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Final boss on Extreme what's your strategy?


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  • 1 year later...

Jut beat it. The strategy mentioned here didn't work for me because


- the Zealot still resurrected the Orcs despite stunning him all the time

- Arkail died too quickly

- The Zealot healed himself faster than I could cause damage


So I altered it a bit. Instead of stunning the Zealot with Arkail all the time, I used him to do his defense mode swing around attack in order to damage the Orcs as well.


With Styx, I threw a stun bomb from time to time, but didn't focus on that. Instead, I used his poison and his armor destroing attacks on the Zealot or, when he was low on health, the health drawing spell. If you want, do so on the orcs from time to time as well in order to speed things up a bit.


When Arkail falls, just run around and helphim up again with Styx. It takes a bit, but felt rather safe that way. Rinse and repeat. Don't forget the first thing to do each time you get up with Arkail is to provoke the enemies so they leave Styx alone. As I said, it takes a bit, but eventually, there will be less and less orcs and the Zealot will heal himself less.


You probably will need the uprades for the ressurection spell that prevent it from being interrupted, though.

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