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What game are you playing currently?


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I am playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and I am loving this game so much. It is amazing, I am thinking about buying New Order for my PS4, I have beaten the game on PS3, but after starting the Old Blood, I can't stop thinking about the previous game. Unfortunately, I have also started AC: Unity, despite my attitude towards the game, I am having fun playing the story so far.

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Yeah I was leaning towards Megamind first. Although I'll end up playing both of them anyway.


Might get shot by some elitists here but both of those, while quirky are actually really enjoyable too:P


Myself have started my Borderlands 1 run before I hit up the collection on PS4

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Deciding whether to start playing Terminator Salvation or Megamind.


Start playing Terminator it's the worst one and there is more of a chance that you will hate it where as Megamind isn't that bad at all.


As for me I have started playing Destiny a lot more!

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