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Any good?


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I've played it for about 15-20 minutes on PS3 and its cute. It's got a lot of charm, and has nice gameplay mechanics. Not the greatest thing in the world, but enjoyable in short bursts. Honestly, haven't played it long enough to really make a well informed judgement on the game as a whole ...


Hope if you pick it up, that you enjoy it!

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I'm enjoying it. I've got everything except the gold trophy already so its doable.


Each mode seems really tough at first but as you get used to the gameplay you realize there are strategies to make it easier. Like in duel mode there are only so many different levels and they play the same way every time, so you can learn how to beat the Germinator level by level and eventually put together a good run.


Neither of the hidden trophies are difficult either by the way.

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I've put a few hours into it and its pretty fun so far. It gets really challenging a ways in though. But it all boils down to figuring out a strategy to beat each stage. The trophies are pretty hard to unlock so 100%ing this game is gonna be tough.

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I am playing it on my PS Vita. It really is a fun game. As some said it seems like maybe 6 or 7 difficulty if you are going for the 100%. But if you are playing it just for fun, well it is. I play it when I can, and since I DL it for the vita I play it when I have some free time at work.

But yeah its a fun game.

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