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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - Collectibles Guide

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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - Collectibles Guide


Information -


The collectibles in PoP: The Two Thrones are incredibly simple there are 15 total. 9 Sand Portals which are glowing beams of light surrounded by guards. Then there are the 6 Life Upgrades which are more hidden because they increase your health. The Sand Portals truthfully do not need a guide at all but some people (often including myself) are worryworts and like to be 100% positive anyhow it will be simple and easy to find all the collectibles using this guide.


Sand Portals will be color coded in Orange. Life Upgrades will be color coded in Blue. Each save point is a new chapter and I included the name of the chapter with every collectible in Bold so that you can easily know if you are close to where the collectible is.


Written by: LordMaceX


Collectibles Guide -


Life Upgrade #1 - The Sewers - After your first transformation into the Dark Prince. You will climb out of a watery pit and then go through a series of rooms with enemies eventually rolling under a timed door. On your right after a bunch of spike and saw traps go to your left instead through a hanging curtain. Follow through the corridors until it leads you to a mysterious fountain once you drink from it you will wake up somewhere else. You must now go through a series of fairly simple traps once you complete them you will get your first health upgrade.


Sand Portal #1 - The Fortress - After exiting the Sewers and entering the Lower City Rooftops you will be at a savepoint and see Vizier transformed using this sand portal. Sneak down and kill the guards after doing so claim your first portal.


Sand Portal #2 - Lower City - After the chariot scene you will proceed and eventually begin climbing downward and you will see the beam of light shooting upward from it. You will slide down a wall gap and then see the three people guarding it dispose of them to claim it.


Life Upgrade #2 - Lower City Rooftops - After arriving on the rooftops you will proceed down and eventually arrive at an L shaped corridor with 2 locked doors and either side. You will need to climb some dagger holds then use the dagger to pull down a switch, instead of going in the door right next to you go to the further door that is down the ramp. Like before, travel down some maze like corridors until you drink from another mysterious fountain. Again you will have to face a series of traps and once you complete them you will get your second upgrade.


Sand Portal #3 - The Balconies - After defeating the first boss and going through a Dark Prince segment you will come to a save point on the rooftops. From here you can see the beam of light from the portal continue downward following the path killing as you go. Eventually you will reach the bottom defeat the guards and claim the portal.


Sand Portal #4 - The Temple Rooftops - After going through a timed door you will fight a bunch of Hounds. You will then have to climb some ruins and once you arrive at the top you will see the beam of light. Drop down and kill the guards to claim the portal.


Life Upgrade #3 - The Temple - Once you are into the inside of the temple you will get a cutscene with Viser and then you will do a long Dark Prince segment involving lots of platforming. Once this ends you will drain the water from a room and then begin climbing up once you jump up and grab a pole and begin the swinging section turn around to see a big hole in the wall half covered by a banner. Enter this hole and continue a short while to find your mysterious fountain and drink. This trap sequence is a bit unique, just use the bumpers over and over. This is simple until you get to the saws then proceed fast before they fall to get the third upgrade.


Sand Portal #5 - The Market District - After opening a door for Farah you continue forward and reach a save point. After saving continue forward and soon you will see the beam of light below you keep going and eventually you will enter the area with the beam. Dispatch the guards and claim the portal.


Sand Portal #6 - The Upper City - After fighting with Farah she will tell you that you are alone and you will climb down and go through the door she went through. Continue on a bit, go up a ladder and do some wall jumps until you scale to the top. Once at the top you can see the beam of light climb down and defeat the guards to claim the portal.


Sand Portal #7 - The City Gardens - Shortly after the previous sand portal you will come to a save point then enter the gardens. Continue on and you will pull a switch that moves two wood ledges to aim at each other after you leap across the gap of these ledges you will see the beam of light. After going around then up and over a wall you can climb down and destroy the guards in your path and claim your portal.


Life Upgrade #4 - The Canal - After riding on the back of the Golem and making him smash through all the doorways you will come to a ladder. Climb it to find a save point and to your right there is a hole you can roll into, proceed after rolling in through some platforming to find the mysterious fountain. After drinking from it proceed through some simple traps to gain your fourth upgrade.


Sand Portal #8 - The Promenade - After another Dark Prince segment you will land in some water climb up the wall and you will see the beam of light ahead and to your right. Do a small amount of platforming to get to a chain then you can slide down to the portal and defeat the guards to claim it.


Life Upgrade #5 - The Palace Entrance - When you enter the area where you are messing with the elevator, there will be switches that you turn in circles. Once you reach the platform with the second switch turn and look off the balcony instead of using it. There will be a series of three dagger holes to climb on so jump off and do so, once at the top you will have to wall jump to hit the button. After hitting the button drop and grab one of the dagger holes (slowing time helps) then jump back onto the spot with the switch and go into the left doorway. Continue through the corridor until you reach the mysterious fountain, drink from it and complete the traps to obtain your fifth upgrade.


Sand Portal #9 - The Hanging Gardens - Quickly after you enter The Hanging Gardens you will be separated from Farah. Continue on and after you run into a save point you will run into her again and she will shoot an arrow to move something so you can wall run by it. After you drop down to the spot below you then climb back up with the poles you will look down and see the beam of light and the portal.


Life Upgrade #6 - The Middle Tower - After using the block through the elevators to swing the cage you will continue. You will jump to the cage and then continue climbing up until eventually you see a stone ledge in front of you. Before you jump to that stone ledge the platform you are on will give you the option of a landscape view, do so and you will see your path. Hang off the edge to drop onto the wood plank then enter follow this path for a short distance to find the mysterious fountain. After drinking from it continue through the final set of traps to claim your final upgrade and final collectible.

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