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Books or E-books?

Books, e-books or other- which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Books, e-books or other- which do you prefer?

    • Books
    • E-books
    • Other (E.g: Audio books)

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I've voted books. I never feel I really "own" digital stuff. I'm the same for films, games & music too. Much prefer a hard copy.


Having said all that I really do love my Kindle and the convienience it offers. I'm currently re-reading all the classics. I'm basically going along my bookshelf, deciding which one to read and then getting the Kindle version from Amazon.

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For two of the same reasons that Physical game disks are better than Digital.


You are the real owner, you can resell it if you choose, or give it away.


Plus you can show off your collection...My hardcover editions of J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, along side F.H's Dune also in Hardcover is much more impressive on my desk, than filed away somewhere in a e-reader.

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If it was just for texts and guides and stuff like that, then I would prefer an e-book. You can have them all on you at once and its lightweight.


I just read for recreation though and could never casually read a book on a tablet of sorts. My bookcase/collection is probably one of the nicer things in my house.

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Prefer books. Because I'm old-school (old-fashioned). But I do own a e-book reader B&N Nook 1st generation model and Amazon Kindle. In the future books will become treasure for my children (descendant). :) Also started to collect all of the classics in every genre and best sellers of nowadays.

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