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Need a License to Kill Time Trial Tip.


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Ok. This is the last thing i need for platinum: "License to Kill Time trial"


I tried to do this many times this week, but always need more time in last part.


There's so many things to do in this level. :(


-Long intro

-Run to the base.

-Plant the bombs.

-Short stealth part.

-Pam's cinema.

-Go for Sanchez Office

-Defeat Dario

-The cinema after Dario

-Make your way to the truck

-door explosion cinema.

-The cinema after the truck.

-Helicopter part.


Always need like 2 or 3 minutes more to finish this and no matter how fast i'm going.


Any ideas?

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Yes, they are but you can get them done. Just keep positive and stay at it. We are sometimes our own worst enemies.


If they couldnt do they wont put except for possible glitches

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