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Delivery Request glitch (stuck at 66%)


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mine is stuck at 66%

double check everything, try to reload the game,

but nothing came up.. :mad:


try to figure it out tomorrow.. :confused:



okay.. missed one there.. but there is another problem..

the NPC is there, the mission is there,

however, everytime i took it, it changes nothing..

the NPC is there, the mission is there (again)


okay, i got it now.. i just teleport to frontier, boston, and new york between fast travel..

and when i get back to the NPC, i got the mission and submit my item.. and its 100% now.. :D

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These Delivery Request missions seem very glitchy. The first one I approached was in Troy Woods. It took a good minute or so after accepting the mission to see the requirements flash on the upper left of the screen and to appear in my mission list on the map menu. This happened after I ran a good distance away and actually got into open conflict and escaped. Make sure after you accept one of these missions that these updates occur! Check your map menu to see if there is a "Delivery Requests" option and that your new requirements appear there. Quitting the game in the meantime could possibly lead to a glitch condition (I suspect).

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Ok update: Got the pivots, missing delivery AND platinum last evening :D


It wasnt glitchy after all, its just the makers are sneaky ass mofos I reckon lol. I was on 32% for delivery and found my last two (one in the frontier and one in south boston that were not iconed on the map even after the credit finished rolling). Completionist wasnt that hard really, just a grind.


So yeah, as above just keep at it, watch you tube for locations, you'll get there. Cheers.

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I had the same situation, being stuck at 66% , but it doesn't update as soon as you finish one mission. It updates at 33% , 66% , and then when you complete them all. I had 66% and still was missing two deliveries in the frontier.

The Lexington one is really glitchy , i went there and the npc didn't show on the map until i was practically facing him, then it had the mission start prompt, i pressed :circle: and nothing happened.

Had to go back there again another time, and this time the delivery functioned normally, but, as people were saying , this is rather glitchy.

About the percentage, you shouldn't worry, it works like i said.

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