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The Playstation Plus Thread

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1 hour ago, DPatriot said:


Dirt 5 figures...because I bought it pretty recently and still haven't played it. 


Still haven't played Persona 5...while I have the vanilla version on PS5 from the PS+ Collection, I've been waiting forever for Persona 5: Royal Ultimate Edition to go on sale for a super low price, but it hasn't gone below $40 yet. So Strikers isn't something I'm likely to play until I play P5 first. 


The other game is apparently brand new, and it's a co-op focused FPS. I'll wait to see what people say about it. 

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If I had two consoles, I would not be delighted. But for people who don't have an Xbox, they should be reasonably satisfied. Dirt 5 is cool if you want to feel the atmosphere of Sega Rally in Codemaster's sauce. Deep Rock can also pull you in for a few hours. Persona, not my cup of tea. IMHO 1/10 assuming you have two consoles (Dirt and Deep Rock have been in GP for a long time), 7/10 assuming you only have PlayStation. It remains to wait until the official announcement of Sony

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6 hours ago, mcolwander90 said:

Persona 5 Strikers is an A++ from me. Still want to play Royal first, which I can always borrow from my brother (and Strikers to be fair haha). Definitely glad I'll be able to have Strikers ready to go when I'm ready!


I never play Persona 5 strikers game.


How was it going?

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(P) Persona 5 Strikers (PS4) ~ NO GUIDE... YET!!!  3.7/10 (7 votes), 51-75 hours (7 votes)


(P) DIRT 5 (PS4 & PS5) ~ BRANK SPANKIN NEW GUIDE FROM @Barra333 WHAT UP FAM?!?  2.9/10 (11 votes), 21-25 hours (11 votes)

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8 minutes ago, stpatty said:

The lowest price the Dirt 5 season pass has been is £15 or whatever the colonial equivalent is. A ludicrous price, really.

There are just over 100 events total in the DLC. There are 125 in the base game. If you enjoy it, they are good value and entirely wipe out the mileage grind. 

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Bought the Year 1 Edition of DiRT 5 back in June or July for $23...seems like a good value if the Year 1 pass price isn't going down much. 


Though when you title something "Year 1", that usually means a Year 2 is coming. So there's a good chance I won't have everything for that price. 

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4 minutes ago, Darth_Krid said:

Wish it was Persona 5 Royal and not Strikers :(





Same. Been waiting for Person 5 Royal Ultimate Edition to go on sale for a reasonable price for forever now (it hasn't fallen below $40 here). I mean the vanilla version of Persona 5 is free in the PS+ Collection on PS5...but might as well get the full experience at this point. 

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Just Cause 4


Shadow ot TR


Concrete Genie

FF IIV Remake

Days Gone




Plague Tale...


Hell we had a good run of good games for about 6-8 months and its dried up quicker than a Buzzards crotch in summer! 


We get some weird, wonderful and terrible titles on Plus, but this constant dishing out of MP titles we get I wish they would offer a choice of a MP and a SP game and you choose one. I add the games to my library simply because I can, but they'll never get played because they are for the most part, shite!


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