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Trophy Boosting Thread - PS3 (Read First Post!)

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Ok guys. I am willing to help out anyone on Saturday's 19th and 26th for Team Sonic. So if you desperately need a 3rd person for help, message me (PSN: Starlighthed211) on these dates.


Note: You have to message me first (here or on PSN), before attempting a friend request.


So today's the day. My PS3's on, ready to receive invites anytime.


Go to Custom Game > Online > Race > Choose any Track > Choose any difficulty > Invite > Online ID > Type ID:


But please, have at least 2 people before adding me. Thanks!


EDIT: No more requests please.

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I need help with the Team Sonic Trophy, I've only got 3 controllers atm, but I might be able to borrow a 4th from my cousin.

PSN ID: theinsanething

I should be available for most of the day (10am-10pm GMT+0, on and off), for the week, especially with all the snow going on.

Just make sure to include a message about boosting or I'll probably ignore it.


EDIT: I've got it, but I'm still happy to provide 2-3 spaces if needed.


EDIT 2: Ok, stop sending me requests for this, I'm going to be retiring the game by 31/01/2013

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Ok guys i'm only missing the team sonic trophy...

I going over a friend's house on sunday during the entire night so he can help me get this trophy.

so what I would like to ask is for help on this trophy... please tell me the time you would like to offer help so we can combine together... obviously, I will help others getting this trophy also...


Thanks for your help...


PSN ID: hms123311

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Hey, I have Monday set-up with a buddy coming over (He's my 4th controller, lol). I'd love to get "Team Sonic" and finish this game off for the Platinum after putting so much time into it.


Add me - AegisEverto - and mention sonic boosting. I can possibly boost after Monday but that's definitely the day for me to get it done, preferably sometime after 12pm Pacific. Hope to get some partners!

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So... I have 2 controllers. Is it still possible for me to get this trophy boosting with others?


No, you need to have 4 local players and they need to occupy the top 4 spots in a 10 player race online. The only way to accomplish that is to have 4 controllers. Sucks, I know. I think trophies like this are pretty bad.

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