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What's your favourite YouTube channel?


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I'm looking to expand my subscriptions list, so I was wondering what your favourite YouTube channel is?

My favourite channel is FrostFoxFilms.


Channel name: FrostFoxFilms

Channel URL: Click

Channel Genre: Gaming, Blog/Vlog.

Channel Tone: Informal, funny.

Channel rating: 9.7/10 :)


Please use the above format to post, so it is easy to track them.

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Channel name: MrChiCity3

Channel URL: Click

Channel Genre: Random Stuff man

Channel Tone: Funny as hell

Channel rating: 9.2/10


Out of all the YouTube big shots out there Chi City is the most realest person out there. He's not just putting up a show, he's not doing dumbass parody music video's (iJustine, LisaNova) He just does everything free form one shot, no dumb affects. DigitalSoul is a cool PlayStation guy but he has a fake personality to me. Chi City is just laid back.

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two channels come to mind:


Channel name: sxephil

Channel URL: CLICK

Channel Genre: News (politics, health, technology, etc)

Channel Tone: Informal, (funny?).

Channel rating: 9.3/10



Channel name: freddiew

Channel URL: CLICK

Channel Genre: Short action videos.

Channel Tone: Exciting.

Channel rating: 10/10

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