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Man vs Wild Collectible Guide

PS4Trophies Wozamil

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Episode 1 ~ Rocky Mountains


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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiHmJqFB1D0]Man vs. Wild Episode 1 Collectible Guide - Rocky Mountains - YouTube[/ame]

  • Gold Rush Trash
  • Animals of Interest
  • Rare Plants


1- Blue Columbine - If you start the game from the tree (which you will start from if you wait until the last moment to pull the parachute), you will need to climb to the top of the cliff and you'll spot these flowers on the ground before climbing up in the corner. If you started from the cliff top, climb down to reach them or you can run into these again after sliding down a hill after finding the Rattlesnake. If you opt to get these the second time you pass it, there will be a choice of two hills you can slide down. Choose the right one.


2- Mining Shovel - This will be on top of the cliff you start near (or on, depending on your parachute drop location)


3- Mining Bucket - From the mining shovel, there is a path to the right that you have to squeeze along a tiny ledge to cross. The bucket will be right near the edge in the corner


4- Big Horned Ram - After the 2nd cliff that you climb, stay along the right side and up on a ledge is where you will spot this guy above you.


5- Rattlesnake - There are many rattlesnakes in this level and this will be nearly impossible to miss. The first one is found after climbing up the 3rd cliff right after locating the Ram.


6- Elk - A little ways after the first Rattlesnake, and after the grappling hook section you will need to make a camp. You may see an Elk upon entering this area. If not, there is one just past the Mining Lamp


7- Bear - This is story related. You may not get a notification that you found the animal


8- Mining Barrel - After making the shelter and waking up to encounter your first Bear, you will take the path down to some stone pillars that you must jump across. Before that, stay along the left wall when heading down the path to the pillars.


9- Dynamite Stick - After getting the Mining Barrel, jump across the middle set of stones and it'll be on top one of the pillars.


10- Mining Pan - Just past the Dynamite near the water between some red plants.


11- Puma - Upon entering the next large area, there will be a Puma to the right of the entrance. Be careful when tagging this one as you will have to fight it off with some QTEs. In the video I discover the Puma after finding the next trash and plant.


12- Dynamite Crate - In the same area with the Puma. Head down the hill towards the left side and you will find the crate.


13- Canada Goldenrod - Down the hill a bit from the area with the puma, very near the Dynamite Crate.


14- Mining Rafters - Head back to the top of the hill and to the entrance of this area. Head along the rocky wall that extends to the right as you entered the area and in the corner will be a pile of rafters you can collect.


15- Mining Cart - You'll cross a log and in the next area to the left among some bushes, you'll find the cart in a corner.


16- Mining Lamp - After the next bear there will be split in the path. Keep left after jumping over the bear and near and just past a campfire location, will be the lamp. Immediately after picking up the Mining Lamp, walk forward to find an Elk across in case you missed it the first time.


17- Orange Agoseris - Follow the main storyline path and you'll crawl under some logs and climb a wall and you'll progress further and you will eventually have to balance yourself over a log. Just ahead of here after climbing a couple ledges, will be the plants.


18- Redwood Lilies - Once you climb out of the water by rapidly pressing :cross:, this will be at the base of a large tree.

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Episode 2 ~ The Everglades


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orMFgZyo7IM]Man vs. Wild Episode 2 Collectible Guide - Everglades - YouTube[/ame]


  • Animals of interest
  • Junk
  • Boats


1- Boat 1 - From the start of the level, head straight toward the back of this area and look for a small island with an SP orb in the middle of it. Right behind it, in the water, will be the first boat.


2- Catfish - After the first boat, you'll continue on and jump over a log. Where you land will be some catfish.


3- Scarlet King Snake - Shortly after the catfish, you'll run into this just ahead on the dry piece of land in the middle.


4- Coral Snake - From the King Snake location, take a left at the split and then take a right into an area with this snake and a refrigerator. Find both before moving on.


5- Refrigerator - In the same area with the Coral Snake. You can reach this area from the Scarlet King Snake by staying left and then taking a right.


6- Alligator- This is story related. You can't miss it.


7- Nutria - From the story related alligator, turn left and head down this path. In front of you on a piece of dry land is this little furry creature.


8- Boat 2 - Right behind a tree, in the same area as the Nutria.


9- Snapping Turtle - After finding the second boat, head back to where the alligator was and climb the tree to get a better view. Jump over the logs that block the path and take a right. In the center of this pathway is a tree with a hollow inside at its base. Reach into that to find the turtle.


10- Boat 3 - From the Turtle, continue on and take the first right, and then another right.


11- Water Heater - From the previous boat location, turn back and keep to the right. Keep along the right side and you will run into this just before where you need to build a fire to get rid of the mosquito's.


12- Oil Slick - After building the fire, you will jump over some logs and enter an open area with a ton of alligators. As soon as you enter this area turn to the right and it'll be in the corner.


13- Box Turtle - After camping for the night, you will enter the saw-grass area. In this area, stick to the right and continue forward until you find some purple flowers. The turtle will be extremely close to this plant.


14- Toilet - After coming out of some water and onto dry land, you will see two purple water plants, one on each side of the path, with an alligator nearby. Walk to the tree line on the left side, then continue forward. You will cut your way through some saw-grass. Continue along this tree line until you come to a path that branches off to the left. Make your way to the far end of this path and at the end of it will be the toilet.


15- Black Bear - Story related, can't be missed. Be sure to tag the nearby keg after dealing with the bear.


16- Keg - Immediately after scaring away the black bear with the drum, in the same area.


17- Chemical Waste - When you get to the large pond, stick to the right when you swim and eventually you'll be able to take a right, around a tree. Swim along the base of this tree to until you get close to land and then turn right and you'll reach land in the corner. Now take this exceptionally, and unnecessarily long, path to the end to reach the waste.


18- Boat 4 - From the Chemical waste, head back to the pond. Swim straight ahead, but along the coastline to reach the boat.


19- Boat 5 - Near the end of the level there will be a split in the path that leads left, and to the final boat. You need to find this before reaching the air boat.

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Episode 3 ~ Sahara Desert


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dYshmpousM]Man vs. Wild Episode 3 Collectible Guide - Sahara Desert - YouTube[/ame]


  • Camel Bones
  • WWII Artifacts
  • Ancient Artifacts


1- Bones - Right before the first oasis on the right side of the main path.


2- Scepter - From the bones you just found, hug the right wall and you'll find this behind a some plants in the corner.


3- Golden Cup - After the sandstorm in which you use the animal for shelter, turn around and walk back down the hill just a bit and you should be able to easily see this. You can get this on the way up during the sandstorm but it'll be harder to see.


4- Crashed Fighter Plane - Right after the sandstorm in which you used the animal for shelter, near the Golden Cup, you will see a large crashed plane plane in the side of the hill.


5- Bones - After the sandstorm and right in front of the first tree on the left of the next oasis is a pile of bones.


6- Tank Gun Shell - In the second oasis, in the middle of some trees on the left and right before the nearby fire icon. Not far from the previous bones you collected.


7- Bones- This will be just past the second set of landmines, out in the open. Nearly impossible to miss.


8- Vase- After the second set of landmines and just a stone's throw away from the bones you just discovered, you will see this up a small hill.


9- Tank Turret - After the third landmine section, you will see this large turret to the right.


10- Sword- You will see a ledge you can climb after the fourth set of landmines. The sword will be lying aside that ledge


11- Anti-Aircraft Shell - Behind a large Palm tree in the next oasis after you climb up rocks.


12- Bones - After seeing the helicopter in a cutscene, you can find these bones while walking up the next hill.


13- Tank Tread - After the cutscene, and finding the bones right after, there will be a hill immediately to the right of the bones. At the top of this will be the treads.

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Episode 4 ~ Deserted Island


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSQqXWmol1M]Man vs. Wild Episode 4 Collectible Guide - Deserted Island - YouTube[/ame]


  • Plane Debris
  • Man Made Items


1- Flip Flops - Once you made it to the beach at the beginning of the level, it'll be in the center of this area


2- Tail - While on the beach area, cross over to the left shoreline from where you started and follow it down and you can't miss this large plane part.


3- Propeller - From the Tail, run back to the opposite coast and run towards the opposite side of the island. This will be much further down the coast, just past where the beach ends.


4- Ice Skate - After the two back to back logs that you balance yourself across, on the ground just to the left after crossing over.


5- Cooler - From the location of the Ice Skate, you will do a wall jump sequence and then jump and run on a side wall. Just on your right after making that second jump, there will be a section of wall you can climb to reach this well hidden junk item.


6- Tire - Once you make it to the top and complete the objective, there will be some pillars you need to climb and jump across to progress. Instead, stay on the ground and make your way to the right and follow it around to find the tire on the ground.


7- Shipping Package - After the cave section where you cross logs while avoiding the steam, instead of continuing the straight path, take a path to the right.


8- Fuselage - After exiting the cave, head to the first Survival Point orb. You should then see a second one straight in front of you. Head past that one and you should come across this really large plane part on the left side. This collectible and the next are both in near darkness. You may need to turn the brightness up on your Television.


9- Volleyball - This is easy to miss. In the large open area, if you search around the right side of this area, you will find it. It'll be just past an orange food icon.


10- Wing - At the end of the level when you are making a raft, you will find this wing along the beach. You can't miss it, just make sure to grab this before building the raft.

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Episode 5 ~ Patagonia


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV_ObN10lEI]Man vs. Wild Episode 5 Collectible Guide - Patagonia - YouTube[/ame]


  • Trash

  • Andiperia Willinki bugs


1- Oil Drum - At the start, head to the right and stay along the wall to your right.


2- Andiperla Willinki - After climbing up an ice cliff, you will shimmy along a ledge. Shortly after you will spot some yellow colored plants with some small ledges behind it. It'll be near the tiny 2 foot tall tree. All the Andiperla Willinki bugs are almost invisible due to how tiny they are so you'll have to make sure you just do a little searching when reaching their locations.


3- Andiperla Willinki - After reaching the top of the mountain, there will be a bug in the ice along the right side. It'll be behind a yellow orb that has animal tracks that lead up to it.


4- Keg - As soon as you finish the tobogganing ride, turn around and walk straight and you'll find the keg along the rock wall.


5- Ice Skate - After jumping across the ice sheets, it'll be on top of a climbable ledge. You can see it without jumping on the ledge.


6- Andiperla Willinki - Once you enter the ice cave, keep straight until you reach the end and turn down the left path. At the end of this path will be the bug.


7- Andiperla Willinki - You'll reach a part in the progression inside the cave that will require you to climb down and very shortly after you'll have to jump over a gap. Climb the wall opposite of where you jumped down, stay left and then you'll come to a intersection with a path to the right. Down this short path with three orbs will be the bug.


8- Toilet Seat - After repelling, and before entering another cave, there will be a bug next to a shelter icon in a corner.


9- Volleyball - After sliding down the ice, it'll be out in the open near the right wall, on a small hill.


10- Andiperla Willinki - In the final area right before the horse section. You'll enter this area and there will be trees and a fire building opportunity. As you enter, just keep going straight and you'll see a trap along the back wall. This looks like a 6 foot high stick. A little to the right of that along the wall, and on some ice, is the final collectible.

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i reached the black bear in the everglades, and have all the animals mentioned in the list (which is 8) but it says i only have 7/8 animals, and the trophy hasn't popped, according to the ingame list of animals, i still need the bark scorpion, which isn't mentioned in your list


nevermind i see my error, i saw the box tortoise and not the box turtle

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