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Hatsune Miku Project Diva f

Miku Hatsune: Project Diva f - Trophy Guide and Road Map

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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.



- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3 out of 10

- Offline: 29 (1(P),5(G),12(S),11(B))

- Online: 1

- Approximate time to Platinum: 30-40 hours

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (Each song must be played at least twice)

- Number of missable Trophies: 0

- Glitched Trophies: 0

- Does difficulty affect Trophies?: A couple require playing on a specific difficulty

- Do cheat codes disable Trophies?: Yes, certain help items will automatically fail the song upon completion


Note: If you have completed all the requirements for a trophy but the trophy hasn’t popped yet, try exiting to the main menu. Some trophies will only come up after the game has returned to a previous menu.


Road Map



Project Diva f is a music/rhythm game featuring music by the popular Japanese ‘virtual idol,’ Hatsune Miku and five of the other Vocaloids. The main gameplay mode revolves around pressing buttons with the correct timing as they float on to the screen. Project Diva f (PDf) also features ways to interact with Miku and her friends in the Diva Room and players can even create their own charts of notes which can be played over the in-game songs or over songs stored on the Vita’s memory card.


Newcomers to the series

PDf features a few differences from some other music/rhythm games, one of the main ones being that it is possible to complete a song but not pass the song. When a note is hit, one of five ranks will be given: Cool, Fine, Safe, Sad or Worst. Cool and Fine both add to a rank meter (shown on the bottom of the screen) which determines if you pass the song. Safe and lower break your combo and do not add to the rank meter. Sad and lower take away from the health bar, potentially causing the song to end prematurely with a “miss take” rank. Each song also has a Chance Time and hitting enough notes in a Chance Time AS WELL AS the large star note at the end of the Chance Time will add a bonus to the rank meter. Possible outcomes to a song are: Perfect (all Cool and Fines), Excellent, Great, Success, Cheap (finish the song, but without enough rank meter), or Miss Take (fail the song before the end).

New in Project Diva f

To use the fancy new touchscreen, PDf has added a new type of note. This note is the “scratch note” and is shown on screen by a star symbol. To hit the note, rub anywhere on the screen. Simply tapping the screen will not always hit the note, so it is better to rub. Note that you do not need to remove your finger from the screen between scratch notes, but each time you change direction that you are rubbing (or each time you stop then start again) it will count a scratch note. Also new is that each song features one or two Technical Zones depending on the difficulty setting. Hitting every note in a Technical Zone with cool or fine will add a bonus to the rank meter.



1-Rank meter: Displays as the bar along the bottom of the screen. Fills up with each Fine or Cool. Large area on left with result in Cheap, next will result in Success, then Great and the final area represents Excellent. A full bar will give a Perfect rank.

2-Health meter: The heart-shaped bar on the bottom left of the screen. Fills with Fine and Cool, drains with Sad and Worst. Emptying the health meter will end the song with a Miss Take rank. This graphic will be replaced with a star during Chance Time (you cannot change the Health meter, up or down, during Chance Time).

3-Scratch note: These appear as star shaped notes with a timing hand in the middle. When the timing hand points up, rub the screen in any direction and in any location to hit the note.

4-Regular note: These appear as a cross, circle, square or triangle with a timing hand in the middle. Hit the appropriate button when the timing hand is pointing straight up (ie. :cross: or :down: for the cross, :square: or :left: for the square, etc.)

5-Hold note: These are denoted similarly to a regular note but have a bolded, colored interior. Press and hold to continue to gain points, a second arrow will rotate to indicate when to let go of the button. Letting go early may result in a Sad or Worst which will drain health meter and break the combo.

6-Double note: These are appear as a bold arrow with a timing hand. When the timing hand rotates to the top, press both the arrow and the corresponding face button at the same time (ie. :cross: and :down: for the down arrow etc.).


Part 0:

Play the tutorial. If you’re new to the game, it will show you how to play. If you’re a veteran, you still get a trophy. It may not be clear, but you can either hit the face button or the corresponding direction button (:down: instead of :cross:, :up: instead of :triangle:, etc). And for the arrow notes, you have to hit BOTH the face button and the direction (:up: AND :triangle: for the up arrow, etc).


Part 1, normal and hard:

Play every song on normal. There is no need to play songs on Easy unless you find Normal too difficult and want to practice. If you are having trouble with any song, there are some help items that can be used (see the “rhythm game items” section). New songs will unlock as you play. The second to last song (Sadistic Music Factory)will unlock once every other song in the game has been completed and the final song will unlock once Sadistic Music Factory has been cleared. Clearing every song on normal will unlock a trophy and most of the modules (costumes) in the game. During Normal, pay very close attention to Chance Time. If you fail a song’s Chance Time, you may want to replay the song until you pass it. Nowhere in the game does it tell you which ones you have or have not passed. Ensuring you pass it the first time will save some sanity.

Next clear every song on Hard. Again, you can use certain help items if you need it. This should unlock a few more modules and a trophy for clearing every song on hard. Finally, you will need to clear one song on Extreme difficulty. This is to unlock more modules to buy. Clearing every song on Normal and Hard (and one on Extreme) should unlock almost all of the items you need to purchase for other trophies. It’ll also net you some Diva Points, but not nearly enough to buy everything you need.

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Part 2, the grind and DIVA room:

Now comes the grind. Why? Because most of the remaining trophies require Diva Points (DP) which are earned by playing the game. DP can be earned faster by using challenge items. These items make the game more difficult and cost DP but can earn between 2-4 times the DP from the song. A perfect play of a Hard song with the 4x challenge item can give upwards of 120,000 DP for a single song. Once you have enough DP you will end up purchasing every module, one of every furniture, one of every room and one of every gift. You will also need to buy three gadgets for their related trophies (kitchen timer, alarm, and arcade machine) as well as a handful of decorations which activate certain events in the DIVA room.

There are also a few trophies left outside of the music game and buying things. There are a handful of trophies that will be earned in the DIVA room. Start by raising each character’s Friend Level to 6 by giving them gifts or playing rock-paper-scissors with them to get the 6 trophies for those.


Rhythm Game Items (Descriptions taken from the wiki)

After selecting your song and waiting through the load time, there are three options. The one on the right starts the song and the one on the left lets you select one item for the song. These cost DP which is not refunded if you fail or exit the song. For help items, Rhythm Catch and Play Assist should be avoided as they will forcibly fail the song, even if the song would have been passed without it. To get more DP, Survivor and Survivor S are the recommended ones to try if you can pass the song easily.


Help Items

プレイアシスト (Play Assist) All SADs and WORSTs are converted into SAFEs, so you will never lose Song Energy. Your final rank will be forced to Cheap and you fail the song.

コンボガード (Combo Guard) 30 SAFEs and SADs will be converted into FINEs to keep your combo going. When you get a WORST or one of the two ratings after the 30 convertions ran out, the item will have no effect. No effect on the final rank.

リカバリー (Recovery) If your Song Energy reaches zero, the Life Gauge will be fully refilled. Only works once. No effect on the final rank.

リユムキャッチ (Rhythm Catch) All Button Targets are changed into Circle Targets. This item has no effect on Scratch Targets. Your final rank will be forced to Cheap and you fail the song.

ダブルキラー (Double Killer) All Double Targets can be hit by just pressing one of either the D-Pad or the Button instead of both. Your final rank will be forced to Standard or lower.

スターキラー (Star Killer) All Scratch Targets, including the big Star Note at the end of Chance Time, can be hit with any button instead of scratching. Your final rank will be forced to Standard or lower.


Challenge Items

シャイターゲット (Shy Target) Targets appear a quarter measure before they need to be hit instead of a full measure. You receive double DIVA Points at the end.

サバイバル (Survivor) COOLs and FINEs will not add or regenerate Song Energy. You receive double DIVA Points at the end.

サバイバルS (Survivor S) Same as Survivor, but you start with 25% of your Song Energy instead of 50%. You receive triple DIVA Points at the end.

COOLマスター(Cool Master) FINEs and SAFEs will drain the Song Energy, only COOLs regenerate it. You receive quadruple DIVA Points at the end.


Helpful Links

Some menu translations: Project Diva F Translations - Imgur

PDf English wiki: http://projectdiva.wikispaces.com/Main+Menu+%28%C6%92%29

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1695/5C9.jpgトロフィーマスター http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/site/icons/trophy_platinum.png全てのトロフィーを獲得した

Trophy Master Acquire every other trophy in the game.


Just get every other trophy and this one will pop after the last one.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1695/48E.jpg達人プレイヤー http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/site/icons/trophy_gold.png称号「達人プレイヤー」を獲得した

Expert Player Beat all songs on Normal


Get a “success” or better on every song on Normal. Note that it must be on Normal; Hard or Extreme will not count. Songs that have been complete at least once will have the highest rank displayed next to the song name (“S” for success, “G” for great, “E” for excellent, or a crown for perfect).



Super Player Beat all songs on Hard


The same as Expert Player, but on Hard instead of Normal. For both trophies, using help items (except Rhythm Catch and Play Assist) will still allow the trophy to be unlocked provided the song is still passed.



Entertainer Succeed at every songs Chance Time.


Chance Time is a period of the song where missed notes will not harm the player’s pass meter. The HUD will change during chance time and the heart meter is replaced by a star. As Cools and Fines are amassed during Chance Time, the star will fill up. The final note of Chance Time is always a large scratch note (star note). Get a Cool or Fine on that note with full Chance meter and the chance time will succeed. A message will pop up and the PV will be different than if Chance Time had been failed. There is nowhere in the game that shows what songs have or have had Chance Time cleared, so this may require some hunting if you’re not methodical about getting them.



Module Collector Acquire every module


Modules are costumes that can be unlocked and then purchased using Diva Points (DP). Most modules are unlocked by completing songs on any difficulty. Several modules require that a specific song be completed on Hard and several modules require any one Extreme song to be passed. There is also one module for each character that is unlocked by playing 10 songs as that character (with them in the lead position). Note that only modules need to be purchased, module accessories do not. Modules can be purchased by selecting the shopping card icon on the main menu, then the first (left most) option, then the first column of options are modules for the 6 characters (the second column are optional module accessories).

Basically, if you play every song on Hard, one song on Extreme, and 10 songs with each character, you should be able to buy all the modules.

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Memory Album Get all DIVA room events


DIVA room events are events that are viewed in the DIVA room (DIVA ルーム). They fall into one of three categories: giving a gift, tapping a decoration placed in the room, or birthday events. Certain events can only be activated by certain characters. A full list of events are located here: http://projectdiva.wikispaces.com/DIVA+Room+%28%C6%92%29#Event%20Collection


Gift events happen after a specific gift is given to the character. Since every gift has to be purchased for that trophy, just buy one of each and give them to any character. The calligraphy gift has 6 events, which happen at random. The sketch book has 2 events per character, which happen at random, and you can only get the character’s event wen giving the sketch book to a different character.


Decoration events can be activated by placing the object in the room (via the first option in the DIVA room menu) then by selecting them using the third option on the DIVA room menu (picture of a guitar and exclamation point). Decorations that have an event will have an exclamation point above them. Decorations with an event are: キーボード (keyboard), ギター (guitar), 観葉植物 (decorative plant), 甲冑(金) (gold armor), 甲冑(銀) (silver armor), 花瓶(緑) (green flowerpot), 花瓶(黄) (yellow flowerpot), 花瓶(ピンク) (pink flowerpot), 金魚鉢(赤金魚) (fishbowl, red goldfish),金魚鉢(黒金魚) (fishbowl, black goldfish), 金魚鉢(白金魚) (fishbowl, white goldfish), ペーパートイ(ミク) (Miku paper toy),ペーパートイ(リン) (Rin paper toy), ペーパートイ(レン) (Len paper toy), ペーパートイ(ルカ) (Luka paper toy), ペーパートイ(KAITO (KAITO paper toy), ペーパートイ(MEIKO (MEIKO paper toy), フィギュア(ミク) (Miku figure), フィギュア(リン) (Rin figure), フィギュア(レン) (Len figure), フィギュア(ルカ) (Luka figure), フィギュア(KAITO (KAITO figure), フィギュア(MEIKO (MEIKO figure), おみくじ箱 (box of fortune slips) [there are 3 events with this item], マイク (mike stand), トーテムポール (totem pole), ケーキセット (cake set), ポータブルゲーム (portable game), ネギ脱出! (Leek Escape!), ティーセット (tea set), 一眼レフカメラ (single-lens reflex camera), 寄せ鍋 (nabe stew). Also, the each character has a “paper doll” and “figure” event where you place that character’s paper doll or figure in the room. These items are unlocked when that character has a Friend Level of 2 or 4 respectively. So this trophy is not possible until all characters have a friend level of at least 4. Also, these events only happen when you place the decoration in the room of that character.


The final events are birthday events and can be unlocked EITHER by changing the system date to the character’s birthday and entering their module or by getting their Friendliness to max, buying their birthday cake, and giving it to them as a gift. There is also a birthday event for the player, which happens on the date entered in the records menu (see “This is Who I Am” trophy).


Events are listed in the DIVA room (sixth option, イベント).



Hobby: Watch Video Watch every song's PV


Song’s PV can be watched by selecting the song in the music game, but then selecting the middle option (PV). Just watch every song. There is a gadget to view PV’s in the DIVA room, but it does not seem to unlock the trophy. Also note that this trophy may not show up until you have exited to the main menu after watching every PV.



Miku's Partner Achieve max friendship level with Miku


Friendship levels are obtained in Miku’s DIVA room. The first time each event is viewed, it will give some friendship (but only the first time between all characters) and giving gifts will always raise the friendship level. Certain items will increase it more, depending on the character. See http://projectdiva.wikispaces.com/DIVA+Room+%28%C6%92%29#Presents for which items each Vocaloid prefers. Tapping on Miku to zoom in to “communication mode” and then gently rubbing her hair until she opens one eye will also give some friendliness, although only the first three times this is done each day. Also note that at level 2 the paper doll is unlocked (required for some events), level 4 unlocks the figure (required for some events) and level 6 (max level) unlocks the birthday cake which is needed to buy all gifts.



Rin's Playmate Achieve max friendship level with Rin


See trophy “Miku’s Partner.” Repeat but with Rin instead of Miku. Rin’s DIVA room is unlocked once メランコリック (Melancholic) has been cleared on Normal.



Len's Friend Achieve max friendship level with Len


See trophy “Miku’s Partner.” Repeat but with Len instead of Miku. Len’s DIVA room is unlocked once Fire@flower has been cleared on Normal.



Luka's Tea Buddy Achieve max friendship level with Luka


See trophy “Miku’s Partner.” Repeat but with Luka instead of Miku. Luka’s DIVA room is unlocked once DYE is cleared on Normal.

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Kaito's Buddy Achieve max friendship level with Kaito



See trophy “Miku’s Partner.” Repeat but with Kaito instead of Miku. Kaito’s DIVA room is unlocked once ACUTE is cleared on Normal.




Meiko's ManagerAchieve max friendship level with Meiko



See trophy “Miku’s Partner.” Repeat but with Meiko instead of Miku. Meiko’s DIVA room is unlocked once Stay With Me is cleared on Normal.




EditP Upload edit data once



Upload edit data. After creating edit data (see “I Began Editing”), return to the main menu (exit edit with ‘start’ and selecting the last option). Go online (second option on the right side of the screen, then first option) and select the first option. This will show a list of your three online slots. Select the first option on the first slot and pick the song you created to upload it. (Once uploaded, the third option in that slot will delete the data if you don’t want your useless ‘song’ cluttering the servers).





Resting Place Acquire every room theme



Room themes can be purchased in the shop for DP. From the main shop menu, choose the middle option then the first option. Purchase all items in this category to get the trophy. (You only need to buy one of each, although you can buy up to 6 if you want to use it for more than one character’s room.) Some themes may be locked until certain songs have been cleared.




Beautiful Furniture Acquire all furniture



Furniture can be purchased in the shop for DP. From the main shop menu, choose the middle option and the items you need to buy are in the second through sixth options on the left. Purchase one of each of these to get the trophy. You do not need to buy anything from the categories on the right. Some furniture may be unlocked as songs are played.




If It Is For You...... Acquire all gift items



Gifts can be purchased in the shop for DP. From the main shop menu, choose the right option and purchase at least one of each item in both categories. You must buy one of each character’s cake, which are not unlocked until that character’s Friendliness Level is 6. Your own cake is unlocked last and must also be purchased.




Shooting Star Play the credits mini game



The credits will roll once every song has been passed at least once. However, this will not unlock the trophy. To get the trophy, purchase the arcade machine for 3000DP (From the shop main menu: middle option, first option on the right, second item). Then, from any character’s DIVA room, select the fifth option (picture shows a wind-up crank) and then the fifth option. Move around, shoot names, get trophy.




Welcome to DIVA! Beat the tutorial



From the main menu, select the top option on the left, then the left most option. Follow the prompts and get a bronze.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1695/B08.jpgI love DIVAhttp://www.ps3trophies.org/images/site/icons/trophy_bronze.png称号「I love DIVA」を獲得した

I love DIVA Play as each character at least once



Play at least one song with each of the 6 characters as the lead character. If you don’t change any of the singer options, you’ll get this before the trophy for playing all Normal songs.




Art Collection Acquire all artwork



The artwork refers to the art shown during loading screens. The art is random and the first time an art is shown, it is unlocked. Go for all the other trophies and this may pop on its own. If it doesn’t, switch between main menu and music game mode until it does. (You can view unlocked art by purchasing the 2000 DP “book of painting” in one of the furniture shops, then selecting the last option in the gadget menu of the DIVA room.)




Home Interview Visit each DIVA room at least once



Visit each of the character’s DIVA rooms. Except for Miku, they are locked until you have played as that character on Normal. To change DIVA rooms, choose the last option from the DIVA room menu and then the character whose room you want to visit.




Esper Win the Rock, Paper, Scissors game without losing once



Rock, Paper, Scissors can be played with the Vocaloids in the DIVA room. Tap the character to get close to them, then rub their hair until they open one eye. Repeat 2-3 times and they will challenge you to a game. Note that this is a Japanese style of RPS that may be different. First, select either rock, paper or scissors. There is no time limit. If you win, pick a direction with the d-pad (or by swiping on the screen) and if the opponent looks in that direction, you win, otherwise it’s a null game. If you lose the RPS part, you must look in a direction by tilting the Vita (or pressing on the d-pad) and if the opponent points in that direction, you lose (otherwise it’s a null game). To get the trophy you need to get three wins without losing (tying or getting null games is okay). You can continue to play against them until you get it. Some users claim Luka is the easiest one to get this against.





Let's Eat (Itadakimasu) Use kitchen timer for more than 3 minutes



Buy the kitchen timer from the shop (middle shop option, second category on the right, second item 2000 DP) then use it from the gadgets menu (fifth option) in the DIVA room. It is the second gadget. Set it to 3:01 and then start it and you’ll get a trophy after it rings.




Good Morning Stop the alarm



Buy the alarm from the shop (middle shop option, second category on the right, first item 2000 DP) then use it from the gadgets menu (fifth option) in the DIVA room. It is the first gadget. Set it a minute or two into the future, start it and then stop it when it rings.




Live Tour Watch every Live AR performance



From the main menu, select AR and then the left option. You will need the AR card that came with the game (the wiki and the official JP site have a copy that you can print if you lost yours). There are 4 performances that you need to watch. Some may not be unlocked initially, but will unlock as you play songs.





I Began Editing Create one Edit Data



Go to the Edit Menu (on the main menu, bottom left option) then create a new data with the first option. Select any song, then hit okay on the next screen, any option on the third screen, and okay on the last. Once in the edit menu, press start and select the option second-from-the-bottom (セーブ) to be prompted to save your edit data.





That's Good! Play your favorite Edit song



For this trophy, you need to play a favorited edit data. Data you created may work, if not go online (second-right option on the main menu, then first option), select the last option and pick a random data to download. Once you have some data, go to the music game (top-left option on the main menu) and select the option on the right. Find your data, select it and then press triangle to favorite. Start the data, pick a song and you’ll get the trophy at the end.




This Is Who I Am Create your profile



From the main menu, go to records (レコード) and pick the fourth option. The profile options are: nickname, gender, birthday, title, favorite song and comment. You will need to set a birthday to use to get the player birthday event.

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That's all of them. Just realized that I misnamed the thread though, but I can't seem to change it.


Also, if anyone wants to transcribe the moonrunes from menu options for me, that would be great. My knowledge is limited to a little bit of Katakana and Hiragana....

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So much luck involved... I have every trophy but the artwork one. It might be faster to go between Diva rooms than the song screens because you get hit by 2 loading screens for loading a song, but only one has artwork. At least going between rooms you get artwork every time.


can this be done on easy difficulty or do you need to play on normal?


Easy should work.


Edit: Rubbing their faces for affection can be done a lot more often than once per day. I think every time you play 1 song and come back you can do it 3 more times for full affection. Also, when I was cycling through diva rooms, sometimes I would be able to get affection every now and then, so perhaps each song/visit increments game time and after a certain amount of time you can start over.

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Damn, Rock paper scissors is annoying. Is there any order or formula that they pick things in?


None that I can tell, but Luka is just the one who loses the most. Rin is probably the hardest.


If you can get the Esper trophy, it's not worth it to play it any more after that. Just get affection gains until they ask, then quit. If you cycle rooms a lot, you'll be able to get your affection gains again after a few.

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