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SHiFT codes for Golden Keys


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Warning: The 1.12 patch has changed how the SHiFT system works. You will now no longer lose keys once you hit the 255 key cap (which is a good thing) but there is now a catch, because any key codes you redeem once at the cap will not be deposited until you have spent slightly more than the amount of keys that code is worth. Example: You have 254 keys but redeem codes totalling 20 keys, this means you have to spend 21 keys (thus taking you down to 233 keys) before the newly redeemed keys will be deposited in your in-game account. Whilst the visible limit is 255 keys, you can actually have up to 999 in total but there's no way to know exactly how close you are to that limit.


Further info on the above: Talk:SHiFT - Borderlands Wiki - Walkthroughs, Weapons, Classes, Character builds, Enemies, DLC and more!


For more help or info about SHiFT, checkout this FAQ courtesy of Gearbox:

  • What is SHiFT?
    SHiFT is our way to reward fans like you with additional in-game items for Borderlands 2, such as Golden Keys, loot and other goodies. NOTE: SHiFT is not used to redeem or activate pre-order bonus content -- that is handled separately by each platform's respective online marketplace. An Xbox Live Gold account is required to use SHiFT on Xbox 360.


  • How can I sign up for SHiFT?
    You can sign up for SHiFT from within Borderlands 2 (Main Menu -> Extras -> Shift Code) or on the web at Shift


  • What's this about a bonus for linking SHiFT from within Borderlands 2?
    You'll receive a bonus Golden Key by linking your SHiFT account on any given platform (PSN, Steam, Xbox Live) from within Borderlands 2 -- not the site itself.
    Upon linking your SHiFT account from in-game (Main Menu -> Extras -> Shift Code) the bonus Golden Key will be automatically added to your inventory, not sent as a code in a separate e-mail. To verify whether or not you've received your bonus Golden Key, return to the Main Menu then navigate back to the Shift Code screen -- if you see a message under "My Offers" titled "Welcome to Shift!" then you'll know you've got it!


  • How can I ascertain the current status of the SHiFT service?
    Follow @SHiFTStatus on Twitter for the latest updates on the status of SHiFT.


  • I've got a SHiFT code! How do I enter it?
    To enter a SHiFT code within Borderlands 2, select "Extras" from the main menu then "Shift Code" and follow the on-screen instructions.


  • What is a Golden Key? What does it do?
    The Golden Key is a rare item that allows you to open a special Golden Chest (pictured above) in the friendly city of Sanctuary. Exactly what sort of loot the Golden Chest contains will change every time it's opened, but the loot 1) should always be of very rare (purple) quality and 2) will share the same level as the character that opened the chest.
    Once a Key is used to to open the Golden Chest, that Key is gone for good. Any Golden Keys you may have will be available to any of the characters you've created so use them wisely.


Source: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?p=2572284#post2572284


Before you can use a SHiFT code, you must be signed into PSN and have the latest patch for Borderlands 2 installed along with the latest Firmware update for your PS3.


This site: Borderlands 2: Golden Key - Orcz.com, The Video Games Wiki has numerous codes that still work so if miss out on a Facebook/Twitter key, you may one on that site you can use :). You may also find a working code here: https://www.facebook.com/Borderlands2ShiftCodes sometimes. You can also checkout this site: http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/SHiFT


SHiFT Codes come in 2 types, Golden Chest Keys and Gear Codes. The Golden Chest Keys give you up to 5 keys to use on the Golden Loot Chest in Sanctuary and can be used by all Characters. Gear codes on the other hand, will give you an item or items that will appear in the backpack of your default character. With the exception of the Goliath Head you get with the Diamond Plate Loot Chest, all the items you get with Gear Codes are already in the game.


In rare cases Gear Codes may require you to have a specific DLC installed before you can use the item(s) it gives you.


It's rare but occasionally the SHiFT servers will go down so code redemption won't be possible until they're fixed. See here for the Maintenance schedule :): http://support.gearboxsoftware.com/entries/22991287-SHiFT-Scheduled-Maintenance It should also be noted that sometimes when you get the message that either the code has already been redeemed or has expired, it will be a false message and the code does work but the keys/item won't appear in your Inventory for a few hours so check back later. Also check here:


Expiry Dates:


The Expiry Dates come in 2 types:


1: First come, first served - This means there are only a limited number of keys available so redeem the code(s) ASAP.


2: Time limited - This means there are unlimited keys available but you only have a few hours or days before the code(s) will expire.



Infinite Golden Key Exploit:


The credit for this goes to TheViper4Life and Satnamji:


The exploit is pretty simple: Just load up the character whom you want to use the extra keys as P2 in splitscreen co-op (requires 2 controllers) in your main account, that P2 character will get 10 keys to use which don't count against your existing total.


This can be done infinitely so knock yourself out :).


EDIT: This has been completely fixed as of the 1.15 (PS3)/1.03 (PS4)/1.08 (Vita) patch.



Notification Apps:


Android - None available.


iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/shift-codes-for-borderlands-2/id710307895?mt=8

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Or just follow this guy on twitter:

He's Randy Pitchford the President of Gearbox's Software, he's been posting lots of SHIFT codes to test the SHIFT system


id recommend u guys saving for second attempt and try boosting those keys with people by using the key glitch. Just go in the boosting thread and ask someone or ur friends. you'll get unlimited weapons and money and can do at anytime as long as you dont save. check out the thread for more details.

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