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God of War: Ascension - Trophy Guide and Road Map

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  • Estimated Difficulty: 4.5
  • Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-15 Hours
  • Offline Trophies: 34 (19 (B), 10 (S), 5 (G))   
  • Online Trophies: 2 (1 (B), 1 (P))  
  • Online Pass: Yes. You must enter the online pass before you may do the multiplayer training for the Blood Oath trophy, as well as play online.
  • Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: 1
  • Missable Trophies: 5 (Fully Loaded, The Eyes have it, If It aint broke..., Light as a Feather, Tools of the Trade)
  • Do Cheats Effect Trophies?: Yes. Enabling artifacts will automatically disable all trophies while one or more are active.
  • Do Difficulty Trophies Stack?: Yes, completing the game on Hard will unlock the subsequent game completion trophies.
  • Glitched Trophies: N/A.




God of War: Ascension is a third person Action/Adventure game that revolves around Kratos, an anti-hero protagonist Spartan that is at war with the Greek Gods. This installment is the sixth game in the God of War franchise but is actually a prequel to the events in the other games. In it Kratos seeks to break his oath to Ares and be set free from his bonds of eternal servitude. To do so he must battle the Furies—three evil, godly sisters that are allied with Ares— that hold both the key to unlocking Kratos’ past and securing his future revenge.


I hope that you enjoy both the game and trophy guide equally. Happy trophy hunting.





Upon completing the game you will have the option to replay chapters via chapter select. Thanks to this a lot of trophies that would be considered very difficult and missable are rather easy to obtain.


However, if you ignore all of the non-missable trophies or speed through the game without paying much attention to chests, getting decent combos and the like, you could potentially spend 4-5 more hours completing them or more if you have to do a full playthrough. Considering the fact that the game should take 10-15 hours to plat when done right, that is a substantial amount of additional time tacked on.



Step 1

Beat the game on Hard difficulty, get all collectibles and farm orbs for max upgrades.


Start the game on Hard in order to platinum the game in the fewest number of playthroughs and the smallest amount of time and effort. In this playthrough you should focus on completing the five missable trophies, which are:


  • (B)Tools of the Trade
  • (S)Fully Loaded
  • (S)The Eyes have it
  • (S)Light as a Feather
  • (G)If It aint broke...

The above trophies are missable solely because if a significant number of the collectibles are not gathered, it could require you to replay anywhere from 1 to 21 chapters, which would be more than two thirds of the entire game on the high end. Every other trophy can be unlocked by doing anywhere between 1 and 3 chapters worth of play and in some cases, a fraction of a single chapter.


Both Light as a Feather and The Eyes Have It consist of fairly easy to find collectibles. As long as you are observant and diligent about scouring areas before you leave them, you should have no problem unlocking them without the use of a detailed location walkthrough. The one trophy that you should absolutely use the walkthrough video/text for is If It aint broke.... Missing an early decayed chest will require you to replay from that point on to complete them.


In addition to the collectibles I highly suggest completing as many of the Combat and Chapter Specific trophies as possible. The more you complete during your first playthrough, the less chapter select cleanup you will have to do after beating the game.


Lastly, in order to have the best shot at completing Fully Loaded you can do two things:

  • Collect all of the Eyes/Feathers by chapter 21 and continue to open every white chest thereafter
  • Max your Ice of Poseidon (:right:) no later than Chapter 19 and finish enemies off with :ls:+:rs: and its :r2:.

By maxing your Ice of Poseidon by the end of Chapter 19 you will be able to farm Spartans during Chapter 20 for an infinite number of Large Red Orbs. This will offset any chests you weren't able to find, low combo meters, and so on. To see the location and method please refer to the Fully Loaded trophy in the guide. It is entirely possible to get max upgrades without farming the Spartans, but you run the risk of having to do a replay from at least chapter 25 to 28 if you fail to unlock it by a significant margin during your first playthrough.


Also be wary of replenished red orb chests when backtracking in the game and destroy any destructible object you come across, including ones that respawn in backtracked sections, whether they be big or small.



Step 2

Trophy Cleanup.


Once you reach this step you should have completed the game as well as the aforementioned collectible and upgrade trophies. If for some reason you have not, please refer to the appropriate trophy description to see the maximum amount of backtracking that will be necessary.


The ideal trophies to get out of the way first would be the Chapter Specific ones that you have yet to unlock. They are:


  • (B)Round and Round - Chapter 5
  • (B)You Bastards! - Chapter 17
  • (S)Fireproof - Chapter 21
  • (S)Lubed Up - Chapter 24

All of locations necessary for each trophy are relatively easy to get to from the starting point. You Bastards for example spawns you in the room required for the trophy. Chapter 5 and 21 both have artifacts in them as well, so double check to see if you need them while you are doing the trophies.


The last set of trophies you should have to cleanup by now should all be combat related, such as:


  • (S)Maybe you should call a Doctor?
  • (B)Unleashed
  • (B)Open Minded
  • (B)Hot Lunch
  • (B)Hold Still Please
  • (B)Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. BadBoy!
  • (B)Tell Me How You Really Feel
  • (B)Swinger
  • (B)Tag Teamed
  • (B)Hello Friend


Luckily every single one of the above trophies can be efficiently farmed in a myriad of locations. See each of their respective trophy descriptions in the guide for a full walkthrough of the ones you need.


Lastly, if you have yet to complete the sole multiplayer trophy you can do that now.


  • (B)Blood Oath

Once cleanup is complete you should have your platinum trophy. Congrats!


Additional Tips Before Starting:


Magic and Item Upgrades

To make the game easier I suggest going with the following upgrade order for your magic and items:


Blades of Chaos -> Fire of Ares -> Ice of Poseidon -> Amulet of Uroborus -> Oath of Orkos -> Soul of Hades -> Lightning of Zeus.


The first item you will end up maxing will be the Fire of Ares, followed by Ice of Poseidon. The sooner you get the rage upgrade for the Ice of Poseidon (LVL. 2) the better, because it will allow you to gain orbs at a much faster rate than normal.


The Blades of Chaos and Fire of Ares will be your main source of damage. The :r2: for Ares is best for killing due to its wide radius damage, interrupt and ability to safely setup your next attacks. Ice of Poseidon on the other hand will help you collect orbs much faster if you finish enemies off with the Rage of the Gods, while Lightning of Zeus is the least important weapon in the entire game and should only be upgraded at Chapter 19 once, and 28 to max for the trophy.


The Amulet and Stone when used correctly can trivialize many encounters. Kratos' upgraded summon is equivalent to doing free magic attacks indefinitely, that not only interrupt but also disarm, stun some enemies and does massive area effect damage. The Amulet will allow you to freely charge up your Rage meter and do safe damage vs. dangerous targets or groups of enemies. Both can be used the instant you come out of a grapple or magic attack as well. Master them both and the game will be much easier.

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Trophy Guide



E9E.jpg  Champion of the Gods (P)

Unlock all Trophies


Congratulations, you have unlocked every trophy for God of War: Ascension.



Story Related


F52.jpg  Prison Break (H)(B) :tagstory:

Free Kratos from his imprisonment


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 1: The Prison of the Damned.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



The game opens with Kratos captured, bound in chains by the Furies that tortured and imprisoned him. One of the Fury sisters, Megaera, comes to further torment Kratos when you are prompted to dodge and battle her. After a short scuffle you will break free of the chains, retrieve your Blades of Chaos, then fall down to another floor in front of a large gate.


As soon as you fall to the ground the trophy will unlock.



F52.jpg  Gotta Hand It To You (H)(B) :tagstory:

Defeat the infected Hand of Aegaeon


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 1: Prison of the Damned.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



Megaera will infect a Hand of Aegaeon with her insects and will attack you, starting the first mini-boss battle that you encounter. In the first stage you will be fighting it horizontally. Dodge its attacks until you are prompted to grapple it with :r1:. It will then destroy the bridge, writhe around and you will be fighting it vertically, with two pits on either side of you.


Use the pits to dodge its “drag” attacks, where it plunges its claws into either side of the bridge and pulls them across. Repeat this until you see the red grapple prompt appear. Successfully perform the QTE and the trophy will unlock.



F52.jpg  Snakes on a Train (H)(B) :tagstory:

Ride the snake back to the Tower of Delphi


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 9: Ice Caverns.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



In Chapter 7 you will reach the Tower of Delphi via an enormous wooden snake, which activates an electric current within the tower. In order to make the tower fully operational you will have to activate two additional snakes. This process is rather long and spread across two chapters, but is luckily quite linear.


Merely activate the second snake after defeating Chimera and jump into the open hole. At the end of the first ice slide be sure to disarm the soldier using :r1: + :circle:, then equip his shield for the final weapon needed for Tools of the Trade. After that proceed until you have activated the final two snakes and arrive safely back at the Tower of Delphi, where the trophy will promptly unlock.


Also be sure to get the third Artifact at the bottom of the tower upon entering it.



F52.jpg  Gateway Gas (H)(B) :tagstory:

Breathe the toxic gases within the Oracle’s Temple


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 10: The Temple of Delphi.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



In Chapter 10, The Temple of Delphi, you will defeat your very first Cerberus in the Oracle’s Temple. Immediately afterwards open up the two red orb chests to the left and right, then use :r1: to pull out the ramp and progress forward. Walk up the ramp and turn left to see a snake statue that is dispersing some green gas. Stand underneath it and a cutscene will begin and the trophy will unlock.


Be sure to run to the far bottom/right of your screen to the previously locked door before proceeding. You can smash it to reveal a Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather, then destroy the large wall to progress in the story.



891.jpg  Biting the Hand that Feeds You (H)(S) :tagstory:

Defeat Megaera and the Titan Hecatonchires


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 4: The Hecatonchires.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



Eventually you will reach the head of the Titan Hecatonchires who is bound with a platform in his mouth. Shortly thereafter Mageara will appear and infect the head which then sprouts prongs from his mouth, similar to the ones on Mageara’s back. The two prongs closest to the bottom of the platform are infected and vulnerable to attack. Fend off the smaller attackers—:r1:+:triangle: is a good way to do damage to them all, push them back, while minimizing your damage intake during the many violent camera shifts—while destroying each prong as quickly as possible.


Once you successfully destroy one you will be launched to another bridge where you will fight another Hand of Aegaeon. However this time you will be able to mount it after it is weakened, similar to the Cyclops, and have it attack the head. Once you have done enough damage the Titan will bite down on the Hand and the trophy will unlock.



891.jpg  Quaid!!! (H)(S)

Defeat Pollux :tagstory:


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 12: The Oracle's Chamber.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



In Chapter 12 you will reach the Oracle’s Chamber and run into the Oracle’s guard, Pollux. He will attempt to stop you from meeting the Oracle and a chase will ensue on a long bridge. You will have to avoid the crumbling floor and repeatedly grapple to make it to the end. Once you do you will finally be able to battle Pollux.


This is by far the hardest fight up to this point in the game. It consists of 6 phases that luckily have checkpoints in between them. On Hard difficulty it can become a test of willpower and patience, so don’t give up. Defeat him and the trophy will unlock.


For a complete text and video walkthrough of the fight, please visit this post.




F52.jpg  Handyman (B) :tagstory:

Reconstruct the Water Wheel of Kirra


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 14: The Cistern (Part Two).



For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



You will return to the Cistern in Chapter 14. Make your way through the level until you reach the destroyed water wheel that you accessed earlier in the game. Decay it with the Amulet of Uroborus until the camera slows down and it asks you to suspend the the Amulet by releasing :l2:, then stop the decay. This will leave the T shaped part of the wheel suspended in mid-air.


Jump down and go to the grapple handle that is now unobstructed. Pull it out until it stops then release it and fully decay the water wheel before the handle begins to move. The wheel fragment should now be blocking the handle. Head over to the water wheel and jump onto the blue platform, then fully heal the water wheel.


The trophy will unlock once you reach the top of the wheel.



891.jpg  Bros before Foes (H)(S) :tagstory:

Escape the Fury Ambush


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 20: The Gauntlet of Apollo.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



At the end of Chapter 19 you will be ambushed by the two remaining Fury sisters, Alecto and Megaera. They attempt to lure Kratos in with more illusions but he resists and begins to fight. After fending off illusionary Spartan soldiers and a fury sister you will fight the second sister and her phoenix-like bird. Once you defeat her, both sisters will join the battle together for the final standoff. Defeat them both and a long cutscene will begin.


For a complete walkthrough of the fight and additional tips please visit this post.


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891.jpg  Blind Justice (H)(S) :tagstory:

Use the Eyes of Truth successfully


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 28: The Trial of Archimedes.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



In Chapter 28 you will finally recover the Oracle’s lost eyes. The instant you do the platform you are standing on will be lowered. A prompt immediately will appear to use the eyes by pressing :l2:+:circle:. Use them and the trophy will unlock.



ECB.jpg  Next time use the Stairs (H)(G) :tagstory:

Complete the Gauntlet of Archimedes


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 28: The Trial of Archimedes.


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.


Please refer to my complete Trial of Archimedes walkthrough for assistance with clearing the gauntlet and unlocking this trophy.


Important Note: As of patch 1.03 (3/23/13) players will receive green and blue orbs after clearing each floor. This change decreases the overall difficulty that previously existed due to the lack of checkpoints in the gauntlet. If you were struggling with this at launch and gave up, download the patch and attempt it again to see the difference.


[spoiler=11]The Gauntlet of Archimedes is located in Chapter 28, The Trial of Archimedes. It consists of three separate floors of enemies, each of which varies in their composition and quantity. What makes this trophy moderately difficult is that there are no checkpoints while you are within the gauntlet.


You must clear all three floors without dying in order to unlock the trophy.



ECB.jpg  Bond Broken (H)(G):tagdifficulty: :tagstackable: :tagstory:

Complete the Game


Story related. Cannot be missed.

Will unlock in Chapter 30: Alecto's Chamber


For a detailed description of how to unlock trophy read the spoiler below.



After you reach Alecto's Chamber you will be thrown into the final boss battle of the game. In it you will fight the remaining Fury Sisters, Tisiphone and Alecto, in a multi-phase encounter on the ocean. Although it is the longest boss battle in the game it is arguably the easiest. If you are struggling with this fight on Hard difficulty, or would just like a complete walkthrough, please see this post for a detailed text strategy and video guide.


Once you have completed all 30 chapters of the game the trophy will unlock. It will unlock regardless of the difficulty you are playing on. The chapters, in the order you will complete them, are as follows:


  1. Prison of the Damned
  2. The Sewer
  3. The Guard House
  4. The Hecatonchires
  5. The Village of Kirra
  6. The Cistern
  7. The Tower of Delphi
  8. The Python's Belly
  9. Ice Caverns
  10. The Temple of Delphi
  11. Delphi Catacombs
  12. The Oracle's Chamber
  13. Passage to Delphi
  14. The Cistern (Part Two)
  15. The Grotto
  16. Prison of the Damned (Part Two)
  17. Martyr's Chambers
  18. Delos Landing
  19. The Foot of Apollo
  20. The Gauntlet of Apollo
  21. The Forearm of Apollo
  22. The Ribs of Apollo
  23. The Furnace
  24. The Shoulder of Apollo
  25. The Furnace (Part Two)
  26. Eyes of Apollo
  27. The Lantern of Delos
  28. The Trial of Archimedes
  29. The Fury Citadel
  30. Alecto's Chamber


ECB.jpg  Legendary Warrior (H)(G):tagdifficulty: :tagstackable:

Complete the game on Hard Difficulty


Beating the game on Hard will also unlock Bond Broken along with it.


The game is arguably more challenging on Hard difficulty than in previous God of War games, mostly due to the multiple elemental mechanics and the drastic change to parry.


For additional tips for the more difficult bosses in the game please visit this post of the guide. For the Trial of Archimedes walkthrough, which for many will be the hardest section, please view this thread.



Combat Related


891.jpg  Maybe you should call a Doctor? (H)(S)

Keep the Rage Meter Filled for 2+ Minutes


The Rage Meter is the orange vertical bar that can be seen at the bottom right of your screen while attacking enemies. It will gradually fill up as you continuously attack enemies with :square: or :triangle::circle: attacks do not generate rage—and will eventually become full. Once it is full your :square: and :triangle: attacks become augmented slightly, in that they have a white shimmer, do more damage, and have different combos. If you do not attack enemies for a while or take damage, the meter will decrease and no longer be full.


The first location that you can keep the Rage Meter filled for a full 2 minutes will be in Chapter 1, Prison of the Damned. After escaping prison you will reach a tunnel where the floor will collapse. An insect infects a prisoner in a cutscene and you will be prompted to grapple it with :r1:. Ignore the prompt and instead attack repeatedly with :square: until the bar is full. Continue to do this until the trophy unlocks. The next opportunity will be in Chapter 5, The Village of Kirra, when you receive the Fire of Ares.


To see a video walkthrough of the method please see the video below.


You can also attempt to go for Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. BadBoy! in both locations by using :rs: to roll between kills, in order to indefinitely string together a combo. However, if you don’t feel like going through the effort there is an easier place to do it in Chapter 19, The Foot of Apollo, that is detailed in the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. BadBoy! trophy description of this guide.


F52.jpg  Unleashed (H)(B)

Throw, Slam and Ram a grappled enemy


You will first learn the ability to throw, slam, and ram enemies during Chapter 1, Prison of the Damned. Three minutes into the start of the game you will fall into a pit where you are given the grappling tutorial. It is also the location you should unlock Maybe you should call a Doctor?.


You must perform all 3 different attacks to unlock the trophy. The attacks are as follows:


  • Throw - :r1: then :circle:
  • Slam - :r1: then :triangle:
  • Ram - :r1: then :cross:

They do not have to all be performed on the same enemy for it to count. The order that you execute the abilities in does not matter—you can Slam, Ram, Throw in that order and still unlock it. As long as you use all three abilities in the course of a fight it will unlock.


Please see the video below to watch a walkthrough of the trophy:




F52.jpg  That’s Gonna Leave a Mark (B)

Spill 500 buckets of blood on Kratos


Enemies will frequently bleed when they are attacked or killed. Whenever some blood is spilled on Kratos it will count towards the “500 buckets” required for the trophy. There is no way to track just how much blood he has accumulated but there is no need to worry, the trophy will unlock through natural progression of the game. If you spend extra time farming orbs during the tutorials in Chapter 1 and Chapter 5, or getting the Maybe you should call a Doctor? trophy, you will most likely unlock it during the Fire of Ares tutorial. If not, it should unlock somewhere between Chapter 6 and 8.


F52.jpg  Open Minded (B)

Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a Juggernaut


The first opportunity you have to fight a Juggernaut is at the beginning of Chapter 5, The Village of Kirra. Once the initial cutscene ends you will walk up the path that branches into two, with a Club in the left path. Pick up the Club and walk to your left to engage the Juggernaut.


In order to begin the minigame you must first weaken it until the red grapple halo appears above its head. When it does, press :r1: to begin the MiniGame. To win it you should rapidly press either :square: or :triangle: and use the :rs: to dodge when it begins to attack. It will lift its arm and the combat will slow down when he is attempting to attack, so it is very easy to dodge. Continue to attack and dodge until it is dead. As soon as it dies the trophy will unlock.


Please see the video below to watch the fight on Hard difficulty.


You will also run into a Juggernaut for the second time during Chapter 18, Delos Landing.

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F52.jpg  Hot Lunch (B)

Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a Manticore


The first opportunity you have to fight a Manticore at the end of Chapter 9, as soon as you activate the third snake and ascend the Tower of Delphi for the second time. A man will be atop the tower rambling on about some spilled apples when suddenly he will be attacked by a giant Manticore. After the scene ends you will engage it in combat.


It is the most difficult opponent up to this point of the game, but totally manageable. Once you weaken it enough that a red halo appears, grapple it with :r1: and successfully perform the minigame until it is dead.


You will not run into a Manticore again until Chapter 27, The Lantern of Delos, which is also the last time you will see one.


If you are struggling with this fight on Hard difficulty, or would just like a complete walkthrough, please see this post for a detailed text strategy. The video below also contains the entire fight on Hard Difficulty.




9BD.jpg  Hold Still Please (H)(B)

Slow 100 Enemies with the Amulet of Uroborus


After defeating Pollux in Chapter 12, you will fall into the Passage of Delphi (Chapter 13). At the very beginning of it you will pick up the Amulet of Uroborus off of Pollux’s body, which will allow you to Decay/Heal innanimate objects as well as slow enemies.


To slow an enemy press :l2:+:square:. Using it on one enemy repeatedly will count towards trophy each time. I for example unlocked it after using it 4 times in a row on a single Satyr General. Because of this you could farm one enemy, or groups of enemies if you have the upgrade, for all 100 slows.


By default there is a 20 second cooldown on each use and only targets one enemy. For 5000 orbs you can upgrade it to be a 10 second cooldown and the slow becomes a large sphere; slowing multiple enemies and even projectiles that comes in contact with it. Use it every time an enemy is in range and it is off of cooldown. Always aim for the strongest target when you can do so safely.


The Amulet is extremely useful so I would advise upgrading it as soon as possible if you have the orbs to spare. Not only will it make this trophy easier it will also make several parts of the game less difficult as well.


Best Farming Location: Chapter 20

  • (For those with fully loaded and/or not going to farm for it) Load up Chapter 20 and you will immediately see several small insects on the ground—if for some reason you don't your save point is in the wrong location, so skip to the next farming spot below. Run to the bottom right corner and hold down :l1: until they group up on you. Once they do use your amulet (:l2:+:square:) to slow them all. Rinse and repeat until it unlocks. (Thanks to geoman19 for testing the location and confirming it works.)


  • (For those that want to farm for Fully Loaded and Slows simultaneously) See Fully Loaded for the Spartan farming method, but include :l2:+:square: attacks every time it is off of cooldown.


9BD.jpg  Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. BadBoy! (H)(B)

Perform a 1000 Hit Combo


At the very beginning of Chapter 19, The Foot of Apollo, there will be a large rock blocking Kratos’ path. Rather than move it out of the way with :r1:, walk up to it and equip your Soul of Hades with :down: and repeatedly perform the :l1:+:triangle: attack on the wall. You will get 7 per attack and will eventually unlock the trophy.


If you do not have Hades’ weapon upgraded enough you may also equip the Lightning of Zeus (:up:) and perform the :l1:+:square: attack. It will take slightly longer but works just the same.


Please see the video below to view an example of the trophy being unlocked:




F52.jpg  Tell Me How You Really Feel (B)

Kill 25 Enemies using the Rage of the Gods


There are two ways to get kills with Rage of the Gods:

  1. Fill your rage meter to full and use combos. The final hit of the combo will be a Rage of the Gods attack and, if it is the one that kills them, will count towards the 25.
  2. Activate the Rage of the Gods with :l3:+:r3:

You need to get 25 kills throughout the course of the entire game. Not with one attack, during one fight, etc.


To activate Rage of the Gods you must first fill your rage meter by using regular :square: and :triangle: attacks—:l1:+either button does not generate Rage, nor does :circle: attacks or magic (:r2:). Once the meter is full you can use Rage of the Gods Mode by pressing :l3:+:r3: together at the same time.


The best weapons to get kills with through natural play are Ice of Poseidon and the Soul of Hades. Ice sets up easy kills for bonus orbs which you will need. Hades’ Rage unleashes a swarm of souls that automatically damage every enemy in within a wide area, while stunning and pushing them back.


The Rage attack must get the kill shot on the enemy for it to count. Simply doing damage with the Rage attack then having your blades finish off the kill won’t count. To ensure you get a lot of kills try and weaken the enemies before using Rage, especially if you are playing on Hard. The best enemies to get Rage kills on through natural play are Insects and Harpies.


Please refer to the Spartan farming method in the Fully Loaded trophy description if you are looking for the best way to farm this.


Side Note: If you are playing the game on on Easy or Normal the trophy will unlock faster for you if you just use your melee combos while at full rage to kill enemies, instead of releasing it with the :l3:+:r3:. The reason being is that the Rage Meter generates exponentially faster on lower difficulties and less is lost when you are hit, so you will constantly be at full rage. If you are on Hard, then you will have to make more of an effort to get it since last hitting with full rage melee attacks is a lot less reliable.


F52.jpg  Swinger (B)

Ring out an enemy with the Club


To unlock this trophy you must knock a target over certain ledges with the Club world weapon.


There are four or five locations that you may unlock this trophy. The absolute easiest opportunity you will have to get this trophy at the beginning of Chapter 16, Prison of the Damned (Part Two). Make sure you don't have any other weapon equipped at this time, because you won't be able to pick up the Club while you are wielding another weapon—discard it if you do by pressing :l1:+:circle:. You will begin on a platform with a lone Cerberus and after five or so seconds three satyrs will spawn. Two will have javelins and the third will have a club.


Walk over to the club wielding Satyr that will always spawn on the bottom left of the platform and hit him with :circle:. He will always be disarmed and drop the Club after being hit just one time. Pick it up with :r1: then attack the other Satyr's with :circle: until they are launched off of the edge of the platform. The trophy will unlock shortly thereafter.


The second easiest spot that can be chosen through chapter select is Chapter 21, The Forearm of Apollo. After obtaining the Orkos stone you will solve some puzzles and grapple onto a platform that has chests locked behind a gate on the left. Quite a few satyrs will spawn with javelins and clubs. You can disarm them by pressing :circle: but it will likely take multiple tries. Once you do, pick up the club with :r1: and knock them off the southern ledge with :circle: attacks.


Please see the video below for a walkthrough of each location.



There are numerous other locations that it can be done at, such as Chapter 19 and Chapter 28, but both require you to bring a club to a specific fight, rather than easily disarming an enemy and using it at said location.


F52.jpg  Tag Teamed (H)(B)

Hit 100 enemies with the Oath Stone of Orkos


See Hello Friend


F52.jpg  Hello Friend (H)(B)

Use the Oath Stone of Orkos in Combat 10 Times


You will receive the Oath Stone of Orkos from Orkos at the end of Chapter 20, right after you defeat the Fury sisters for the Bros before Foes trophy. To use the stone in combat you must get really close to an enemy and press :l2:+:triangle:. Try to do it when the enemies are grouped in order to maximize the number of hits for the Tag Teamed trophy.


You can decrease the cooldown and increase the duration of the skill by leveling it up with 5000 orbs. Considering how strong it is, especially in tandem with the Amulet, the upgrade is worth every last orb. Continue to use the stone until both Hello Friend and Tag Teamed unlock.


It should be noted that the stone can't be used on a number of bosses and occasionally airborne enemies. It also cannot be used on an invulnerable target such as a Cerberus in its bubble, or a Talos during its immune state.

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Chapter Specific


F52.jpg  Round and Round (H)(B)

Solve the Rolling Crusher Puzzle


Chapter: 5 - The Village of Kirra / 14 - The Cistern


In Chapter 5, you will come to a section with some orange pillars in the back and a bunch of hounds and flying bats. Dispatch the enemies and proceed to the right of the screen until you reach a tiny wooden bridge, that leads to a tunnel.


Enter the tunnel and continue until you reach a circular room with a rolling stone slab in it and some chests. There will be three grapple handles in the center that you must interact with. Immediately run to the bottom and destroy the wooden planks blocking your way and jump across.


Pull the rightmost handle out first, then quickly proceed to do the same in a clockwise fashion (Left, Middle, Right). After you pull out the right handle run and jump onto the now protruding stones to reach the chests. Open up the chests then pull the handle to unlock the trophy.


If you have already completed Chapter 5 without unlocking the trophy, you will have a second chance to do so in Chapter 14, at the same time you do the fifth Decayed Chest, for the If It Aint Broke... trophy. Chapter 14 is also the best one to replay if you are going for solely this trophy, since it is easier to get to from the start of it than if you were to replay Chapter 5.


To see a detailed video walkthrough of the puzzle please see the video below.



F52.jpg  You Bastards! (B)

Treat the Martyr of Hecatonchires poorly


Chapter: 17 - Martyr's Chamber


In the very first room of this chapter you will see a dead body suspended from chains. In front of it is a small, medieval looking torture chamber that is closed. Walked up to it and open it with :r1: then proceed to the back of the room where the other body is.


Decay the device at his feet with :l2:+:square:, then drag the hanging body into the chamber like you would with a grappling switch. Once it is directly over the chamber release it and it will shut tight on the body.


Now make your way up to the second floor through the newly opened doorway and jump over to the cage to your right. The body will be ripped apart and the trophy will unlock.


To see a complete video walkthrough of this please watch the one below.




If you are completing this trophy during your first playthrough and need to progress in the story—rather than chapter select for the trophy only—you have to either restart the chapter or repair the Martyr's torn off limbs before moving on. The latter way is fastest, though. To do it you just have to jump off of the cage after unlocking the trophy and Heal the Martyr with :l2:+:square:. The cage will rise again allowing you passage to the elevator.


Now pick up the corpse on the ground that you previously removed with :r1: and take it upstairs with you, then throw it down on the first floor to raise the cage support. You are now free to jump back onto the cage and proceed with the story.


891.jpg  Fireproof (S)

Complete the Screw of Archimedes without getting hit by the Fire Traps


Chapter: 21 - The Forearm of Apollo


The Screw of Archimedes is the elevator that you previously passed through with pillars of fire shooting out from both sides. Now that you have the Oath Stone of Orkos you will be able to ascend it.


To complete the trophy simply walk on to one of the panels and press :l2:+:triangle:. Your copy will stay there for a while and keep the elevator rising. Monsters will soon spawn but you can disregard them for now. Try and keep them far away from where your copy is, while staying clear of fire. Avoid damage from them by holding block.


When your copy disappears quickly roll over to the nearest safe panel and place it again. Once you reach the top and there is no more fire on your screen you can dispatch the enemies. As soon as they all die the trophy will unlock.


Please see the video walkthrough below if you need additional assistance with the trophy.


Credit to PowerPyx for the video



891.jpg  Lubed Up (S)

Complete the slide in the Statue of Apollo without dying


Chapter: 24 - The Shoulder of Apollo


After reconstructing the shoulder, you will be able to drop down a long slide. Upon entering it the game will autosave which makes it impossible for you to safely restart without voiding the trophy. You have to successfully navigate the entire thing without dying to unlock it. If by some chance you do die you must replay through Chapter 24 until you reach it, which luckily isn't very far from the beginning of Chapter Select.


The only real advice I can give is to prepare for it by watching the following video several times. Once you feel like you know the route you want to take, go and try it. The "tricky" part is when the camera shifts from being at your back, to a view from your front that starts at 31 seconds in the video. It is easy to not realize that the floor is missing sections ahead of you so be sure to avoid them.





F52.jpg  Blood Oath (H)(B):tagmulti::tagonline:

Complete the MP Training in Olympus


From the starting screen push :ls: to the right to select the Multiplayer stone. After doing so you will see a short cutscene of a prisoner breaking free of his shackles, followed by Kratos bursting through the wall. Shortly thereafter you will be teleported to Olympus to choose your allegiance to a God; the class that you will play as during Multiplayer matches.


You will have 4 Gods to choose from, which translates to four different classes. They are:


God: Ares

Class: Warrior - Dominant physical powers.

Magic: Fire - Damage over time and disable enemy defenses to surrounding enemies.

Weapon: Sword - Fast, slashing hits, close range, good for generating combos.

Items: Enhanced melee combat.


God: Hades

Class: Assassin - Stealth based.

Magic: Soul - Steals vitality (health) from a single enemy.

Weapon: Hammer - Deliberate, smashing impacts. Long range, good for generating reactions.

Items: Reduced cooldowns and increased mobility.


God: Zeus

Class: Battle Mage - Impressive elemental damage.

Magic: Electric - Stun opponents and disable enemy magics.

Weapon: Sword - Fast, slashing hits, close range, good for generating combos.

Items: Improve defense and escape


God: Poseidon

Class: Support - Resilient to damage.

Magic: Water - Decrease mobility and freeze opponents.

Weapon: Spear - Moderate attacking long range weapon.

Items: Increase defense and team ability.



After you choose your allegiance you will be given a weapon and the tutorial will begin. It will teach you how to use offensive and defensive abilities as well as magic. At the end you will battle against the computer and the tutorial will be over. You can then choose to learn advanced techniques, choose another God, or leave Olympus.


Once you choose to leave Olympus the trophy will unlock.


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F52.jpg  Big Spender (B) :tagstory:

Upgrade any Magic to the next level


See Fully Loaded


891.jpg  Fully Loaded (S)

Fully Upgrade Kratos


Important Note: You will not be able to unlock the trophy until the beginning of Chapter 28, Trial of Archimedes, which is when you obtain the final item needed for the trophy. Even if you have every other item maxed out long before Chapter 28, it will not unlock. Credit to immikeulate for confirming this.


The Health and Magic bars do not count towards this trophy, since they require Eyes and Feathers rather than Red Orbs to upgrade them.


You will unlock your first Magic ability during Chapter 5, The Village of Kirra. Halfway through the chapter you will come across a wall with Ares on it with a dish of fire in front of him. Pick up the fire to receive the Fire of Ares magic, then press :start:. Select the Fire of Ares and hold down :cross: to upgrade it for 1000 orbs to and subsequently unlock the Big Spender trophy.


The three other magic types you will get are:

  • Ice of Poseidon - Chapter 6, The Cistern
  • Lightning of Zeus - Chapter 7, The Tower of Delphi
  • Soul of Hades - Chapter 11, Delphi Catacombs

In addition to the magic you will collect 3 other items, two of which—the Amulet and Stone—can be upgraded one time each.


The trophy cannot be unlocked on New Game+ and must be done on one playthrough. To guarantee that this trophy will unlock for you in one playthrough, there are three things you should try and do:


Farm Spartans in Chapter 20 - Requires at least 2 upgrades on the Ice of Poseidon, or max for optimal farming. During the second phase of the boss fight with Megaera, she will jump on the roof and spawn Spartan soldiers for 15 minutes on the ground before she vanishes. However, to avoid her vanishing all you have to do is initiate the QTE scene before the 15 minutes are up and it will reset the timer.


Farm this initial part for ~10 minutes before progressing her to the QTE scene. To do this simply pick up the javelins that the Spartans dropped with :r1: and spam :circle: attacks at Megaera on the roof. Ignore the Spartans entirely unless you need more javelins to throw, since they drop them when killed. Once she falls to the ground and has the white halo over her head, do nothing. Just let her jump back on the roof. From there you can continue to farm the Spartans as normal.


Below are the 5 steps you should do to actually farm the orbs well.


  • Step 1.) After reaching phase 2 of the boss battle, Megaera will begin to spawn lots of Spartans. The first wave will be a line of 5 near the gate and the following ones will be in groups of 4. The moment you see the 5 Spartans press :ps: to see what time it is. Take note of the time, because after 15 minutes the boss will vanish and stop spawning Spartans. However there is a way around it, which leads me to the next step.


  • Step 2.) After exiting the :ps: screen from checking the time, equip your Fire of Ares :left: and :square: attacks only to build up the Rage meter, while simultaneously bunching them into a group. When your rage meter is full, swap to your Ice of Poseidon :right: and use :l3:+:r3: and kill the frozen Spartan—:square:+:square:+:square:+:square: will always shatter a frozen enemy. You will always want to use your rage meter with :right:+:r2: every time it fills up.
    After he shatters, use your :r2: then immediately swap back to :left: to finish as many off as you can that are frozen, again using the :square:x4 combo to do so. If you kill all of them begin rolling (:rs:) to the top right corner of the street, until the next wave spawns in order to maintain your rage bar. You will want to be here each time they are spawning a new wave in order to keep them as bunched as possible.


  • Step 3.) Now that the second wave has spawned in the pack you should roll to your left and push the enemies into the corner you were originally in, withthe :square: attacks. Once they are moderately grouped up use the :right:+:r2: to freeze the lot of them, then shatter them as you did in Step 1. If any are alive and you have a full rage meter, IMMEDIATELY use it.
    After running out of magic you will need to do :square: attacks with :left: until your meter fills, then swap to :right: and use :l3:+:r3:. Do this over and over until you have enough magic to do another :right:+:r2: against a fresh wave of Spartans—never use :r2: against less than 3 or 4 of them. You should be able to do a :r2: attack every 3-4 waves or so.


  • Step 4.) Around the 10 minute mark remember to force Megaera into the QTE as fast as you can with Javelin :circle: attacks. Remember to just leave her alone after she lands on the ground. If you initiate the QTE and fail it you will take a large chunk of damage. Since you will now be stuck in the 3rd part of this phase she will continuously summon explosive beetles. Be sure not to let them detonate near you because they will do a lot of damage and reset your meter.


  • Step 5.) Knock Megaera off of the third roof every 4-5 minutes to make sure she doesn't vanish, then repeat the farming steps until you are satisfied with the amount of orbs you have. After you are done farming, initiate the QTE and win it to be sent to the next phase of the boss battle with Alecto.

Credit to Getsuoni for discovering that the Spartans continue to drop Large Red Orbs when killed w/ Ice of Poseidon and NDO95 for additional help.


Below is a video that shows the method in action as well as gives summarized instructions:


Complete the Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers as early as possible. Doing so will allow you to loot every white chest from Chapter 20 on for a whopping 1000 red orbs per chest. This really starts to add up and can easily be the difference between unlocking the trophy, or not.


Frequently freeze weaker enemies with your Ice of Poseidon's :l3:+:r3: and :r2:, then shatter them. Doing so will give you hundreds of extra orbs per kill.


I personally didn't farm Spartans, didn't finish the Gorgon Eyes until Chapter 21 and then missed numerous white chests thereafter. I ended up barely getting the trophy in one Hard playthrough, by a margin of only 600 extra red orbs! Every orb counts.


If for whatever reason you managed to beat the entire game without unlocking the trophy, there is another alternative. You can use a second, albeit slower method of farming orbs, during Chapter 25. Although it is inherently slower than the Spartan trick in Chapter 20, it will allow you to re-clear only 3 chapters before unlocking the trophy, rather than 8 if with the Spartans. Please see the video below and following description for how to perform it.


Credit to ReNeGaDepub for the video and the method


1) Using Chapter Select load Chapter 25.

2) Activate the elevator.

3) Get rid of the dog by throwing him in the fire.

4) Position yourself so the attacks push the enemy away from the fire in the middle. (If you let the enemy get in the fire more enemies will appear, making the farming process much harder.)

5) Attack him using the Fire of Ares to make the Rage Meter fill faster.

6) When the Rage Meter is full, change to Ice of Poseidon and click :l3:+:r3:.

7) After freezing the enemy change back to Fire of Ares and kill him.

😎 Repeat steps 4-7 until you fully upgrade your equipment.


WARNING: After finishing the farming process be careful not to fall in the pits before the checkpoint, otherwise the game will restart before starting to farm and lose all progress.

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The following two videos will show you how to obtain every single collectible within God of War: Ascension. The videos show them in the order that you first encounter them, from start to finish. It is an all-in-one resource that guarantees you will unlock each collectible trophy at the earliest possible time. If you prefer to watch individual videos for each collectible or text walkthroughs, please refer to their respective trophy descriptions below.


Credit to Sunnygrg for these phenomenal videos


F52.jpg  Tools of the Trade (B):tagmissable::tagcollectible:

Use All 5 World Weapons in Combat




There are five weapons in the game that can be picked up and used by Kratos by pressing :circle:. They are scattered throughout the game in very obvious places and shine when they come into view. The names of the weapons as well as the first location you come across them are:


  • Sword - Chapter 1, after emerging from the underground tunnel.
  • Club - Chapter 5, once the initial cutscene ends you will walk up the path and it will be in the middle of the path.
  • Javelin - Chapter 5, after defeating the two Juggernauts you will have to lower a rope to cross the gap. It is on the roof of the first building after you cross the rope.
  • Sling - Chapter 5, you will encounter a large minotaur with a sword and whips. After you kill him and jump across a gorge you will see a small black sling on the ground just before a chest, some sling users and bats.
  • Shield - Chapter 7, at the first slide you will run into a shield user. Disarm it with :r1:+:circle: and pick it up.

If you had picked up every weapon prior to this you will unlock the trophy after a short delay.


You do not need to actually use each weapon in order to unlock the trophy, although the Club is associated with the Swinger trophy later on in the game.


891.jpg  Light as a Feather (S) :tagmissable::tagcollectible:

Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers




There are a total of 15 Phoenix Feathers in the game. They can be found in white chests scattered throughout the world. When you collect 5 of them it creates a set and increases your magic by one bar segment, giving you a total of 4 bars once you have collected all 15.


Although there are 15 feathers, there is a good deal more chests that you can find them in. However, once you’ve collected 15 feathers, the remaining chests that would have contained a feather will be replaced with Large Red Orbs. This is a good thing since the sooner you find 15, the sooner you can get bonus orbs that will help you complete the Fully Loaded trophy for upgrading every item to max level.


If you are vigilant about collecting them this trophy will unlock during Chapter 16, Prison of the Damned (part two).


For those that would like assistance in finding the chests please refer to the collectible videos, or head over to Sunnygrg's complete collectible’s guide found here.


891.jpg  The Eyes have it (S) :tagmissable::tagcollectible:

Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes




You must collect a total of 20 Gorgon Eyes to complete this trophy. For every 5 you obtain you your vitality bar will increase slightly. The way that the chests function is inherently the same as the feathers. Please see Light As a Feather above for more information about the way white chests work.


For those that would like assistance in finding the chests please refer to the collectible videos, or head over to Sunnygrg's complete collectible’s guide found here.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1345/ECB.jpg No Drake. You can’t have these. (G):tagcollectible:

Collect all all Artifacts in the game


There are 10 artifacts in the game. Each one can enable special cheats after you beat the game, such as infinite magic. However, using them will disable trophies while they are active.


Unlike the rest of the collectibles you can collect them in any order and still have them save. So if you miss a few of them simply use Chapter Select to go pick them up. To check and see which Artifacts you have collected already, press :start: and then :r1: to see the list of Artifacts you've picked up.



Artifacts can be found in the following locations:

  1. Chapter 2 - Prisoner's Oath Stone
  2. Chapter 5 - Circe's Vial
  3. Chapter 9 - Oracle Seeker's Offering
  4. Chapter 11 - Aletheia's Charm
  5. Chapter 15 - Boat Captain's Idol
  6. Chapter 16 - Orko's Cloak
  7. Chapter 21 - Stonemason's Chisel
  8. Chapter 23 - Archimdes' Treatise
  9. Chapter 25 - Statue Worker's Idol
  10. Chapter 28 - Antikythera Mechanism

Please refer to this thread for help finding all the collectibles, or watch the video below to see only the Artifact locations.


Credit to PowerPyx for the video


ECB.jpg  If it aint broke... (G) :tagmissable::tagcollectible:

Reconstruct all of the Decayed Chests




There is a total of 7 decayed chests that can be reconstructed between Chapter 13 and 19. You will come across the destroyed chests in Chapter 5 but will be unable to interact with them until you have unlocked the Amulet of Uroborus in Chapter 13. After you retrieve it merely walk up to the chest and heal it using :l2:+:square:. Missing a chest means that you will have to replay 13-19 and get them all since it has to be done in a single playthrough.


If for whatever reason you do not open the chest afterwards do not worry, it will still count towards the total. Clearly I advise opening them all as you will need the orbs for Fully Loaded.



Decayed chests can be found in the following locations:

  • (#1) Chapter 13: After first receiving the Amulet you will repair a bridge. Cross it and go to the far left, away from where the Oracle is, until you reach the end of very end of the bridge. The chest will be hidden in the bottom left corner.
  • (#2-5) Chapter 14: This is the only chapter with multiple chests.
    • #2 - After repairing the aqueduct you will come to a room with a giant minotaur statue. Drop down into the room and defeat the enemies, then repair the chest at the exit.
    • #3 - Continue down the same hallway that the previous chest is in until you come to an intersection. Turn right down it, then left to get to the chest.
    • #4 - Exit the hallway that the two previous chests were in. You will be ambushed by a Cyclops and some insects soon after. Defeat them and walk directly to the right of the screen to find the chest in a small alcove.
    • #5 - From where you just fought the Cyclops and found the previous chest, run directly left and drop off of the edge, where the broken bridge is. Go down and proceed to the far right where you originally unlocked the Round and Round trophy or can now if you happened to miss it. Prior to entering the room with the puzzle you will see the chest just to the right.
  • (#6) Chapter 16: At the very last section of Chapter 16, you will land on a platform where the camera pans out to a perfect view the dead Titan's head. Follow the path down into the tunnel and take a right. Before going to the ladder and dropping down you will see the chest on the right, just in front of another cell.
  • (#7) Chapter 19: At the very beginning of Chapter 19, you will have to push a gigantic rock out of the way—this is also the location you perform Can't Stop, Won't Stop. BadBoy!. After moving it, climb up the wall until you reach the ledge. Turn right and the 7th and final chest will be there.

Please refer to this thread for help finding all the collectibles, or watch the video below to see only the Decayed Chests locations.


Credit to PowerPyx for the video

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Boss Tips and Strategies




Manticore (Chapter 9) - Hot Lunch (B)


Like most mini-bosses there are two main phases to the fight, and his are air and ground. Be sure to save all of your mana for the ground phase.



Phase 1 - Air

Technically this phase takes place both in the air and the ground, but it is the only one which he has the ability to fly. During this phase there are two main attacks you want to look out for: flying flame breath and wing thrust.


The flame is really easy to avoid as will do it once or twice while in the air. Merely walking to the left or right will be enough to dodge it. When he does the second breath he will always land hard, so be sure not to be directly underneath him or you will take damage. Do not try and attack him while he is in the air because it will do little-to-no damage and put you in harms way.


When he lands will do a tail jab and a wing thrust. Both are extremely choreographed and easy to avoid. Before he does the jab he will always slam one foot down and step forward. When he puts the foot down, dodge. If it hits you wiggle the :ls: left and right quickly to become un stunned.


The wing thrust is even easier to dodge because he will stand up on his hind legs and pull his wings back. The second he stands up, dodge.


Repeat the until you can grapple him and enter the QTE. Once you slice his wing off phase 2 will begin.



Phase 2 - Ground

In this phase the Manticore will no longer be able to fly or do a double wing thrust. He will still do the tail job, as well as spew manticore hatchlings and a single wing thrust.


The tail jab will now look differently as well. He will turn his body sideways rather than stomp his foot, so dodge when he shift sideways. The single wing thrust is pretty rare and will only happen if you are literally on top of him, so keep a bit of range.


The third and most important ability to deal with is the spewing of the manticores. He will begin to drool a lot when the manticores are being spat out. The second you see the water coming out of his mouth dodge backwards. Do a few attacks and as soon as the two manticore eggs start to unravel, use your Fire of Ares magic attack (:r2:) on them until you have no mana, then unload on the large manticore as fast as you can.


On the second set of manticore eggs simply use :r1: to stop them from breathing fire as much as possible, then combo some :square: attacks after it. Once they are dead the large manticore should be near death. Damage it until you see the red halo and can initiate the minigame with :r1:.



Pollux (Chapter 12) - Quaid!!! (S)


Be sure to save at least 2 bars of your magic for the final phase. He grants about 2/3rd of one bar per phase, so take that into account when you are killing him. Remember that if you make it through a phase you will hit a checkpoint, so don’t be worried about having to redo the entire thing if you die. Just keep trying and memorize his attack patterns.


Phase 1

Start the fight - When you finally catch him he will be on the other side of the broken arena. Launch the boulder at him to engage. He will restore the arena and then make it decay the center. Simply stand on the side to avoid the initial assault.


Phase 2

Pollux will occasionally stab into the ground and then launch linear, green lightning attack at you. It is slightly homing but easily avoidable if you dodge as it is fired. He will also place a green circular mist on the ground that slows your movement and attack speed. Dodge out of it if he casts it on you, don’t try to jump or walk out. His third and final attack for this phase is when he teleports into the air and slams down. He is most vulnerable after a slam, so punish him.


His last ability is the same one you saw when you started the fight, where he makes the ground decay. It will deteriorate in a counter clockwise fashion, so stand on the right side until the center appears again and then jump on it.


Phase 3

Pollux will teleport himself to the top of pillars that surround the arena. He will then launch blue beams at you that do pretty significant damage. Once there are only two pillars left the beams will make the corrode away when it hits it. To counter this you should attack the outside pillars first and leave whichever one he is currently standing on alone. Once there are only two pillars left just knock them down and he will land.



Phase 4

This is the easiest part of the fight that actually involves fighting him head on. He will do a quick teleporting slash that you can simply ignore by blocking the entirety of. When he finishes it he will either be standing there motionless, or teleport himself into the air for the ground slam like in Phase 2. Punish him when he’s motionless, block the quick teleport slashes, dodge the ground slam. Rinse repeat.


At the end of this phase he will do the ground decay but this time he will destroy all but the southernmost point. Run directly south and wait for the next phase to begin.



Phase 5

You will now be in a first person view. Pollux will teleport around but just ignore it. Continue to look straight until he attacks. Fend him off with the QTE and the sixth and final phase will begin.



Phase 6

Pollux’s brother takes over the fight and it becomes considerably more difficult. He will shoot blue beams like in Phase 3 but in rapid succession. Sometimes it will be sprayed, other times it will be focused. Luckily the attacks do virtually no damage. Use Parry (:l1: + :cross: as the attack hits you) against the blue beams until he decays the arena down to the center portion. Use Parry again until he lands. Now you need to use a combination of Parry and dodging to get in to him. Once you do, use your Fire of Ares :r2: until it is gone. Then you can either play it safe and whittle him down with :square:+:square:+:triangle: shots and Parry’s, or try and parry his 1st or 2nd melee swing.


The fastest way to kill him is to play aggressive and always parry his 1st or 2nd melee attack, then unload. It is also the most dangerous since his only viable means of damage is the sword. The third swing cannot be blocked or parried so be sure to dodge if you are in its range.



Fury Sisters (Chapter 19) - Bros Before Foes (S)


Like the other boss fights it contains multiple phases and is on par with Pollux in terms of overall difficulty and complexity. Magic will not be needed until the the final phase of the battle, so be sure to conserve it until then.



Phase 1 - Spartans and Megaera

You will begin in the city streets of Sparta, facing off against a line of Spartan soldiers. Throw out a slow with your Uroborus (:l2:+:square) if it is upgraded, otherwise kill them in any way you see fit. Once Megaera lands focus on her until she goes back to the roofs. Whenever she jumps the camera will slow which is your cue to do a double jump and avoid the incoming damage. The main ability you want to avoid besides the roof jump is her four claw slam. Whenever she is about to do it she pulls her claws into her body and lets out a yell, so dodge it and unload on her.


Once she stops coming down from the roofs you must pick up the spears and launch them at her until it moves into phase 2. If you run out of spears just kill more soldiers and take theirs. Try to ignore them otherwise.



Phase 2 - Alecto

Megaera will retreat and you will be forced to fight Alecto. She is much easier than her sister due to her low health and extremely slow, choreographed abilities. When she pulls her bird in close to her she will try and do a dive, so dodge it. Whenever she drops the rainbow lightning walk around until she becomes vulnerable, then use Uroborus for free damage. Rinse and repeat until phase 3.



Phase 3 - Twin Furies

Now that you’ve beaten them by themselves the sisters will team up to fight you together. The only new mechanic that is introduced here is an invulnerability shield that Megaera brings up after she is badly hurt. Every other skill is the same, but with minor variations. The lightning from Alecto will be much faster and dense which makes it harder to do damage. The ground slam from Megaera will be done by having the bird lift her up, then slam. When the bird picks her up it becomes very large and obvious. She will do some quick jabs then slam every time.


The key here is to burn Megaera (the clawed sister) down as fast as possible to make her shield come up. While she is shielded she will only do her large four claw attack, which is easy to dodge if you pay attention to her sounds. From there if you have magic use it during every lightning storm from Alecto until it runs out. If she’s still alive after that simply dodge around and do damage to her while she starts casting the lightning, then dodge more and do your best to stay alive.



Phase 4 - QTE

The final phase is a QTE. The reason that I bring it up is that it introduces the use of the :ls: in the form of a half circle for the first time. If you fail it you will have to repeat the entire phase 3 again, which you obviously want to avoid at all costs. After stabbing Megaera and swinging her into Alecto it will come up on the bottom left of your screen, so be prepared for it.


After a short cutscene you will grapple Alecto and immediately perform yet another :ls: QTE. From there you are home free.

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Final Boss (Chapter 30) - Bond Broken(G)


This is the final boss battle of the entire game. You fight the two remaining Fury sisters, Alecto and Tsiphone, in a two phase battle that takes place at a whirlpool of ocean. In comparison to the other major boss battles I would have to say this is the easiest one in the entire game, albeit the longest. It is even longer than the Pollux fight due to cutscenes and some of the longest QTE's you will see all game.


There is also an abundance of checkpoints so dying isn't that big of a deal. The only thing you really want to do is get out of the first phase as quickly as possible and the very last wave of the final phase. In both instances it is pretty much just a magic spam to victory.


Here is complete video of my method. It includes cutscenes and the ending, so if you want to skip the initial cutscene just jump right to the 1:00 mark. Below it is a text walkthrough for those that are interested as well.



Phase 1 - Tsiphone / Bird + Spartans

This is a pretty chaotic phase but it’s not difficult. The Spartans are more of a distraction than a real threat to you. What you need to pay attention to is the bird. When she first comes down walk to the right side of the boat and attack the Spartan. As the light falls on you just walk all the way to the opposite end and start fighting the other Spartans. She will then dive at you but you will be out of range, so cast a :l2:+:triangle: when you see her come down. The second her first attack ends roll into the middle and use Ares:left:+:r2:.


You can use :r2: once or twice more if you'd like, since you will get magic back from the Spartans as well as Tsiphone. Don’t worry about if you take damage because you will get back about 25% of your health by the end of the phase. If she is still alive after 3 :r2:s use the Hades:down:+:l3:+:r3:



Phase 2 Tentacles on the Boat

  • Wave 1 - First tentacle
    Tisphone will run away and the Queen in her squid form will grab on the ship by wrapping tentacles around it, while Alecto shields them with her illusions. Use :l2:+:circle: to break the illusions and freely attack the tentacles.
    While while fighting the first tentacle she will spew black goo onto the ship that will restrain you. She will point one of the tentacles at you from the edge of the boat before she does it. You can avoid it by using Hades:down::l3:+:r3: before it lands, dodging with :rs: (roll into the tentacle not away from it], or break it with :l2:+:triangle: if it hits you. Try to avoid it though because it takes roughly 15% of your health away when it hits you but luckily doesn’t do anything to your rage meter.


  • Wave 2 - Second tentacle
    She has a simple attack cycle. It is: Triple Stab -> Goo -> Slam -> Slam (repeat)
    The first tentacle is similar to the second in terms of the illusion, but there are 2 new attacks now. She will pull both of her free tentacles back and stab them down directly in front of the one grasping the ship. She stabs it three times total, but on the third time she will drag the attack across the entire ship. To avoid this dodge backwards the moment she pulls both tentacles back, then once the third strike lands dodge forward to avoid the sliding attack.
    After the initial attack you can dispel her illusion and start damaging the tentacle. She will then wind up the a goo shot which you should avoid by using :down:+:l3:+:r3: when it is in flight.
    The other new attack is a huge tentacle slam that you have to be far away from to avoid taking damage. She will always use it right in front of the grasping tentacle, just like the stab. When the camera zooms really far out you need to roll backwards to just past the middle of the boat, behind the broken mast, then continue to roll towards the bottom of the boat. Do this to keep your rage meter from falling.
    The attack cycle then repeats itself from the where it first started with the stabs.


Phase 3 - Squid Alecto in the whirlpool

After the long QTE you will face Alecto head on while on a platform within the whirlpool itself.


  • Wave 1 - Squid Alecto Alone
    She has 4 attacks to avoid: Four tentacle stab, double tentacle stab, double tentacle goo, and bite.
    The second you land on the platform she will open up with a four tentacle stab attack. You will be able to see it coming because all her tentacles will have an icy glow to them before she strikes. You must be at the back of the platform and use a double jump (:cross:+:cross:) to avoid the shockwave, just like you did with Megaera in Chapter 19.
    After dodging immediately pick up the javelin and start hitting :circle: as fast as you can. She will then do one of three other attacks.
    If she screams at you and water shoots out of her face just walk backwards to the edge of the platform, because she will try and bite you.
    Whenever she brings two tentacles down together and points them at you always dodge towards the side that she is queuing up. So if the right side tentacles are pulled down, dodge right. Left, dodge left, and so on. She will either shoot goo at you or try to stab you, but but both can be dodged with the same method.
    Between all of these attacks try and get in :square: damage with your Ares :left: every chance you get. If she is queuing up a bite or a two claw goo/stab, use circle from either edge of the platform until they finish. Whenever you have enough rage swap to Hades and use :l3:+:r3: because it is the best damage vs. her (credit to Nyc for this tip)


  • Wave 2 - Tsiphone and Alecto Together
    This is basically the start of Phase 1 and 2 combined but without the Spartans.
    Alecto will dive into the water after taking a lot of damage and Tsiphone will fly down with her bird. The second she lands start bashing her with :square: attacks. She will then rise up high and start bombarding you with starfire attacks. The second she does, use your Ares:left:+:r2: and use :l2:+:square: as soon as it ends, then get in some :square: attacks and use :r2: again until it runs out.
    After your magic is spent resume the :l1:+:square: -> :square: onslaught until you have rage to use Hades:down:+:l3:+:r3:. A few more attacks and she will run away. If the squid returns before she flys off just keep an eye out for the glowing claws and roars.
    Now that Alecto is alone it will be just like the phase started. Repeat the steps until the grapple prompt appears for the QTE. Win it and you will have a few more QTE’s, then the battle will be over.
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Your spoiler tags for Blood Oath, and Prison Break are the same. Great job on the guide.


Fixed and thank you very much :).


I am going to do some editorial sweeps and changes as soon as I get some sleep, as well as add the first wave of videos. So hopefully it will be even better soon enough.


Great guide, thanks! I'm starting this game now.


My reaction to only one online trophy: :applause:


Are there really no trophies for challenges? Are there even challenges in this game?


Sadly there is no challenge arena in this game like there are in the others. My guess is that one of the first DLC's will be that, since I'm sure it will be in high demand.


Enjoy the game and I hope the guide helps you with your platinum :dance:.

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Sadly there is no challenge arena in this game like there are in the others. My guess is that one of the first DLC's will be that, since I'm sure it will be in high demand.


Enjoy the game and I hope the guide helps you with your platinum :dance:.


No challenge arena is going to make this an easier Plat than the previous titles... I think. I started on Hard and it hasn't been too bad compared to the others... yet.


Did you have trouble unlocking Unleashed? I've been all doing those grapple moves and so far, no trophy. =/


EDIT: BTW, your bold tags are showing in the info for "Round and Round" (got a } instead of a ] there)

Edited by phoenragon
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What should I do to get "Hello, Friend" trophy? Must it be done in one combat?


Yes you have to be actively engaged in combat. It is best to upgrade it immediately so it has a faster cooldown as well. Hit an enemy and group them up as much as possible before you use it. That way it will get the most amount of hits out of the duration.

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Thanks for the guide, game is out today where I am from.

Was sitting at work worrying if there was many missable trophies already.


The only one missable trophy that you have to be really wary of from start to finish is Fully Loaded. The chests are also an issue, but there is a guide for them and if worse comes to worse you can replay a few chapters. The max upgrades on the other hand requires you to really make an effort at finding every chest you possibly can, getting up your combos and so on.

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There is only 1 but the platinum is always included as an online trophy if their is online trophies in the game.


Oh, thank you so much for the quick answer.

I spend 95% of my gaming time playing Xbox 360, and to tell you the truth, this is only the second game I´ll so something online on PS3 (the first one was Playstation All-Stars, a few days ago).

So, sorry for my ignorance... xD

Thanks again.

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Oh, thank you so much for the quick answer.

I spend 95% of my gaming time playing Xbox 360, and to tell you the truth, this is only the second game I´ll so something online on PS3 (the first one was Playstation All-Stars, a few days ago).

So, sorry for my ignorance... xD

Thanks again.


Well heck, welcome to the site and the fabulous world of PS3 gaming :dance:.


As he already said it is the guide staffs policy to call the platinum trophy an online trophy, if there is an online pass associated with the game. It is simply because technically speaking there is an online requirement to achieve the platinum trophy as well.


I hope you enjoy the guide, the game, and most of all the PS3T site :).

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Very well done guide, in depth. Although I didn't use it because I already earned platinum prior, I am sure this will help a lot of players acquire the trophies and platinum quickly


BTW who does your Video guides?


And i would recommend using the blades of Hades on the Final boss battle maxing rage and using the :l3: & :r3: to take him down quickly and effectively with no trouble even on hard mode, given your MAXED OUT prior to the boss fight.


I personally used this strategy with basic defensive moves, light blocking and heavy evading between his attacking, maxing rage when he came into my attack range, then fire off the rage of soul, as this damage is constant to wherever he is on the screen and brings him to red grapple status extremely fast and check point game over. :dance:

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