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Tips for this game


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I am happy receiving some email to ask for some tips, although I am not a real expert of this game.

In this game combo is everything, not only it gives you huge score for capturing a normal monkey (for example, if your combo is at 20 or higher, capturing a normal monkey will give you a much higher score than at low combo.) , but also for capturing hidden monkey and Specter. If I recall, when you at a combo of 25 or higher, capturing a hidden monkey will earn you 30,000 score and 20,000 for the Specter.


My suggestion:

1. You will have to practice until you know how to capture a money without being hit, which is all about timing and reaction speed.


2. Being familiar with the level you want to defeat. Most of these levels are impossible to be conquered for the first try, so you will have to keep calm. Don’t lose your confidence after many frustrations.


3. Right Tactic. To achieve high combo, you will have to figure out the right tactic with the help of Vacuum. For example, if you encounter a capture section, insanely hard, don’t launch the vacuum immediately, you can capture the monkeys one by one, until you got around 10 combo, then you can launch your vacuum. This typical tactic will ensure you get higher combo than improperly using your Vacuum. Anyway the tactic is level specific that you will eventually figure it out if you keep thinking how to maintain my combo as many as I can.


4. In some levels, you will have to give up finding out the hidden monkey, cause it might jeopardize maintaining your combo, but that’s fine. You can first get your gold medal as your priority, then replay it to get all the hidden monkeys.


5. Do all you can to prevent multiple moneys from attacking you simultaneously. Keep shooting while quickly switch to net to capturing monkey is a main skill you should handle.


Best Luck

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