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What game are you playing currently?


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Cling-Cling-Clong-Cling...I mean Sekiro.


The combat system is a bit difficult to handle and I'm a bit confused with the navigation (I don't know where to go so I explore slowly -thankfully I don't stream otherwise if I had viewers they would have fallen asleep or switched to another channel-) but so far I like it.

And the story looks interesting, it seems to be more story-driven but yet elusive...

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Mass Effect 1 on PS3. Recently started the 2nd playthrough out of 3 needed. Really good game, and despite having to play it again, I think I'll enjoy it. The thing that bothers me most about it is how much Shepperd's voiced dialogue differs from the damn dialogue option I chose. Sometimes it's wildly different! 

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On 4/16/2021 at 9:29 AM, AshtimusPrime said:

Completed Soulstorm and of course got the bad ending. Now to replay levels to try and rescue everyone I can and get some miscellaneous trophies.


Got good Quarma in the main 15 levels so unlocked the last two and going through them to finish up and get the best ending.


Will need to replay a couple more levels for missing badges and then I can do my final run, which is not dying but killing all the people I'm supposed to rescue. :devil:

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2 hours ago, iLion said:

Playing through the dlc for Bioshock Infinite as I couldn’t decide on a new game to start so went with tidying up an unfinished game on my profile.




Before BS Infinite i guess Drakengard 3. I'm not that confidend to what play Next. But it will be on PS3 and that will going on :D

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FINALLY going back to Death Stranding after a year in a half. I like the game, I'm just not enthused about the postgame haha. I may shelf it again after a while, but we'll see.

EDIT: This is a tough game to relearn. Took me two hours to make my first delivery.

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I just finished the story mode in Danganronpa V3, so now I have to go through all of the miscellaneous ones for the extra modes and the casino stuff I still haven't touched.


I am also playing a ton of New Pokemon Snap and am having a blast with it! I already put a ton of hours into it and am having a had time putting it down.

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I tried playing TNT : Evilution, a WAD for Doom II which is the first half of Final Doom (the other being the infamous Plutonia Experiment -never played but it's reknown for its incredible difficulty on Ultra-Violence-) and I stopped at map 20, it's really boring.


I'm already at 5 hours of gameplay and there are 10 maps remaining but they are too big to be enjoyable, the combats are a pain because you are most of the time overwhelmed by enemies seemingly popping out of nowhere (I played on Hurt Me Plenty because WADs tend to be harder than the main game on Ultra-Violence), the music is a mixed bag, sometimes ridiculous (it sounds like a porno movie from the 80's !) and sometimes great like this one BUT some levels like Deepest Reaches have a nice nightmarish atmoshpere.


So I'll put it on hold for now and go back to Sekiro (or not).


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