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Trophy Boosting Thread - PS3 (Read First Post!)

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I am going to host a Team Sonic boosting session this Saturday and this Saturday only. I will need 3 people to at least have 4 controllers. I will also being willing to add more people to list incase if other people don't show up. Also please don't forget to send me a friend request along with a message saying you are boosting this trophy.


1. SEGASuperSonic

2. SEGASuperSonic Controller 2

3. SEGASuperSonic Controller 3

4. SEGASuperSonic Controller 4







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Looking for anyone that is available to boost Team Sonic trophy (PS3).


PSN ID: BTZorolu567

Pacific Standard Time


I will accept any friend request that relates to this trophy, or that you saw this post. No blank requests please.

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Hai, I'm Mike. Can somebody help me boost the trophys:


Team Sonic and House Party Of The Dead?

I'm not sure if House Party Of The Dead can be done online?

I've got 2 Controlers, so if somebody can help me?


EDIT: No need! My brother is going to help me next weeks with the Trophies local offline. Since the patch allows.

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