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Trophy Boosting Thread - PS3 (Read First Post!)

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i am still in need of this trophy also, i have 4 controllers all of the time, please add me mentioning sonic in the message somewhere and we can do this :) PSN id - fashley


EDIT - i do have this now but can help at the weekend

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I'm in need of the Team Sonic trophy too.


Tokyo time zone, GMT +9


I have 3 controllers but can get one more and I'm good for pretty much any time this weekend that isn't too early or too late for me.


My PSN is americajindesuyo


Please add me~

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I am looking for the Team Sonic trophy. I only have two controllers, but I am willing to help people with any other trophies they are looking for!


EDIT: I have a third controller including the move controller. I also have a friend with two controllers, so we would need two more people to add up to five more controllers.


PSN: DawningWolf55

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I'm only in need of 2 online trophies that need boosting.



House Party of the Dead, and TEAM SONIC from Sonic&all-stars transformed.



I'm on mostly every day, and can be found online most of the day too. (if not most, all)



PSN: Mentornitar



Just need 4 friends, since "House party of the dead" requires 4 friends to unlock. (In case your gonna ask, yes, races also count as events. So, it's mostly an online trophy, but it can be unlocked easily in World Tour if you have 4 controllers.)

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PSN: steweybaby28


I have 4 controllers and I'm available most of the time. I need people to fill the other spots. I will return the favor. This is the last trophy I need for the platinum. I would appreciate the help.



I have obtained the trophy but I am still willing to help those who still need this accursed trophy.

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Need 2 partners for Team Sonic. I will stay however long you need until everyone has the trophy. I play everyday and I have 4 controllers.


Add me: Skroq


I play most evenings after work (6ish), I'll add you when I get home as I need team sonic and win a matchmaker match. (Not really been online yet tbh)

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Of course I don't mind! We can boost both you and your brother.

Can you please add the people above us they still need a trophy, maybe someone will join us tonight.


If not, we can ask randoms to boost, but it's never good.

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