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What game are you playing currently?


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Well i was playing Batman but my PS3 died sunday so now im just waiting. on 360 im playing shadow complex


YLOD'd? Sorry to hear that my friend I was quite vexed when mine did that back in March/April :mad:


Currently Playing = Batman : Arkham Asylum, Madden 10, H.A.W.X. and tomorrow will be picking up Mini Ninjas so that will be in the mix as well

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was working on Prince of Persia, but that Combo Specialist trophy is being a bitch 'n won't unlock, so I'm switching back to Prototype for now


It unlocks after you kill the enemy. I'm currently playing Savage moon. I find this game rather hard, with these bastard monsters spitting bile everywhere.

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I like to concentrate on one game at a time, so I've only been playing Prince of Persia Epilogue recently. The original is a very enjoyable game, and I had a blast with it, but this DLC is really something else. I love the platforming sections to death - they're more challenging and require much better timing in order to be successful. And how you have to time perfect runs in order to kill all the soldiers before they spawn? Love it too.


Played through Epilogue twice already and now on my third run-through to discover all the Frescos and get that last missing trophy for 100%. Of course with my luck I missed one and now have to restart the game. But I do not mind it, it's fun enough for me to play through it again. Surprisingly enough this DLC was a great bang for my buck providing me with at least 8 hours of gameplay.

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I finished the Prince of Persia Epilogue last week to hit 100%.

Since then I've gone back to finish the other half of Uncharted's Hard (completed it) and now on Chapter 9 in Crushing.


It's tricky...some bits I go through easily and others I die a couple times before I find a good strategy.


I bought Quantum of Solace and Wolverine so by the weekend I should get and start them after Uncharted (P).


How is Batman? It looks really awesome but I'm thinking of saving my money for later titles.

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