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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD

Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

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Coop Boosting Thread




  • Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap


What your post should at least include (but not limited to):



  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone



Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner.




Came here and didn't see a boosting thread, I guess this'll do.


I finally picked up the game last week. If anyone is willing to boost the 1 online win I'd appreciate it.


PSN: jasonhex

Timezone: Pacific

Availability: Evenings and weekends

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Hey guys, I need to boost all the online trophies for this game. Looking to get this done!


PSN ID: SSSmoothViper


I'm mostly available Monday through Thursdays 9am to 4pm and sometimes during the day on Fridays. Eastern Time/US


Can anyone who has this game just add me to quickly earn the two online trophies? It'll take like 10 minutes. C'mon, do me a solid!


PSN: DJBustaWolf


Looking to boost the online trophies real quick with someone else who has the game. Add me at SolidRaiden2001


Added you 3 in case at least 1 of you still wants to boost.

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I need to boost the Ranked trophy. The online mode now is a ghost town.


PSN ID: Hibari-shugosha


Edit: Already got the Ranked trophy and the 100% this nice game. It's a very good fighthing game and I really like the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series. You can meet some random japanese players in the server yet, but maybe 90% is high level player. Anyway, I managed to get the Ranked victory.

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