was complaining about. A lot of people were dumping on it for how it looked but the game looks great to me. I'm playing on the setting that prioritises frame rate and even on that setting everything looks super crisp and sharp and full of detail. Maybe they were playing on a crap TV or something, I don't know. It plays really well too.

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