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Cloud save PS3/Vita problem


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i've got 95% of the trophies on the PS3 version all expect TEAMSTER so far & did a cloud save then i downloaded the vita version and loaded up the cloud save from my PS3 game all good so far, after reading you could use the ps3 & vita yourself for co-op which worked fine most trophies popped like : he shoots he scores, ISR4-C etc. after 1 game even completing all 5 alien breed games pops as well (you have to do all level specific trophies again like smasher)


now to the problem the only trophy that doesn't pop is LOCKED & LOAD even though when you look in the shop they have all been purchased, anyone else had this problem & how did you solve it?



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It seems to me that the "shared" trophies will only pop if you actively pop the requirement - "nudge" it, so to speak. For example, for "First Blood", "Assault" and "Warming up" to pop on the PS3 with the cloud save, you had to actually kill one alien on the PS3.


Therefore, I'm assuming that for "Locked and Loaded" to pop, you need to start from a cloud save with one weapon missing so you can actually buy it from the store. Otherwise, the trophy trigger will never actually be detected, and the trophy won't be awarded.

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