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Larry Awards Guide

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Another supplement has been chosen as the preferred supplement for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.



Due to the initial problems I had with getting all 100 Awards, I decided to go through the entire game and take pictures of the award locations with landmarks shown on the image(where possible) and a corresponding image for each with the map location when I took the initial image of each award. There is also a description that precedes each image(credit for the base text of the descriptions goes to the XBox360 Achievements Guide - gotta give credit where credit is due!)


Therefore, this is how they will be displayed in blocks of 20 Larry Awards/message on the Main Lot and then blocked by the Theme Backset (Western-Horror-Bytanic).


Numbered Description

Image of Award Location

Image of Map Location


Note: If a particular image does not appear to load, refresh your webpage. The refresh will reload the image and you'll see it then. I think I have pushed the site memory a little too hard with this series of image posts.


Hope this helps all of you out there with 99 of the Larry Awards and who are, thoroughly, frustrated with this game. "Where is that last one???"

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1 - Sound stage 1 - During the first mission, after climbing up the second ladder, rather than go up the 3rd, run under the platform and jump across. It's just behind a box.






2 - Sound stage 1 - Use a car roof to climb onto the small roof on the east side of the building and then jump up to the next roof to claim the award.






3 - Theater - On a ledge to the left of the entrance. Climb up via the vending machine also to the left.






4 - Theater - Slide along after picking up the previous award and then jump onto the top of the theater entrance and it's in plain view.






5 - Theater - Climb the ladder to the side of the theater to reach the roof. From there, head to the back and drop down onto the third small roof to claim the statue.






6 - Theater - Inside the theater, go around to the left most cinema and it's on the large platform at the back of the room, opposite the screen.






7 - Theater – Now, go upstairs and face the gold chandelier. Stand on the edge of the banister and double jump over and grab to pull yourself up. Needs a real big jump to make it.






8 - Post Production Building - Go behind the building and look at your map. The award is in the southeast most corner of the lot by the wall.






9 - Post Production Building - Climb onto the roof via the wall near the water tower and jump onto the vent. Tough jump but aim from the side of the vent and you should grab on easier.






10 - Post Production Building - From the vent, head onto the next part of the roof with the white wall around it. Then head across the narrow roof. It's right in the middle part. Stick to the center else you'll slide off!






11 - Reception Building - After finishing mission 1, run outside and head to the southwest most portion of the garden. Statue is sitting behind a tree.






12 - Sound stage 4 - Outside on the east side of the building.






13 - Sound stage 4 - Go inside the studio and up the stairs in the left rear corner. Follow the scaffolding around until you are above the entrance doors. The statue is there.






14 - Sound stage 4 - Wade through the water (or walk around) with the Bytanic in it and it's just behind the ship.






15 - Sound stage 3 - On the south wall of the studio. Park a car in front and double jump up to grab it.






16 - Sound stage 3 - Inside the studio, climb the scaffolding to the top then ascend the ladder and walk across to snatch the award.






17 - Sound stage 3 - Just behind the studio next to the steps near Sound Stage 4.






18 - Sound stage 2 - On the south end of the building, tucked between the stacked crates.






19 - Sound stage 2 - Climb the crates previously mentioned till you reach the roof of the studio. Go underneath the scaffolding to claim the award.






20 - Sound stage 2 - Now go to the north end of the roof and edge your way to the northeast corner. Carefully hang and drop down to the statue.





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21 - Sound stage 2 - Go inside and run straight ahead and jump up onto the awning to the left and it's on top.






22 - Sound stage 2 - Again, inside the studio, from the entrance, follow the wall to the left and it is sitting behind the cowboy setpiece at the back(west) of the Sound Stage.






23 - Costume Workshop - Now go back to the stacked crates by stage 2 and this time jump over to the other crates(south) and onto the workshop roof. Continue across the roof to the Costume Workshop and you'll collect it on the walkway roof connecting the 2 buildings.






24 - Costume Workshop - Now simply climb up onto the top part of the roof for the other statue.






25 - Costume Workshop - Now carefully drop off the east edge and onto the awning to get the 3rd award. You can easily see this one from the ground.






26 - Prop Workshop - Inside find the room with the shelves and climb to the top (a little awkward but doable). You'll see it on a rafter. This is adjacent to where you pickup the cowboy outfit.






27 - Water Tank - Just underneath the pool by the ramp.






28 - Water Tank - Jump in the pool and swim out to the left corner.






29 - Water Tank - Climb up the ladder on the west side of the building. Go right and double jump up the scaffold until you can go no higher. Then jump to the left and grab the overhand. Shimmy around to the far left and pull yourself up then immediately jump to the left to land on the platform.






30 - Water Tank - Now walk around to the left after dropping down to where the original ladder took you. Double jump up the left most rafter and this time the statue is on the second corner platform.






31 - Water Tank - Drop back down and continue left. Climb the platforms until you reach a switch. Press it to activate a moving platform. Double jump onto this platform and then across to the award.






32 - Reception Building - Climb onto the roof near the exit from the medical station then walk to the billboard. Double jump up the back of the billboard and then jump across to the tower. It's in the tower.






33 - Reception Building - Come out of the tower and collect the statue on the wooden beam(center one) just outside and above where you exited the medical station.






34 - Reception Building - Bring up your map and it's located on the very southeast part of the building roof on a ledge.






35 - Reception / Executive Building - There is a rope between the Reception Building and the Executive Building. Cross that and double jump in the center to grab the statue.






36 - Mail Room - Once you've collected the previous one, look to the left after stepping onto the roof and you'll see another tightrope leading over to the Mail Room. Cross that and the award is on a small roof in clear view.






37 - Executive Building - On the glass canopy above the main building entrance.






38 - Executive Building - From the previous one, follow the glass awnings across and it's on the 4th one.






39 - Executive Building - If you bring up your map and find the yellow part of the building, it's on the very south tip on top of a wall.






40 - Executive Building - In the fountain and in front of the cherub statue in the pool.





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41 - Executive Building - Inside the building in a toilet cubicle in the woman’s bathroom on ground floor.






42 - Executive Building - Now call the elevator and take it to the roof. The next is in the northwest corner on your map.






43 - Executive Building - Now go to the eastside of the building (according to your map). Double jump onto the roof of the elevator shaft. Stand on top and drop off the east side and grab to pick up this tricky trophy. If you can't see where I mean, climb the water tower then look directly over at the building and you should clearly see where I mean.






44 - Executive Building - From the previous, drop and grab the ledge and continue to shimmy your way around to the LEFT and you will spot another sitting on a window ledge on the south side of the building shortly after turning the corner.






45 - Executive Building - Now, jump back up and continue to shimmy along to the LEFT till you reach the front of the building. You will pick another award up on your travels.






46 - Power Station - Head to the pylons and transformers in the northwest area of the map. Double jump up the southeastern most girder(immediately left after entering the power station). Once hanging from the top, shimmy to the right until you are above four wires, drop and walk, carefully, up to the cross girder. Once on the girder, beam walk to the east until you are on a platform. Double jump to the cross-member and and hop onto the electrical component and wire walk to the west over two tightropes. The statue is at the west most end on a cross-member. Phew!






47 - Broadcast Unit - Ok, to get this, start by heading to the area near the power station and look south from the Damone's trailer. You need to start by double jumping up the scaffolding with the big satellite dish mounted on the side. Once at the top, cross the 2 tightropes in succession.


Now, this is the first tricky part. You need to wall jump between the pipes and the rusty girder to reach the ledge above. Climb the ladder, then at the top, go to the right platform and climb the next ladder from that side. Walk forwards till the camera shifts. You now need to double jump and grab the rusty girder to the right all the way to the top then do a small leap to the left and the award.


This and the last jump are the toughest parts as the camera stays fixed so you literally have to guess where to land. You will also unlock "Broadcasting on Top of the World" trophy/achievement.






48 - Vehicle Warehouse - Go inside the building and up the ramp. Follow the room around and it is behind some barrels.






49 - Vehicle Warehouse - Climb the ladder on the eastside of the building to the roof. Leap across to the top of the streetlight for the statue.






50 - Vehicle Warehouse - Jump back onto the roof then drop off the west end(front of the building) onto the small overhang roof.






51 - City Street Set - Just to the east of the prop warehouse is a ramp. It's tucked at the side of the ramp.






52 - City Street Set - Head back to where you did the start of mission 1 and reach the crates where you jumped up to get the phone. This time, however, jump onto the left crates and across to the setpiece to the west. Follow the roof to the northwest until you see a set painting of a street in red. The statue is on top.






53 - City Street Set - Jump back from the last one and head to the left this time. On top of the archway is the next award.






54 - City Street Set - Find a way back to street level(i.e. jump and splat), then head to the western area of the set. There should be a poster on the wall called "Driving Miss Maisey's Hearse". The award is on a window ledge to the right side. Use a car to jump up easily.






55 - City Street Set - Now climb the ladder(south side of set) next to a shop called "Fat Sal's Funeral Parlour". Jump up on the ledge and move to the larger roof to the east. You should now see an ominous looking award on the ledge of the huge Laffer building(north face). You need to jump and grab the ledge, shimmy around the first ledge and double jump to the next ledge, pull yourself up and center yourself on the second ledge and double jump to obtain the award.






56 - City Street Set - Head back from the Laffer building and cross the tightrope back to the central closed area of the set, look down in the center of the closed area to see another award above a tightrope. Work you way around the central building roofs, until you are able to drop down and carefully walk across the tightrope. Then double jump on it for your award.





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The following are only available after obtaining the cowboy outfit


57 - Western Backlot - Once you cross the bridge go down into the waterway and all the way to the south end to grab a statue.






58 - Western Backlot - Now head north and to the left side(westside), behind the bridge arch is an award.






59 - Western Backlot - After that, walk over to the opposite side(eastside) and you should hear the familiar, award is near noise. You actually have to jump into one of the decorative holes underneath the bridge and follow it to the center for the very hidden reward.






60 - Western Backlot - Now travel to the far north in the waterway until you see a ramp going up under the archway at the far end. The award is nestled on top of the arch. You will need to drive all the way around the back of the western backlot. Stop before entering the horror backlot above the archway and then jump down to the award from up above.






61 - Western Backlot - After being let through the western gate you will see two trailers. The award is in the leftmost/southwest corner by the trailer.






62 - Western Backlot - Look for the Happy House saloon in the town and go around the back. It is inside just behind the saloon doors.






63 - Western Backlot - On top of the "Dry Goods & Bakery". Easily viewable. Just climb along the preceeding rooftops to reach it.






64 - Western Backlot - Find the railway backdrop over towards the penis shaped rock (I kid you not) and it's in plain view behind backdrop.






65 - Western Backlot - Climb up the back of the railway backdrop then jump over to the tunnel entrance. You will need to grab onto the oval shapes to climb all the way up. Another method is to drive a cart full-speed into one side of the tunnel entrance. The cart will actually jump up the side of the tunnel entrance.






66 - Western Backlot - Look for the building with the sign saying "Stoney Butte Express". You need get a cart and drive at the platform at the front of the building and when it hits, push L3 to reset the cart on the platform(tricky, may take a few trys), then move the cart just below the front awning and double jump up onto the awning, then climb up to the window and jump onto the building sign(very tricky). Double jump up to the top ledge to retrieve the award.






67 - Western Backlot - Climb to the top of the water tower and it's sitting in the water up top.






68 - Western Backlot - To the northwest of the water tower is a large rock prop. Climb up the ledges behind it to claim this simple trophy.






69 - Western Backlot - Just behind the sign on Dr. Ahab's Barber Shop. You need to climb up to the roof. Drive a cart to the back of the Barber Shop and double jump from the cart roof to hang from the roof ledge. Climb onto the roof to claim the award.






70 - Western Backlot - Look for the really big rocky backdrop behind the main town (it's northwest on your map, near to the road).You need to go behind the structure and quickly double jump up the sloped girders then double jump and grab or wall jump(very tricky) once at the top to pull yourself up onto the structure. The trophy is in plain view once up top.






71 - Western Backlot - This one is located near the Western/Horror Gate, directly north of the long waterway, across the road, behind the barrier in the Western Section behind a tree.





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The following are only available after obtaining the horror outfit


72 - Horror Backlot - Enter the horror set from the area behind the shark tank and go right or northeast, you'll come to a cemetery. The award is on top of a crypt on the left side of the cemetery.






73 - Horror Backlot – When you enter the horror set from the western set the award is on a ledge directly to the right as soon as you come through the gate.






74 - Horror Backlot - Continue down the road and bring up your map. The award is located just after the bend in the road on the left side, directly north of the three cabins.






75 - Horror Backlot - Move down the road a little bit further and there is another hidden on the left side behind a rock(You can access from either side of the rock).






76 - Horror Backlot - Continue down the road to the castle, go in through the back entrance and it's in plain view.






77 - Horror Backlot - Go to the front of the castle and climb up the trellis. Carefully inch to the left and around the corner. Double jump to collect the award.






78 - Horror Backlot - Bring up your map. The award is directly to the east of the three cabins at the end of one of the cliffs (on the cliff directly behind the dreamscape billboard).






79 - Horror Backlot - Continue on down the road again from the castle. After going a short way it's in a little nook on the left side of the road.






80 - Horror Backlot - Now face west and run straight ahead. The next award is at the top of a small hill, just opposite the Tinslewood sign and behind the fake rock ledge setpiece.






81 - Horror Backlot - On top of the chimney on the roof of the cabin where you first meet Al(the director) after entering the lot.






82 - Horror Backlot - From there, head east to the cabins next to the horror dreamscape. The award is on top of the roof of the northeast cabin.






83 - Horror Backlot - Bring up your map and the award is inside the southernmost cabin.






84 - Horror Backlot – Go to the front of the barn set where you killed the stuntmen with the crossbow during the first horror mission. Across from the set are some cliffs with some trees on it. The award is on a ledge on these cliffs.






85 - Horror Backlot - Located on the same cliffs on the left side north across the dirt road.






86 - Horror Backlot - Head to the building set where you killed the stuntmen with the crossbow in the first horror mission. The award is on a ledge in the upper southeast corner of the building. Shimmy accross the opposite side to the award near the barn entrance. You'll see two vertical pieces of timber with a beam between the two. Jump up and grab the wood in-between and get Larry to land on his feet. Then do a careful jump to the right and hop along the platforms to pick it up.






87 - Horror Backlot - Located behind the barn set piece where you killed the stuntmen.





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These are only obtainable after getting the Bytanic costume


88 - Bytanic Backlot - On a gas tank in the northwest corner of the lot.






89 - Bytanic Backlot - On top of a building to the east of the gas tank. The award is on a shack roof on top of this building.






90 - Bytanic Backlot - Drop down from the previous shack roof and there is a switch you can press to drain the water from the Bytanic pool. Go to the south end of the pool, down the ramp and to the platforms on the front of the Bytanic. Jump up the platforms to collect the award. (can only be done AFTER completing the crane mission)






91 - Bytanic Backlot - Now go back up the ramp to the pool edge and walk around to the north side of the pool where you will see 2 lot's of pipes. Award is located between them on a lower concrete ledge.






92 - Bytanic Backlot - Head back to the building near the gas tank. Keep heading north, then move east along the divider fence and it is by some trees next to the far east gate between the Bytanic/Horror backlot.






93 - Bytanic Backlot – East and across the road from the previous one. This is in plain view next to the divider fence.






94 - Bytanic Backlot - Follow the road a little and it is between some trees to the right side of the road. The buggy race dude is directly across the road to the east of this award.






95 - Bytanic Backlot - Continue down the road and, again, on the right side on a rock where the road makes a switchback.






96 - Bytanic Backlot - On a rock west of the dirt road behind the Bytanic scene board.






97 - Bytanic Backlot - Next to another gas tank to the south end of the map (near the winding road) and at the south end of the Bytanic scene board.






98 - Bytanic Backlot – Across the road from the previous award and to the southwest. If you turn and face away from the gas tank you should see it on a rock.






99 - Bytanic Backlot – Refill the Bytanic pool(switch on the roof of the northern building). Climb on top of the Bytanic and the first is at the front of the ship above the Bytanic sign. Easy to spot.






100 - Bytanic Backlot - The next is to the back of the ship on the upper deck walkway and is also easily visible.





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Thank you for this post. I used the other location guide and was about 5 trophies short. After seeing the pics of where they were in your guide I was able to quickly get the rest. Namely I missed the ones in the scaffold in the soundstages and the one between Laffer Studios. I thought I had them earlier in the game until I saw where they were. This should be linked into the trophy guide.

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I glitched the game on #54 haha. I jumped for it, got it, landed and then the scene started to play but my guy fell and grabbed a ledge with trophy in hand. I let go and I still have the trophy in hand! haha! I'm running around with the trophy ^.^


Good guide so far btw! This is taking no time at all!

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