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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 4.00


Voting Guidelines


  1. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  2. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  3. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the trophy list.
  4. A time consuming game does not necessarily mean a difficult game so vote accordingly.
    • Warhawk is time consuming and difficult.
    • Resistance 2 is time consuming, but not difficult.

[*]Vote with honesty and integrity.

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Being and old time doom fan it was a 3 for me, since you don't have to play on Ultra Violence unlike Doom3 BFG Edition. It must be 2-3 points harder for someone first getting contact with the classic doom games (finding the exits on some of the maps alone could be a bit harder for a newcomer without a guide of course). It was my first time playing Master Levels and No Rest for the Living so those were a little bit harder (especially Master Levels) but in average, nothing more than a 3.

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I'm going to give this a 4/10.


This is mostly time based as at least half of the trophies you can earn in less an 20 minutes. And the rest are just getting through all of the Episodes of Doom. Personally, Doom 1-2 and No Rest for the Living were fantastic, classic run n gun FPS at it's finest and damn if it isn't fun to walk into a room filled with 25+ zombies and mow them all down in sheer seconds.


But you know whats NOT FUN? Plutonia. An Expansion which has the biggest hard-on for Revenants as I have ever seen! I looked up the wikipages for each of these levels it is not uncommon for the hardest/most annoying non-boss enemy to be the most frequent and prevalent enemy in every damn level. Lvl 26 I think has 43 fucking revenants alone! Look I get that, back those days, there wasn't really a guide to good map design and enemy placement; but this really felt amatuerish. I remember when I was 7 I used design my own Wolfenstein 3D maps on a piece of paper, and thought it'd be a great idea to have all of the hardest enemies all on one map. And really, that's what Plutonia felt like.


Master Levels, and TNT Evilution? Not much to say really. Again not the greatest map design, a number of the levels in Master and later levels in TNT have weird quirks like shooting switches, invisible walls, and having keys behind secrets walls. But some levels have really memorable level themes like a Giant Black Tower, a laboratory, a shipping/receiving factory, and a massive castle in a blood lake.


A great set of games, even if Plutonia left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad I went through them all.

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Doom still holds today, I think that the level design is much better than new crappy fps

Voted for 6, it's a little above average difficulty, time consuming and some trophies are tricky and plutonia experiment it's really hard if you are unexperienced

And if you young gamer, than you're doomed

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