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S.T.A.R. Labs Missions - World's Finest Trophy


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Banner by GlennThomas & leptonic


This thread will include all the recompilation for a detailed road and Video walkthrough for the World's Finest (G) Trophy.


The S.T.A.R. Labs consist in 240 challenges to beat, the main quest is to earn all 3 stars in every challenges meaning you need to have the 720 stars available!



SolitaryGenesis for S.T.A.R Labs Strategy Guides.

MilanRE for the ALL Missions Video walkthrough.


Here is all the missions (stars needed to unlock the mission in brackets):


Superman Missions:

1: Getting Started (Available from start)

2: The Yellow Sun (Available from start)

3: Kryptonite Batarangs (Available from start)

4: Heating Up (Available from start)

5: Rain Of Fire (Available from start)

6: Meteor From Krypton (Available from start)

7: Save The Human (Available from start)

8: Noxious Fumes (7)

9: Man Of Steel (7)

10: Kryptonite Plated (7)


Complete Strategy for the Superman Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Superman Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsxgdfZWUEY]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Superman Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Batman Missions:

11: Sparring Practice (10)

12: Baffled Bats (10)

13: Grenades And Grundy (10)

14: Pie In The Face (13)

15: Killer Croc (13)

16: Deadthstroke Destroy (13)

17: Evil Duo (13)

18: Cat Nap (13)

19: Heli-Battle (19)

20: Dark Night Vision (13)


Complete Strategy for Batman Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Batman Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ8p2z8OG3w]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Batman Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Catwoman Missions:

21: Cat Burglar (20)

22: Avoid The Lights (20)

23: Isis (20)

24: Rumble In The Museum (20)

25: Safe Cracker (20)

26: Bloodletting (25)

27: Batters Up (25)

28: Cat’s Eye (25)

29: Going Up? (25)

30: The Getaway (25)


Complete Strategy for Catwoman Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )



Catwoman Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIijsaw11VA]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Catwoman Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



The Flash Missions:

31: Sparks (34)

32: The Scarlet Speedster (34)

33: Slow Down (34)

34: Race Around The World (34)

35: Pressure Chamber (34)

36: When It Rains (40)

37: Grundy Smash (40)

38: Nicked (40)

39: Locked On (40)

40: Go Boom! (40)


Complete Strategy for The Flash Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )



The Flash Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADwgGwvMSU4]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Flash Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Shazam Missions:

41: Strength Of Hercules (45)

42: Power Of Zeus (45)

43: Cloudy Day (47)

44: Blood Bank (47)

45: Can’t See Me (47)

46: Wisdom Of Solomon (47)

47: Antarctic (47)

48: Mercury’s Speed (47)

49: S H A Z A M (47)

50: Air Battle (56)


Complete Strategy for Shazam Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )



Shazam Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAlZvn6K0I8]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Shazam Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Bane Missions:

51: Body Builder (56)

52: Zap Zap (56)

53: Give Me Life (56)

54: Stay Alive (56)

55: Venom Rage (56)

56: Pulverize And Trash (56)

57: Ice Box (66)

58: Fender-Bender (66)

59: Juiced Up (66)

60: Break The Bat (66)


Complete Strategy for Bane Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Bane Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_Tius65qKk]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Bane Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE

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Harley Quinn Missions:

61: Best Served Cold (70)

62: High Noon (70)

63: Deadshot (70)

64: Two-Face (75)

65: Thug's Life (75)

66: Side Splitting (75)

67: Kisses! (75)

68: Cat Got Your Tongue (80)

69: Pipsqueak (80)

70: Deception (80)


Complete Strategy for Harley Quinn Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Harley Quinn Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQOMSBETX9w]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Harley Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Deathstroke Missions:

71: Trained Professional (85)

72: Never Enough (85)

73: Assassin's Strike (85)

74: Burn With Me (85)

75: Bomb, Shield, And Sword (85)

76: Target Acquired (85)

77: Pipe Bomb (85)

78: Laser Targeting (85)

79: Now You See Me (85)

80: Eagle Eye (85)


Complete Strategy for Deathstroke Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Deathstroke Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsyswO79_14]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Deathstroke Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Green Arrow Missions:

81: The Emerald Archer (97)

82: White Out (97)

83: Crowd Control (97)

84: Sea King (97)

85: Big Shot (101)

86: Sharpshooter (101)

87: Glass House (101)

88: The Harder They Fall (101)

89: Aim High (101)

90: Broken Arrow (101)


Complete Strategy for Green Arrow Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Green Arrow Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7SbsLR572U]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Green Arrow Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Lex Luthor Missions:

91: Suit Up (110)

92: Enter Lex (112)

93: There And Back Again (112)

94: Orb Malfunction (112)

95: Pulling The Trigger (112)

96: Burn The Evidence (120)

97: Lantern’s Defense (120)

98: Air Strike (120)

99: Go Deep (120)

100: Big Fish (120)


Complete Strategy for Lex Luthor Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Lex Luthor Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv1nBRAQARI]Injustice Gods Among Us - Walkthrough S.T.A.R. Labs | Lex Luthor Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Nightwing Missions:

101: Woke Up Tied Up (126)

102: Hide And Seek (126)

103: Bad Gas (126)

104: Dead Man’s Hand (126)

105: Sticks Of Fury (126)

106: Freezer Burn (132)

107: Paints This (132)

108: Look Out! (132)

109: Just Add Water (132)

110: That's The Bomb (132)


Complete Strategy for Nightwing Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Nightwing Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgOnYndZn4Y]Injustice Gods Among Us - Walkthrough S.T.A.R. Labs | Nightwing Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Green Lantern Missions:

111: Shine Bright (139)

112: Armageddon (139)

113: Scarecrow (142)

114: Headache (142)

115: None Shall Pass (142)

116: Frozen Skies (145)

117: Kilowog (145)

118: Outfield (145)

119: Green Lantern’s Light (145)

120: Ultimate Battle (145)


Complete Strategy for Green Lantern Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Green Lantern Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGvFcS2wBs4]Injustice Gods Among Us - Walkthrough S.T.A.R. Labs | Green Lantern Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE

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Cyborg Missions:

121: Rebirth (152)

122: Training Camp (152)

123: Sprung A Leak (152)

124: What Is Your Malfunction (152)

125: Broken Legs (152)

126: Rocket! Rocket! (152)

127: Need A Nurse (152)

128: Error Macro (152)

129: Luthor Beatdown (152)

130: Injustice For All (152)


Complete Strategy for Cyborg Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Cyborg Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cpUkBChwRc]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Cyborg Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Hawkgirl Missions:

131: Hawks Net (165)

132: High Tension (165)

133: Can Opener (165)

134: Scared Hawk (165)

135: Soaring Hawk (165)

136: Falling Mace (165)

137: Distress Call (165)

138: Fortitude (165)

139: The Power of Nth (165)

140: Major Damage (165)


Complete Strategy for Hawkgirl Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Hawkgirl Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr1UOyyAIes]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Hawkgirl Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



The Joker Missions:

141: Joker's Wild (178)

142: Riddle Me This (178)

143: Heart Broken (178)

144: Catnip (178)

145: Joker Venom (178)

146: Downsized (178)

147: Slow Me Down (178)

148: Bombs Away (178)

149: Heads Or Tails (178)

150: It Takes Two (178)


Complete Strategy for The Joker Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


The Joker Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ndopcqb5qE]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Joker Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Doomsday Missions:

151: It Begins (190)

152: Riddle Me That! (190)

153: Demonstration Of Power (190)

154: Poison Touch (190)

155: Falling Ice (190)

156: Super Power (190)

157: Wasp’s Nest (190)

158: Doomsday’s Revenge (190)

159: Search for Superman (190)

160: D-Day (190)


Complete Strategy for Doomsday Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Doomsday Missions Videowalktrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1cF1auAw8I&list=UU0mR3Q2WOA131-4h9YVfFBQ&index=6]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Doomsday Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Sinestro Missions:

161: Sinestro Corps (204)

162: Oa Noes (204)

163: Slippery When Wet (204)

164: See You Next Fall (204)

165: Green With Envy (204)

166: In The Wind (204)

167: To Rule Them All (204)

168: Out Of Options (204)

169: Sinestro's Power (204)

170: Backup (204)


Complete Strategy for Sinestro Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Sinestro Missions Videowalktrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2pCIjeDg6E&list=UU0mR3Q2WOA131-4h9YVfFBQ&index=5]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Sinestro Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE


Raven Missions:

171: Regaining Control (217)

172: Bleeding Out (217)

173: Raven Attack (217)

174: Rock N Roll (217)

175: Friend In Need (217)

176: Titans Go (217)

177: Trigon's Pain (217)

178: Pass the Poison (217)

179: Life Steal (217)

180: Return Of Trigon (217)


Complete Strategy for Raven Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Raven Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpTggZB8iPg&list=UU0mR3Q2WOA131-4h9YVfFBQ&index=4]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Raven Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE

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Aquaman Missions:

181: Atlantean Warrior (230)

182: Assassin’s Contract (230)

183: King Of Atlantis (230)

184: Falling Lasers (230)

185: Back Alley (230)

186: Big Smash (230)

187: Lost Trident (230)

188: Hot Spot (230)

189: Jaws Of Life (230)

190: Olympian Champion (230)


Complete Strategy for Aquaman Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Aquaman Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWplNAB0xSU]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Aquaman Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Solomon Grundy Missions:

191: Born On A Monday (247)

192: Throw Down (247)

193: Brute Strenght (247)

194: Hard Rain (247)

195: Zombies Hands (247)

196: Avalanche (247)

197: Lightning Storm (247)

198: Swamp Gas (247)

199: Toxic Overload (247)

200: Friends Forever (247)


Complete Strategy for Solomon Grundy Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Solomon Groundy Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_SSTI1VtLQ]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Solomon Grundy Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Killer Frost Missions:

201: Ice Mist (270)

202: Frostbite (270)

203: Screw Loose (270)

204: Life Drain (270)

205: The Riddler's Surprise (270)

206: A Strong Defense (270)

207: Hot And Cold (270)

208: Melting Point (270)

209: Fire And Ice (270)

210: Icebreaker (270)


Complete Strategy for Killer Frost Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Killer Frost Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44NHfdR_rqg]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Killer Frost Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Black Adam Missions:

211: Mighty Human (294)

212: Flip of the Coin (294)

213: Dry Lightning (294)

214: What You Get (294)

215: Reflection (294)

216: Splat (294)

217: Dischrge (294)

218: Razzle Dazzle (294)

219: S H A Z A M (294)

220: Ice Breaker (294)


Complete Strategy for Black Adam Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Black Adam Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AFbj8bP1bQ]Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough - S.T.A.R. Labs | Black Adam Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Wonder Woman Missions:

221: Amazonian Training (319)

222: Lights Out (319)

223: Meteor Shower (319)

224: An Amazonian's Power (319)

225: Sisters (319)

226: Purified Rain (319)

227: Catching A Thief (319)

228: Who’s There? (319)

229: Inner Strength (319)

230: Last Stand (319)


Complete Strategy for Wonder Woman Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Wonder Woman Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvOFmAUwAGc]Injustice Gods Among Us - Walkthrough S.T.A.R. Labs | Wonder Woman Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE



Ares Missions:

231: The God's War (350)

232: A Rock and a Hard Place (350)

233: Battle Of Titans (350)

234: Underwater Warfare (350)

235: Rust Bucket (350)

236: Cloak Of The Gods (350)

237: Spears Away (350)

238: Rain And Pour (350)

239: Lasso Tied (350)

240: Reign Supreme (350)


Complete Strategy for Ares Missions (by SolitaryGenesis )


Ares Missions Video walkthrough:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdfuh9MPMwI]Injustice Gods Among Us - Walkthrough S.T.A.R. Labs | Ares Missions - YouTube[/ame]

Video by MilanRE

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I've created a guide for Superman's mission details. If it's all right, I would like to post it in this thread.


Yeah, that's the idea! go ahead bro... if you like to send me the links by PM and I will post them in the correct place with your deserved credit :)

This thread is just getting started...

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lol, I had no idea all trials are completed. Still going for my guides anyways, but these vids can be really helpful if players are still stuck.


Since this is a game by Netherrealms as well as based on Mortal Kombat, I'm going to use numerical notations for combo strings and inputs. Here is a quick reference to what I'm going to use.


L/Light Button = 1

M/Medium Button = 2

H/Hard Button = 3

Trait = 4

Meter Burn = MB


Inputs such as Back, Forward, Down, and Jump are self-explanatory. Of course if you're still lost on how the inputs work, I'll consider using the terms "LMH" even though it looks weird on my next guide.


Pressing the :select: button during or at the beginning of a trial brings up the challenge requirements without having to press start or heading back to the S.T.A.R lab menu. This is very useful to see what missions are left in case you fail to gain all 3 stars in one round.



Recommended Combos for SUPERMAN


~111, DF1, 22, DF2

  • This will be your basic string on the majority of missions. Simple and builds enough meter at your command. Activate Trait for more damage.

~22, DB2(MB), B3, J2, 22, DB2

  • Easy way to create a freeze state on missions to further extend combos or to achieve certain adjectives easier.

~B3, J2, 22, DB2(MB), 111, DF1, 1, DF2

  • Add meter burn on B3 to grant super armor, but make sure you have another bar of meter for DB2's freeze state.

~Corner-223, 112, DB2

  • Missions that restrain you from using any mechanics will force a change in gameplay. This combo is what I recommended as a corner combo..


Getting Started

Very basic here. Should get 3 stars with no problem.


The Yellow Sun

Try to push Bane to the corner using Superman's BF+3 (BackForward Hard). After enough hits and when Bane is positioned on the corner, perform the inputs 22, DB2(MB) putting Banein Freeze state, then do B3 to start a level transition. The rest should be easy as long as you don't let Bane go for the offense.


Kryptonite Batarangs

Little tricky hit. The key is not to get touched by any batarangs blocked (?) or on hit. Start the round with BF3, positioning yourself below a debris. Jump and use that interactive object to strike Batman for a challenge point. From here on, it gets a little challenging.


For novices, I strongly recommended backing away from Batman so you can easily evade any Batarang at you, and use Superman's aerial heat vision via Jump-DB1. Keep doing this until Batman suddenly goes forward. Try to push him out with 111, DB2 when he's close, quickly back away with Superman's Air Dash, and repeat.


Apparently you can also sweep (D3) against Batman everytime he's on wakeup on close range; it even evades his Cape Parry. But there's a chance for Batman to do either a Wakeup Overhead, Wire Grapple, or simply jumping above you then landing for a Batarang toss.


You can also go full offense against him by utilizing Superman's Trait (4) and rushdown on Batman, but only if his health is near range.


Alternatively doing Jump-DB1 also stocks up meter. If you wish, continue to store up for a 30% Super Move in stock whenver Batman's on health range. Just position carefully so you do get caught with a Batarang.


Heating Up

In order to get the third challenge star, delay your inputs so the beams "cross the bottom line" 5 times. For example, once Superman's heat vision reaches Regime Superman's face, don't input anything and let the other vision come towardss you, but not to close.


Once you see this challenge completed on the bottom left, finish the mission. Also, be cautious of missing an input, you'll hear a buzzer when an input is dropped unless you have gained the second challenge star of not dropping any inputs.


I recommend doing this mission twice for completion just to ease out your timings.


Rain of Fire

Another tricky one, probably the most out of Superman's trials. Random debris starts to drop down from the sky, causing a slight drop in damage and stuns you out of any combo strings.


Fortunately the debris also stuns Cyborg, but you must watch your movements should a debris comes above you. The second challenge star requires you to hit Cyborg with 10 special moves (of any kind) and the third challenge star requests Superman to not be damaged by more than 5 debris.


Superman's BF3 is recommended here. It lets you evade a debris above you (unless you don't get positioned by another one, but it doesn't happen much here) while adding a Special move stock as you hit Cyborg with it. Don't attempt to play a zoning game against him for his projectiles can be fast and beats out all Heat Visions, not to mention leaves you open for a debris above you.


Try connecting EX-Frost Breath with a combo string to further add a stock (22, DB2 (MB))) and finish with BF3. Watching your position both Cyborg and above you is needed to pass the challenge with the third star. Also keep track of the amount of debris you get hit with. If it goes pass 5, restart the trial. If you get hit by one, continue normally until you reach 5.


Meteor From Krypton

One hit by Catwoman and it's an instant kill. You must land a 4-hit Juggle to get a Challenge Star as well as confirm 2 Throws.


One way to start a juggle, and probably the easiest is 111, DF1 to start a juggle. From there on, do 22, DF2 for 4 hits, clearing that challenge, but if you miss an input or feel it's not enough, add Meter Burn to DF2 during the juggle.


So again, the first combo from the top post is what I recommend.


After that, carefully approach Catwoman and connect two throws. Try Superman's Air-dash to get a better position. Once two throws are successful, just back away from her and/or spam Jump-DB1 until time runs out.


Save the Human!

Another basic one. Simply don't miss any incoming debris (example, Superman's Down+Punch hitting the ground doing nothing loses your challenge star). Be on the lookout for bugs that appear once you're halfway through the mission.


Thankfully the timing of when these insects appear aren't random and are set to appear on the same position.


Noxious Fumes

Not only are you in Poison state, but you are restricted from using Special Moves should you wish to complete that challenge. By this point you should have some experience with Superman to do combo strings. Here are a few I recommend against Joker.


This is where the third recommended combo comes into play.


Sweeps, Overheads, and even the Power Boost special ability are allowed. Once Joker's health is at range, simply approach him, and perform a throw to complete the last challenge star.


Man of Steel

For this challenge you are placed in a gauntlet against Grundy, Black Adam, and Doomsday in this order. The key to finishing this challenge with all 3 stars is using only "punching moves" as well as connecting 10 Special Moves to one opponent (it doesn't stack up if you defeat any opponent before you reach your cap)


For safety, I recommend using only BF3 and Jump-D3 as your main Special moves due to the fact it involves "punching". A little tidbit on the aerial part. To do this move, tap Down and 3/Hard at the same time, not holding Down then 3/Hard, otherwise you'll do a standard Jump punch costing you the star.


I recommend doing the 10 Special moves against Grundy. Simply have all BF3 connect all the way, but caution if he takes chip damage since he'll be at health range for you to do a Super, missing out on the last remaining Special moves. You can wait until Grundy's close enough for you to connect a special move. Also, it still counts even if Grundy's in super armor state for certain moves.


Once that challenge is done, you will fight Black Adam. Use the same tactics you did against Joker from Mission 8 and mix it up with BF3 and Jump-DF3. The last opponent is Doomsday; repeat the tactics done to Black Adam and finish the trial.


Kryptonite Plated

The final challenge is against Lex Luthor with a much higher difficulty setting, so prepare for a tough fight.


The restrictions involve Superman finishing the fight with a Super Move and to complete the entire fight without jumping once. If you accidently input a jump, restart the challenge.


The mission begins with Luthor covered in Kryptonite super armor requiring you to break through it with 10 different moves. Any move from Superman's list can do, but it's faster doing his combo strings, such as 111, DF1 for 4 hits. However, Luthor is more tougher than any other opponent you fought throughout the missions. If you try to back away, Luthor will attempt to throw an enviromental object or lay traps and projectiles to stun you.


Once his armor's been nulled, all that's left is to defeat him while ending the last round with a Super Move. Thankfully, all the endurance during his Kryptonite armor as well as all the hits done to it should give you at least half the amount of meter. You can freely spend this on Enhanced moves, or keep storing up until you reach max meter for a Super move.


I like to point out that Supermove's special moves (DF2 and BF3) involve Superman leaping in the air. These DON'T COUNT as jumping moves so feel free to mix these in your combo strings.


Luthor's much dangerous in a zoning game, so take caution of you rely on abusing DB3 since the startup will give Luthor a chance to plant traps and missiles. Always go on the offense with BF3 and 223. Use Superman's trait for a power boost and continue going all out.


Lastly, be careful should Luthor activate the Wager, don't spend your meter if you're storing up for a Super move. Let it slide, or start all over if your meter is at 0.

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Notation legend used in this guide.


L/Light Button = 1

M/Medium Button = 2

H/Hard Button = 3

Trait = 4

Meter Burn = MB


Even if you remap buttons, you should be able to get the gist of it.


Recommended combos for BATMAN

~112, DF1

  • Basic combo you'll be using if you're a novice. Alternatively adding a Meter Burn during DF1 allows you to extend your combos greatly.

~112, DF1 (MB), 123, 11DF1

  • Quick example of an extended Bat Grapple cancel. Intermediate but this will come in handy.

~123, J2, 11DF1

  • This one requires a quick leap with J2 after 123 is connected. Deals great damage and builds meter.


Sparring Practice

Basic one. Before anything else, use 1 to hits Nightwing about 10 times to get a challenge star. Batman's Super Move reaches the maximum hits for the second challenge star.


Baffled Bats

It's recommended to stock up on full meter in order to get a guarantee win in a clash. You can do so build doing 112, DF1 to get a decent percentage, or by getting hit as well. However, you can also set up a Wager by letting yourself get hit, and pressing F-MB and selecting the button with four stocks to win a Clash.


Grenades And Grundy

Recommended to finish twice due to the fact that one of the challenge requires you to defeat a Stamina-enhanced Grundy without grenades. You should have no problems with the first and second challenge star.


Batman's J2 is a perfect tool to get a hit on an otherwise slow Grundy. Keep using aerial jumps and land a J2 and move in for a combo using the recommended above. I like to point out that a Super move won't do as much damage in this situation so it's preferred to stock up on Bat Grapple Cancels (DF1(MB)) and further heighten your combos to defeat Grundy this way.


Pie In The Face

It's possible to clear this in one go, but if it seems frustrating, I recommend finishing the first and second challenge star.


To get the third star, basically only move when an incoming pie is heading downwards. If you see a pie going this way, press Up-Forward to go above it. However, if you see a teeth below you doing a jump, use Batman's Double Jump and Glide to move to safety. A pie going above should be evaded by holding Down. Make sure you count the number of pies that you dodged for the star to appear.


Also, Batman's DB2 gives Batman more air time in case another teeth is below, although you'll have little use for this move outside if this.


Killer Croc

Should have no problems. Use Batman's Double Jump to evade Croc's tackle when you see him beginning to move. Pelt him with Batarangs (BF2) from a distance to not get caught in a tackle.


Deathstroke Destroy

Position yourself close to Deathstroke's tank and do 112 for decent damage. Do approx. 2 of these combos, and wait for the Joker to speak briefly so you can dodge a rocket as it aims towards the tank. Take note that the rocket's speed is random, so if it goes slow after you jump away, it might miss. Keep doing this until all 5 rockets hit, and quickly rushdown with 112 before the timer hits 10.


Evil Duo

~One of the challenge requirement is to hit win with only Special Moves against both Harley and Joker.


Aerial DB2 will be your main tool in this situation. Reason is so you don't accidently skip an input when it comes to using BF2 or BF3 for a whiffed normal will cost you the chance for the star. With Aerial DB2 (or Jump DB2), you control space in front of you as you land down, as well as stun Harley/Joker briefly. Keep using this and DF1/Bat Grapple whenever you see either of the two planting traps.


As for the challenge star of doing over 30%, simply stock up meter and fire a Super Move. It will still count towards the other star.


Cat Nap

One of the challenge stars requires a perfect parrying of a rocket in any order.


Once a rocket is approaching starting from the middle stage, quickly do your parry, and if successful, a star should appear in the bottom-left. Think of this as being similar to other fighting game "parrying" (SF3's Parry, Garou's Just Defend, Battle Fantasia Gachi, etc).



One challenge requires a combo of 20% and over. However, since the Regime Soldiers have very little health, it may be trickey trying to stock up full meter with a Super.


Instead do a combo against a soldier of full health. 112, DF1 (MB), 112, DF1. This should cancel the first Bat Grapple for a combo extend. Be careful when doing this if bullets head your way, but this should net you 20% damage.


Once all the soldiers are vanquished, simply dodge bullets for 8 seconds for the last star.


GLITCH? - During my run, there's a slim chance that a soldier may stay idle at a far end of the stage depending on the position of both a Regime Soldier and the chopper firing bullets. For some reason it doesn't react when approached, and the challenge star will appear regardless.


Dark Night Vision

Not much to say here. Just avoid reaching for meter by using Meter Burn during BF2 or DF1. Be sure to with a throw.


Bane's difficulty is slightly higher than the rest of Batman's missions. By now you should have gained the feel of Batman's combos.

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You're welcome! Going to finish all character guides.


Notation legend used in this guide.


L/Light Button = 1

M/Medium Button = 2

H/Hard Button = 3

Trait = 4

Meter Burn = MB


Even if you remap buttons, you should be able to get the gist of it.


Recommended combos for CATWOMAN

~12, BF2, B3, 12DF1

  • Getting use to Catwoman's strings may take some time. This combo will net you a good increase in meter and deal great damage.

~12, BF1 (MB), 12DB1

  • Basic combo here at a meter cost. Feel free to mix it up after BF1 Meter Burn.

~33B2, 33, DF1

  • Corner only combo. Deals great damage, although the start-up on 3 might be tricky.


Cat Burglar

Begin the trial with D3 10 times. To get a challenge star, attack with 2/Medium then Super. Quick input should net over 10.


Avoid The Lights

Once you reach to the end of the stage, use Catwoman's DF1 to strike the safe from a distance for a challenge star.


The other challenge star requires you to move all the way back once you reached the checkpoint. Being very careful when approaching the end due to a well-hidden light that appears for a few seconds if you stand still. Also, if you tap forward during walking backwards segment, you will still gain the star.



Keep pressing any button while moving Isis to net a challenge star. Once you see a guard, walk very slow until it pulls out a flashlight without the need to move backwards in order the snatch the next star. The position is also critical for if the guard is standing close to a moving laser before pulling the light, chances are you might be locked down and urged to move backwards just for the guard to move.


Rumble In The Museum

D1 and J1 are your main tools.


An easy way to net a star depends on the positioning of a Regime Bot. At the start of the round, make sure the bot is NOT above a soldier. Chances the soldier my snatch the bot for a quick damage to your health, locking the challenge star, and forcing you to retry. Wait until the bot moves away, then press X.


Keep using D1 everytime you spot a soldier using a dash. If a soldier stops to set a trap or projectile, leap using Up-Forward and hit with J1. The bot that occasionaly floats by can help, but make sure a soldier is not close before you do.


Soldiers can be random in movement to the point of input reading, so be careful.


Safe Cracker

D1 and 1F2. Must complete twice.



Nighting's difficulty is slightly higher here. Thankfully, this is the only time you'll face an agressive opponent in Catwoman's missions.


Perform these moves in order for a challenge star. DF1, BF1, B3 > DF1 (don't attempt to random this move even if you predict Nightwing will jump, only combo with B3 or F3), BF2.


A way to keep yourself from getting damaged in 8 seconds is keeping Nightwing in combo strings. Use the first recommended combo as a way to gain few seconds, then jump in with J1 and use the combo once more or 12, DF1 chain or Catwoman's auto-combo trait via 4. The star should pop up bottom-left.


Batters Up

Red bat appears random on times. If it's too high, restart the challenge.


At the start of the round, quickly move Catwoman far forward to the end of the stage, then using J2 to hit the bats from a distance for all will come towards you in the air when you jump. You can also use DF1/BF1 to strike, but watch your positioning. J2 is recommended in this cases for all 3 waves, even if the red bat appears low. D1 and standing 1 helps here too.


Cat’s Eye

In order for the batbot to be wrecked, you and Nightwing must cause total damage to the arena, including heavy knockdowns and interactive object, like a large monitor on the far right. Use that monitor to strike Nightwing, revealing electric cables to create hard knockdowns. To hit Nightwing with the cables, position yourself close and use D2, then BF1.


Even if Nightwing destroys the batbot first, you still gain a star. Afterward, position few left and use 12, BF2, then B3 to finish with a transaction only if Nightwing's health is at range for a knockout.


Going Up?

This may come as a halt for your challenge, so careful planning is mandatory. Follow these steps.


1. Begin with 3 dashes at the start once you see the first row of lasers flicker away.

2. Position at the closest center of the light at it must pass a fully shown red light. Basically both must make a row, sort of. Anyways, this makes it easier to do a set of 5 dashes straight, getting you in the center of the last light.

3. Catwoman will mutter something, letting you know when to move back. You don't need to head on the last front lasers, do so when going forward again.

4. To move back, do a few dashes, but as the light spirals on, wait until it passes then advance with very light ticks back.

5. When you lightly tap back, the red light will shine but not too close to you. As it flickers do 4 dashes back getting in a good spot to see the other light.

6. Evade that and come to the first few lasers. Here, timing is very important. The lasers go off in 3 seconds. Wait for them to go on/off and once you know the timing, count to 2, then do a jump. If done correctly, the lasers will still be on but turned off as you land, prompting you to move back for the star.

7. Repeat 1-2 and exit the stage.

8. If you hadn't done so, do again without jumping and without going backwards.


The Getaway

Handicapped match. If you lose your white health, restart. By now you should be familiar with the recommended combos (or go to Training). Use them with every opportunity.


Getting 6 throws will be tricky against Nightwing, so save that for Batman instead. Use J1 to start your combos or whiff J1 and go for a throw instead. D1, DF1 is a small but quick combo and very helpful here in pressure. Use Super when your stock is full and auto-combo 4 is needed.


After Batman's health is low, head to the far right at press the interact button to end the mission and get the last stars.

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You don't by chance have the Red Son pack (preorder bonus with Gamestop) do you? I'm looking for a guide for the S.T.A.R. Red Son Missions. Also, the Black Lantern missions (BestBuy preorder bonus) because the associate at gamestop said that they will be comming out with that pack later for purchase for everyone.

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Notation legend used in this guide.


L/Light Button = 1

M/Medium Button = 2

H/Hard Button = 3

Trait = 4

Meter Burn = MB


Even if you remap buttons, you should be able to get the gist of it.


Recommended combos for THE FLASH

~112, DF1(MB), 12, DB3

  • One of my choices for dealing great damage, and it's very easy to use. However, after DF1(MB), move slightly forward to finish the combo correctly. I suggest practicing this.

~F21, DB3

  • F2 moves Flash forward to get in for a hit confirm. Use that if your opponent approaches and do this combo for decent damage.


  • Quick combo starting with the Light button.



Must be done two times to get challenge star.


One common mistake is during the input B22F3. Due to how loose this combo is, chance are you may accidently input a special move, taking away your star. When pressing B2, don't quickly input forward, and press 2, then F3. The combo should work out smopothly if done so.


One combo requires you to jugle 6-hits in the air. First do a charged F3 overhead to cause a ground bounce, then use J2 and make sur eyou get up to 3 hits with it, preferably mid-air and not corner. As you land, finish with 112 to nab 6-hits juggle. So the full combo is F3 charged, J2 (3 hits), 112. Do this after you finish getting two stars in this mission.


The Scarlet Speedster

To do a standard 8-hit combo, use the first recommended combo once you have a meter stored up.


To stall time until you save 10 citizens, BF2 is a great tool to keep Grundy away. Keep using this as well as DD3>F3 to buy yourself time and save citizens as they approach. Careful if Grundy puts you in his Grab chains as you're guaranteed to lose a citizen or two.


Slow Down

Very simple. Don't use Flash's Trait/4 throughout this match, but the difficulty shouldn't be a problem. Use the first recommended combo after landing a J1 or J2. However, as you fight Doomsday, use 12BF3, or let Doomsday hit you to stock up meter for a Super needed in the end.


Race Around The World

Prepare for a button mashing fest. I have a few ways to make this seem bareable if you don't have a turbo fightstick.


Step A - With your thumb hovering all four buttons, quickly mash them to reach meter for a Boost. Activate Boost and mash as fast as you can with your thumb, and you should reach 150 in time to mash normally. While you're doing this step, rotate your analong stick in order to pass 50 laps and snatch another challenge star.


Step B - Hold out your controller so the D-pad is close to your chest. Position your left two fingers over the Square and Triangle, your right two fingers of the X and Circle, your right thumb moving the analog stick, and finally your left thumb on the Boost button. Use your fingers in this position to mash out buttons and as you reach boost, use your thumb to activate it, and continue to mash. This is handy after you gained the 50 lap star.


Pressure Chamber

At the start of the fight, go all the way left right away. Even if Doomsday drags you away, continue to reach the left using BF2 or DD3>F3. You must be at this spot at all times in order to not take damage from losing air. As the command box appears on the top, mash the interact button to restore oxygen.


You can't use Meter Burn in order to receive a star, so no DF1(MB) here. So use the other two recommended combos as a way to deal damage as well as a bot hovering above to strike Doomsday with.


When It Rains

Basic one. BF2 to strike first with a bonus meter gain. The motocycle in the background must be used once you position Black Adam far away from it. Simply keep using the first recommend combo as well as BF2 to win quickly.


Grundy Smash

Heavy recommended to finish this twice to snatch the first two stars.


One of the more challenge stars is to dodge 15 rocks that Grundy pulls out. Here are few ways to get pass this challenging trial.


~At the start, simple hold Forward as Grundy will always throw a rolling rock for you to jump over, and then he'll throw a flying rock, prompting you to dash under.

~After you dash under, backdash 3 times since Grundy will always throw a rolling rock towards you. From this point on, you dodged 3 standard rocks and must dodge 12 more.

~Carefully look at the position of how Grundy throws rocks. Most flying rocks can be dodged with a backdash to a jump to simply ducking. However, if Grundy throws another flying rock above, don't expect the same trick to dodge again for this is a common way to lose the game. Instead, after you dodge the first flying rock, and if Grundy throws another, activate your Trait/4 and quickly backdash twice to evade another flying rock.

~This is dependent on luck and timing, so be sure to use a trait only after dodging a flying rock and if Grundy throws another. Rolling rocks will interupt your trait and you'lll lose.


If all else fails, use the Pause button to scout what movement Grundy will do to give yourself some time to dodge accordingly or when to activate Trait/4.


Also, while not needed, try adjusting your brightness settings from the pause menu so you can clearly see the rock movement in this dark location.



Catwoman has an increase in Power and Speed, so certain combos may not work against her in this setting. First clear the fight normally without the use of your Trait. Use BF2 or 12DF3 to strike her, or 112, DF1(MB) to deal quick damage, but the follow-up for 112 may not work in this situation.


On your second try, get Catwoman in a knockdown state with BF2, then quickly activate Trait/4. Keep striking her to build meter until your reach Super, then perform this trick.


~On your 3rd Trait usage, activate it, then begin your Super Move. Once it hits, your Trait meter will be restored to normal, giving you another chance for a 4th usage, getting you the next star.


Locked On

Use a combination of Flash's Trait/4, Regime Bot hovering above as an object, and BF2 in order to stall enough 8 seconds to get a star. Use 112, DF1(MB) once you jump in with J1 or J2 to further stall time.


Once you reached full meter or if your meter is greater than Lex, get him to attack you in a combo, then press F-MB for a Wager and win for the next star.


Go Boom!

Thankfully, it's not as difficult as it implies, as long as you don't damage Luthor when the timer appears. Use the first recommended combo to create a 4-hit juggle combo for a star. Afterwards, simply don't press Trait/4 throughout the mission, defeat Lex for the last stars.

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You don't by chance have the Red Son pack (preorder bonus with Gamestop) do you? I'm looking for a guide for the S.T.A.R. Red Son Missions. Also, the Black Lantern missions (BestBuy preorder bonus) because the associate at gamestop said that they will be comming out with that pack later for purchase for everyone.

Yes, I have a the Red Son missions, but hadn't started on them yet.


Not that they are needed for the World's Finest trophy. But if you still want, I'll write a guide by the time I get to that part.

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Notation legend used in this guide.


L/Light Button = 1

M/Medium Button = 2

H/Hard Button = 3

Trait = 4

Meter Burn = MB


Even if you remap buttons, you should be able to get the gist of it.


Recommended combos for SHAZAM

~112, BF2

  • Standard and basic combo starting from Light. You can add Meter Burn during BF2.

~F3, J2, 112, BF2

  • Juggle combo following an overhead straight to the first combo.

~F223, 112, BF2

  • This will be your main combo to use throughout mission mode. The follow-up doesn't seem to work against character like Lex Luthor who's a common opponent in Captain Marvel's trials. The damage output here is incredible and it increases more during Captain Marvel's Trait. Highly recommend practicing this combo.


Strength Of Hercules

Activate Captain Marvel's Trait/4 and perform F223>Super for over 40% damage for a star. An easy way to rank over 6 hits in a juggle combo, position the opponent towards the corner, and use 112 over three times to gain a star.


Power Of Zeus

As you stand next to a generator, pelt Bane with DB2 to buy some time. Using Trait will null your challenge star, so avoid inputting that.


Recommended moves for Meter Burn usage is BF2, as well as DB2 while you zone Bane away.


Cloudy Day

Make sure to keep a close eye on the ground, for when you spot a flash, an incoming thunderbolt will arrive and you'll lose the challenge if you get hit.


Activate your Trait and do this combo. J2, 112, BF2(MB) to reach the damage quota for a star. Keep using BF2 for Meter Burn once you see the stock rise as well as to evade an incoming bolt.


Blood Bank

Head quickly to the far left. Lex Luthor will approach you, so land a J2 and fire B3 for a Level Transition.


Have a full stock of meter, and try to let Lex hit you in a combo to activate a Wager with F-MB. Unless if Lex has less meter than you and you trap him in a combo, he'll go for a Wager instead and Captain Marvel should have enough stock to win.


Can’t See Me

Track the invisible Cyborg with J2, then 112, DB2. Max sure to use BF2 (MB) or DB1 (MB) in order to prevent max meter.


Keep pelting Cyborg with J2 and the combo follow=up for 8 seconds in order to obtain the next star. You can also stall some time with DBF1 Grapple after 11/Light Light.



Wisdom Of Solomon

Input these special moves in order. DB2, DB2(MB), BF2, BF1, and BDF1. Then finish off Lex Luthor with combo strings and BF2.


BF1 however is difficult to connect when done solo but still possible. Use F223 then BF1 to connect fully and get the special move corrected.



Recommended to complete twice.


Make sure you are not within Penguin's range should you want to evade Sleep. With Catwoman being inflicted by this condition, go in for the first recommended combo with Trait activated, or go for a Super if you have enough meter. On your second run, reverse your gameplan and be the one close to Penguin's range for Sleep status 3 times.


Mercury’s Speed

Basic here. If you hadn't reach 75 rocks as you nearly approach the end and if you hadn't taken damage from the red asteroids, sacrifice your life by colliding with them just to reach the nearest groups of rocks to hit 75.



First, head to the left and hit the interact button to destroy the dumpster. Then basically use a combination of 112BF2 and the third recommended combo to clear all combo damage outputs with Trait activated.


Air Battle

Here, I may need some info regarding this. Basically the quota for a challenge star is hit all objects.


The objects in question include a dumpster, blue arrow, fire hydrant, right part of the building, "kitty" neon sign, middle part of the left building, and the top right building parts.


As you are on auto-fire by holding the shoot button, quickly spread the angle to all these objects, and the star will appear. However, some of which only react to environmental damage from Black Adam's energy. Just keep pelting Black Adam and be attacked in return in order to increase the damage to the arena. Make sure you finish off Black Adam once you are in health range or near KO for the last challenge star.


Back to the objects part, "Kitty" neon light doesn't seem to be a requirement for I reached the star after destroying all the above but that one. Odd.



Oh yeah, about this.

SolitaryGenesis for Superman, Batman, Catwoman & The Flash Missions Strategy.

It would be preferable just to have "S.T.A.R Labs Strategy Guides" since I'm attempting to finish everyone's entries and adding a character name may result in a cluster, lol. Many thanks!

Edited by SolitaryGenesis
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Notation legend used in this guide.


L/Light Button = 1

M/Medium Button = 2

H/Hard Button = 3

Trait = 4

Meter Burn = MB


Even if you remap buttons, you should be able to get the gist of it.


Recommended combos for BANE


~113, DB1

  • Probably your main combo of choice here. Simple to use, does great damage, and this will be used more in certain trial cases.

~12, DB2

  • Quick combo off of Light to Anti-air. Add Meter Burn for more damage.

~B23, 113, DBF1

  • Advanced combo straight to grab. Not really recommended, but does over 28% without meter, even more with Bane's Trait at Max Level. If you have trouble with the last input, after inputting 113 fast, timely buffer Down and Back and as the last hit strikes, add F1 and if done correctly the Grab should connect.


Body Builder

Do B23, 22, DB2 or F3. J2, 11, BF2 for the juggle star.


Zap Zap

Use BF1 and BF2 to drag Harley close to a bolt. Either one of these moves should connect her to a Bolt for a combo and grants you a challenge star. As her health is near depletion, quickly get close to a corner and as she approach, a bolt should strike hitting you both, but if it KOs her, you get the next star.


Give Me Life

Just use BF2, and 11 DB2 to reach the 10 Special moves quota for a star. Make sure to add Meter Burn to every Special you do to avoid it reaching max that will cost you a star.


Stay Alive

This may be a tricky fight. Flash's agility can catch Bane with BF2's range, and Bane's slow mobility makes it difficult to even evade Flash once he activates his trait. Of course, there's a way to make it less stressing.


Begin with 113 DB1. Special Throws count towards the 3 Grab quota, and this is the first. Bane should be close to a cycle. Use it to pelt Flash, then quickly jump it with J1 and repeat the combo. As Flash is on the ground, quickly head close for one more J1 straight to 113 DB1. Repeat until the Timer ends.


You can also land a DBF1 to further stall time and still count a Throw.


Venom Rage

Start with 113 DB1, and while the grab connects, take this time to use Bane's Trait to increase health 3 times.


As Harley comes close, use BF1 to knock her down. Keep using 113 DB1 and get in with J1 to combo to increase the time until you hit 8 seconds for the star. As you do any of the specials, keep filling in health with Trait until a star appears.


Pulverize And Trash

Head all the way to the left to use an object with Interact. For the rest of the match use D1 and BF2 to defeat the thugs.


Ice Box

If you get Frozen 10 times during the match, quickly finish off Doomsday to get the star using 113 DB1 and BF2.


Store up meter and get Doomsday in a Wager if his meter is less than yours. You can bait Doomsday to use up a Meter Burn or a Super do you can do a Wager and win the Clash. If you hadn't obtained 10 frozen states and if Doomsday's health is almost gone, let yourself get frozen and win. Use Bane's Trait to max damage to end quickly.



Must complete twice.


The flamethrower defense from the BatMobile ignites every 7-8 seconds, so keep[ an eye on the timer to know when to evade the incoming flame. When rockets fire from the mobile, back away if you're close and repeat this process while evading the flame. If however the flame is out while the rockets are firing in your position, do a quick jump to evade, or take a hit. Rockets can damage the mobile all the way if you keep positioning Bane to the BatMobile straight the end. Take hits from the flame or rockets as you see the meter close to the end.


In other words, let the rockets damage the BatMobile all the way without you even inputting an attack once.


On your second try, use 113 for fast damage for the next star.


Juiced Up

Must win with a standard throw this time for a star. Special Move grapples will not work.


Also, jumping is restricted if you want the star. Start with 113 DB1 for an instant KO. Then head in with one BF1, and approach NightWing with a Throw.


Break The Bat

Begin the match with 113 DB1 to get Batman to the left of the stage. Then use 113 BF2 to further position him closer to the corner, and fire a B3 to start a level transition. After this, keep damaging Batman until a command prompt box appears. You have one chance to do this for a star.


Make sure to input a Meter Burn once you get the move added.

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Notation legend used in this guide.


L/Light Button = 1

M/Medium Button = 2

H/Hard Button = 3

Trait = 4

Meter Burn = MB


Even if you remap buttons, you should be able to get the gist of it.


Recommended combos for HARLEY QUINN


~123, J1, 112

  • Quick juggle combo off of Light attack. Take note that 123 puts the opponent in the other way. Time the position and go for J1 and continue the final part for decent damage.

~F23, BF2

  • While the startup may be slow, when connected with BF2, it deals over 20%. Adding a Meter Burn doesn't increase the damage output, so avoid adding a Meter Burn to BF2.

~112, DB33

  • Uses Harley's Cartwheel follow-up as an ender. You can also toss DB31 to catch the opponent in.

~DB31, J1, JDB1 (MB)

  • Follow up from Cartwheel's DB3>1. Comes in handy.


Best Served Cold

Use the first combo to rank up to 8 hits. To hit in the mid area, continue using F22 as well as DF1. Basically moves counted as "Mid".


High Noon

From "The Last Second", once the timer hits zero, don't input anything and wait an additional second or two. If done patiently, when you pull out your trigger in the extra second, the star should appear. As long as Deathstroke doesn't snatch the hit, recommended to finish twice even though its possible to clear in one go. All inputs must be done in one shot for the other challenge star.



Possible to clear in one go, but takes lots of patience to do so. Recommended to finish twice.


If you walk all the right as you reach the end, you basically save up 15 seconds of dodging. After that, just keep an eye on all directions where the missiles emerge. After 30 seconds passed, the number is missiles will increase, so use this chance for jumping/dashing to gain challenge stars. Must do only one of these movements in order for a star to appear since they require for you not to do jumping/dashing.



If Two-Face calls out "Heads!", then be prepared to dodge. It's possible to evade a bullet with a back jump, but Harley must not be doing a combo string in order to do so.


An easy way to burn out your meter is with JDB1 (MB) at anytime. The second hit should snipe Catwoman so keep using it 3 times. During this phase, keep pelting her with the first recommended combo and DB3>3 to stall for 15 of untouched damaged for a star. Keep hearing for Two-Face's words on win to avoid, and if he pelts Catwoman, go in for a quick combo or DB3.


Thug’s Life

If you have poor reaction, use the pause button to scout for inputs.


Side Splitting

Blue object is High, Red Pie is Mid, Teeth is Low if thug extends his other hand. Of course the Mid button also hits both High and Mid, but for High must be done timely or early in this case. If you're countering the blue object with High, wait for it to slightly be in the air pass the center stage, then fire.



Catwoman is very aggressive here. She can also be random at times to the point of staying in feral stance as you keep spamming Trait. Strange.


To give yourself breathing space, use F23DB1 or DB3>1 to cause a knockdown, and begin restoring health. Keep repeat this process until you reach 75 kisses and a star appears in the bottom-left, then attempt to finish her with the recommended combos above.


Cat Got Your Tongue

Easier way to maintain meter position is to position your two right fingers over Square and Circle and begin mashing.



Finish this twice. Once to get all the cubes, second to reach 10 slides.


When it comes to the green laser at the end of the mission, input slide early before you reach it so you have enough time to jump to the last cube for a star. To do this, evade an incoming red laser and press slide right away. If done correctly, you'll be able to still evade the green laser and recover fast.


On your second run through, start the mission with a slide, and keep doing a slide after you land following the red laser. From there own, keep avoiding the lasers normally until your reach the end green laser, in which you must do 3 slides to rank up to 10, if you have been keeping track, and the star should appear prior to finishing the mission.



Use the first recommended combo to get over 4 juggle hits, or simply do DB3>3.


Keep burning meter with JDB1 (MB). Once Lex Luthor begins summoning cubes, crouch and jump for evasion with JDB1 to give yourself air-time should you mistime a jump over a cube. Then finish him off to get the last set of stars.


Glitch? - If Harley gets knocked out during a cube hit, Luthor will summon another cube, and he will cancel out of this position, and trap you with his projectiles until the cube damages you. I witnessed a case of this, so take caution of your health.

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for Shazam's S H A Z A M mission, I found that if you power up with the trait/4 button before doing a simple F223, 112 you'll easily get 7 hit, 30% + each time. powering up with trait don't affect any of the stars.

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