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Red Faction: Guerrilla - Road Map and Trophy Guide


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Road Map



-Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)

-Offline (breakdown): (24 (B), 4 (S), 1 (G), 1 (P))

-Online (breakdown): (18 (B), 1 (S), 2 (G)) All except 6 of these trophies can be done offline if you have a 4-player LAN setup.

-Approximate amount of time to (P)?: 150-200hrs+ (this estimate is heavily dependent on skill and the amount of time spent boosting) (Estimated Time to Platinum).

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed?: 1 for Campaign Mode, multiple playthroughs of Wrecking Crew mode and many, many MP games.

-Number of missable trophies?: Yes, 1 - Warp Speed (B)

-Glitched trophies?: Yes, 6 - Revolutionary, Working the Land, Juggernaut, Courier of Pain, Mad Genius, A Winner is You! and War Veteran.

-Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so set the difficulty to Casual.

-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes and no. The in-game cheats do disable trophies and the ability to save but there are 2 codes that don't affect either. See the Cheats section below for details of which codes don't disable anything.

-Online Pass required?: No.




Red Faction: Guerrilla is an open-world 3rd Person Shooter that takes place on Mars and is the third game in the series. The game uses the Geo-Mod 2.0 engine which allows the player to strategically take down structures anyway they choose. Whilst the single player campaign has a few tricky trophies in the bunch, the Multiplayer portion is where you'll be spending the majority of your time. The single player trophies include finding collectibles, freeing various sectors of Mars, destroying buildings etc.


The Multiplayer trophies include 250 Ranked Wins, 5,000 Kills, Complete 16 Hidden Challenges etc. There are only two, possibly three Ranked trophies in the game, all the others can be done in Custom matches. Whilst the MP trophies have become harder to obtain (specifically the 250 Ranked Wins), enough perseverance and a few good teammates are enough to earn you this extremely rare Platinum. Use the Boosting Thread here: LINK.




The following cheats do not disable trophies or the ability to save (the codes are case sensitive):


Gold Breaker Sledgehammer - HARDHITTER (This will be available from the start if you start a new game, otherwise it will cost you 75 Salvage to buy from an Upgrade Table).


4 Bonus Wrecking Crew Maps - MAPMAYHEM (This code was originally only available to people who pre-ordered the game from certain retailers). The maps are called Fortress, Gulch, Scrapheap and Transmission.


To enter these codes, from the Main Menu go: Options => Extras => Enter Code.




  • All pictures in this guide were taken by Terminator.


  • Since November 2012 all the DLCs for this game have had a nasty habit of randomly disappearing then reappearing only to disappear again days or weeks later. If you ever go into the store and can't find them, wait a few days/weeks and they will reappear again. The DLCs are region locked so don't bother trying to download them from a different PS Store, as that won't work. Thankfully there is a workaround for this courtesy of TheLastNinja:
    TheLastNinja said:
    Just a heads up. If you go to "Downloadable Content" at the Main Menu, you can enter the Playstation Store from in-game. This launches the old Playstation Store with all 3 RF: G DLCs available.
    This workaround may not always work, you have been warned.


  • If you have the BLES 00498 version of the game then there is no DLC available nor an in-game store (credit to brudnaharriet for some of the above info and all the info below). Since this release may not have got the 1.04 patch, there's a chance some of the trophies may be glitchier than what we state below.
    Here's some additional info on the above problem, that also relates to the Red Faction Collection Retail disc:
    brudnaharriet said:
    Ok some new info if anyone still need them. At the moment 24.12.2015 looks like only UK Store have 3 DLCs for Red Faction Guerrilla. I put my hand on the Red Faction Collection (Guerilla & Armageddon + All DLC). Inside the box is code for all DLC. If you try use it on for example Poland PS Store you see you can download 7 DLCs - for Armageddon & RF Battlegrounds but not for Guerrilla. If you use same code in UK PS Store you can download 10 DLCs (+ 3 DLCs to Guerrilla). The best part is you can use this DLCs in any Europe region but to do this you need:
    1.Create a second account and set country as England
    2.Install Red Faction Guerrilla on that account + patch to 1.04 no matter what version i.e BLES 00496 or BLES 00592.
    3.Go to England PS Store and use code from RF Collection
    4.Download any Guerrilla DLC you need, it will be installed into the game
    5.After install is complete switch to you main account.
    6.Now you can play RF: G with DLC installed
    If you don't have RF Collection code, the simply buy the DLCs from UK Store and follow steps 4-6.
    Also note that the in-game store for some countries, only contains the MP DLCs and not the Demons of the Badlands story DLC.


Step 1: Campaign mode, Revolutionary, Collectibles and Pro Trophies and start work on Wrecking Crew mode


You will be able to track your progress towards all the trophies via the trophy progress tracker: :start: => Statistics => :r1:. Red Faction: Guerrilla does like to crash at completely the wrong moment so save often.


The Campaign and collectible trophies aren't that hard to get, they're just time consuming. The only problematic trophies are the Got Any Fingers Left? and Warp Speed ones as they take a lot of skill and practice to get right. Revolutionary is also a little glitchy at times but isn't outright glitched, see the guide for more details. We recommend just dipping into the Got Any Fingers Left? and Warp Speed trophies due to their difficulty. You can make life easier by using two exploits that Terminator discovered that grant the player infinite Salvage and quick ammo refills, see this link for details: LINK. Even though we've listed Warp Speed as missable, you would have to do a lot of things wrong to miss it.


The unlocked Campaign missions can be done in any order but the final one will remain locked until you have gotten EDF control of that Sector down to zero. If you need additional help with any mission, then use this playlist: LINK. Credit to SSoHPKC for this playlist (although these videos are for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid).


The basics of how the game works can be found in the Guerrilla Handbook (press :select:) whilst playing Campaign mode.


Step 2: Wrecking Crew mode clean up


By this point, you should only have Can't Get Enough and possibly Wrecking Ball left to do but these shouldn't take too long to finish up. You don't need to be signed into PSN for these trophies, all signing in does is record your score on the global leaderboards.

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Step 3: Custom Matches to get War Veteran and most of the other MP trophies


This Step is where you will be spending the bulk of your time so please read the following notes before starting:


1: This is most important but none of your stats or trophy progress are stored online, they are in fact stored in a locked save on your Hard Drive. If anything happens to your PS3 and you can't get access to this file to back it up, you will lose all your progress. Losing this file would be particularly devastating if you're close to finishing up your online trophies. We strongly recommend you invest in a PS+ Subscription and make frequent backups to the Save File Cloud. Making backups of your Hard Drive to an external drive once every week or two is another method if you can't afford PS+.


2: In the areas these may still be available, do not buy the DLC map packs from the PS Store as nobody plays them. If the host has the DLC Maps but just one person in the Lobby doesn't, then no-one gets to play on them thanks to poor matchmaking and you won't be able to enter most of the playlists either.


3: Because the servers are Peer-to-Peer (P2P), the host must have a really good connection with an Open NAT else you will experience major connection problems. Whoever has the best connection will be hosting all the Custom Matches and taking everyone into Ranked Mode. Matches that end because the host quit/got disconnected do not count towards any trophies. Things will go faster and a lot more smoothly if you take it in turns to get the requirements for each trophy.


To start with you want to get War Veteran out of the way, read the walkthrough for that trophy to see how to get it as quickly as possible. Do note that this trophy is glitched but in a good way as it can pop early like it did for us. Getting War Veteran will also net you Field Tested and Battle Scarred as well. With War Veteran out of the way, you should now get Juggernaut (can be glitched), Doozer, Try Anything Once, Check Your Map, Tools of the Trade and The High and Mighty done. Grab Some Popcorn cannot be obtained in Custom or LAN matches so you will have to try and find an active Ranked match to join. During this step you will also be getting the Jack of all Trades trophy.


Step 4: Ranked trophies, Mad Genius and Courier of Pain


You want to get most of Mad Genius out of the way before starting on the Ranked trophies. The reason for this is you will need all your concentration for focusing on the A Winner Is You! trophy, as trying to get the trickier aspects of Mad Genius in Ranked matches will only cause unnecessary frustration and problems.


The most difficult trophy in the online portion of the game is A Winner is You!, it doesn't help that this trophy is glitched and may not pop until your 251st win. The player pool is diminishing rapidly thus leaving only the very skilled players, cheaters and rage quitters. Before attempting this trophy, find 3 good, reliable people to play with because you will be in trouble if you go for this trophy solo. Two things to note are there is no run option in MP (as that's been replaced with the Backpack activation button) and there's no mini-map of any kind.


As you work towards getting 250 Ranked wins, you will also be getting kills towards the Courier of Pain trophy. Depending on how many kills you average each match, you may or may not have to boost this trophy. To quickly rack up kills place Proximity Mines, use the Firepower or Heal Backpacks, the Rocket Launcher or anything that can quickly take down your targets. Once the Ranked trophies are done, you can clean up on any parts of Mad Genius you may be missing and mop up the last few kills for Courier of Pain. Mad Genius is glitched but not in a good way as one of the Bonus XP Events is glitched and doesn't register properly, see the actual trophy for more details. Courier of Pain is also glitched but thankfully in a good way as it can pop early like it did for Terminator.


Courier of Pain and Mad Genius should be the last two trophies before your Platinum pops, if not then move on to Step 5.


Step 5: Clean up if necessary


If by some chance you are missing any trophies, then now is the time to do them and get one of the rarest Platinums available.

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Trophy Guide:


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/01.jpg Red Faction: Guerrilla (P)

Unlock all Trophies in Red Faction: Guerrilla


The description for this trophy is slightly misleading as it implies you need the DLC trophies as well to get the Platinum, which you don't. Everything below Red Faction Member in the trophy list is a DLC trophy. The DLC trophies for this game don't have the "+" that denotes a DLC trophy, because this it was released well over a year before that feature was implemented.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/02.jpg Welcoming Committee (B)

Complete the Tutorial mission.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


[spoiler=WC]This level acts as a tutorial so follow the prompts and read any messages that appear, you can close most of them by pressing :start:. After the lengthy intro cutscene, you will be told to level the Laboratory complex that's in front of you. As you approach the burnt out truck near the wall, Dan will tell you to pick up the salvage that's next to it. After knocking a hole in the nearby wall, instead of following orders, we recommend flattening all the other buildings first, then the tower and finally the Lab. Doing it this way will give you some extra salvage to play with once the tutorial finishes.


After you've demolished the tower and the lab, Dan will say you are out of time and to return to him. Once the cutscene starts the trophy will pop. Do note that this part of the map becomes inaccessible after completing the Tutorial.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/03.jpg Martian Tea Party (S)

Complete 2 missions for the Red Faction.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


See Spread the Word for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/04.jpg Spread the Word (B)

Liberate Parker Sector.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


[spoiler=STW]Before you start any missions, we recommend visiting the Upgrade Table and buying the Salvage Collector Upgrade. This is found in the building that's directly in front of where you start after finishing the Tutorial Level:




After buying the upgrade, stop by the garage and stock up on ammo from the Locker on your left (or right depending on which angle you look at it from):




If you need an ammo refill or want to change weapons then look out for the Red Faction Crates, these are represented by a white square with a black mark on it on the Minimap:




Your first mission is called "Better Red Than Dead" and is marked by a red flare near the entrance to the base. This first mission shouldn't pose too many problems as all you have to do is flatten an old Red Faction base (in reality it's just 1 or 2 buildings) but doing so will attract unwanted attention from the EDF so be prepared. Once the building(s) are/is destroyed you will be ordered back to base where the mission will end.




This mission is shown on the map as a yellow diamond with a black fist in it: Kz2Dqul.png (all RF missions are shown with this icon). You need to protect Sam as the leader of the Red Faction feels she's walking into a trap. When you arrive at the spot where Sam is, she will call you and say she's under attack so get your best weapon out and start killing. After her attackers are dead, Sam will tell you to follow her to where an ambush is about to take place against the EDF. When you get there, she will tell you that a convoy is heading your way and to set some charges on a nearby catwalk. The best place to set your charges is on or near the blue Hydrogen Cylinders. You will only have a few seconds to prepare so be quick. Time it right and you will kill most of them in one go, you can mop up with the Assault Rifle as needed. The Martian Tea Party trophy will pop shortly after this second mission ends.


To completely liberate this sector, you will have to reduce the EDF Control gauge to zero and complete the third and final Red Faction mission. The easiest way to break the EDF's hold is to flatten all the Priority Targets in the Sector and do the Guerrilla Actions as well.


Start Your Engines (Liberation mission):


For this mission you have to destroy 12 Sensor Towers and keep the EDF occupied whilst the Red Faction move their Convoy into Dust Sector to start up a new base. Destroying the Sensor Towers is easy, just smash through them with your RF provided Armoured Truck but you will have a lot of soldiers and Armoured vehicles on your tail so be careful.


The trophy will pop shortly after destroying the final Sensor Tower. Liberating Parker Sector will unlock the Rocket Launcher and the Level 1 Armour so buy them ASAP!



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/05.jpg Death From Above (B)

Liberate Dust Sector.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


[spoiler=DFA]The first two missions are already unlocked but to get the other three you will have to reduce/remove the EDF control over this Sector.


Rallying Point:


This mission sees you trying to prevent a peace rally from turning into a massacre. When you reach the place where the rally is taking place, you will have to wipe out the EDF forces that have arrived. After clearing out the EDF you will be told to destroy 4 PA Speakers, these are easily destroyed with either the Rocket Launcher or the Remote Charges. Your final task is to take down Colonel Halmark Gunnerson who was responsible for the attempted massacre. Stopping him is easy, just drive a big heavy vehicle into the path of his Armoured Car, then destroy it either with the Rocket Launcher or your remote charges. If/when he gets out of the Armoured Car, then hit him with the Sledgehammer. The mission will end once he's dead.


Ultor Echo:


For this mission you have to follow a Marauder vehicle and try to find the location of a stolen Red Faction Arms Cache. Once you get within sight of the target vehicle, you must stay outside of the red circle that's on your Minimap, else the Marauder will see you and you will fail the mission if you don't back off. Eventually an event will happen that will cause you to lose track of the vehicle so head towards the objective that's on your Minimap. Once you get within sight of the objective, you will have to exit your vehicle and move in on foot as the passage in front of you is too narrow for vehicles.


This next section is tricky as your map will be jammed so you will be blind for a while. All you can do is keep walking around and destroy the occasional wall so you can move forward. Eventually you will enter a room with a strange device in the middle of the room. Walk up to it, stand in the glowing circle and press :triangle: to pick up the artefact. Now you have to retrace your steps and get out of there as the EDF are swarming all over your position. Once you've found your vehicle, drive away as fast as you can and head to the objective that's marked on your map. After arriving there, go to where Sam is standing and give her the artefact. After the ensuing cutscene, you will be at the Dust's Northern most Safehouse. Now is the time to buy and upgrade the Rocket Launcher if you haven't already.


Industrial Revolution:


If you've played the demo for this game, then you will remember this mission. The basic idea is the EDF have confiscated every Walker (Mech) in the Sector so the Red Faction is going to steal them back, starting with the one at a nearby base. Getting in to the base is easy, just grab a truck and plough straight through it and into the building where the Walker is being held. Once inside, enter the Walker and then plough through the base again towards where the objective marker is pointing. Press :triangle: to get the Walker on to the back of the waiting truck. From here on in, the game becomes an on-rails shooter so just shoot anything and everything that shoots back.


Eventually you will reach a bridge which will promptly blow up once you cross it, thus ending the mission.


Ashes To Ashes (Liberation mission):


This mission is a race against an invisible clock as you have to save key RF personnel, data and supplies in the town of Dust from an impending EDF Artillery Strike so get over there and fast! Once you hit the outskirts the Artillery Strike will have already started so you won't have much time to play with. To save people you just have to go up to them and they will immediately run off, there is one person though in the town jail so use your Sledgehammer to break down the cell door. To save the supplies and data, just press :triangle: when prompted.


For the second set of objectives, we advise you go for the ones in the bottom right-hand corner of the map as they're nearer. The data in the middle building is on the second floor. There are Marauders in the area so watch out.


In the final two buildings, you will find the last two people that need rescuing, the second of which is on the second floor of the second building. For the final part of this mission, head towards the objective marker on your map. The mission will end there and the trophy will pop after the ensuing cutscene.


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Re-embedded the screenshots.
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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/06.jpg Friendly Skies (B)

Liberate Badlands Sector.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


[spoiler=FS]You MUST buy the Nano Forge from the Upgrade Table for 575 Salvage before you can Liberate the Badlands Sector. We also recommend that you buy the Personnel Detector from the Upgrade Table now if you haven't already done so. Liberating Dust will also unlock the Guerrilla Express (Fast Travel) to be able to use this you have to buy it from the Upgrade Table for 50 Salvage.


Catch And Release:


The aim of this mission is to capture and interrogate the Commanding Officer of the Artillery base that's in the Free Fire Zone. After you accept the mission, you have to drive a short distance to pick up the RF's top interrogator then go and capture the C/O. When you get to the C/O's location, you will have kill all the EDF soldiers and Drones before you can capture him. After all opposition has been eliminated, steal the target vehicle where you will automatically take the gunner's seat. Now take out any and all new threats that appear until the C/O tells the interrogator what she wants to know.


The Mission will end once you return to the area where you initiated the mission and bail out of the Armoured Car.


Emergency Response:


This mission is straightforward enough. All you have to do is clear each checkpoint before the Supply Truck gets there. By now you should have picked up an Enforcer so bring that plus the Rocket Launcher and some remote charges. After cleaning out the first checkpoint, you have to wait until the Supply Truck gets there before moving on, else you will fail the mission. The fastest way to topple the Guard Tower at checkpoint 2 is to smash the striped panels on each strut then hit the ladder. After the Supply Truck reaches you, an Armoured Car will show up so destroy it. Once all opposition has been eliminated, you will be told to hold your position and fend off any EDF forces that appear. To make this job easier, commandeer the Walker that's standing to the left of the Priority Target that's marked on your map.


The mission will end once the Supply Truck reaches its destination.


Air Traffic Control (Liberation mission):


The first part of this mission is a race against the clock as you have a very limited amount of time to plant your charges before the Gunships take off. Bring the Rocket Launcher with you with all the upgrades as listed for the Freed Space trophy, just in case any do manage to take off before you manage to plant your charges. Once all 5 Gunships have been destroyed, get the heck of there! After escaping the Airfield, the mission will end and the trophy will pop.


Liberating the Badlands will unlock the Level 2 Armour so buy it ASAP!



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/07.jpg Don't Tread On Me (B)

Liberate Oasis Sector.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


[spoiler=DTOM]Access Denied:


All you have to do is block a key access road near a Chemical Depot and stage a decoy operation whilst RF technicians hack into the Computers of an EDF contractor. At the start of the mission, you will be asked to clear out the main Depot building so the technicians can do their job. After cleaning it out, get into the Walker that's to the right of the Depot as you exit then head towards the RF Road Block and stop any EDF forces from getting through. Once all the initial forces have been wiped out, you will complete that part of the objective and be told to move to the next Road Block which has a Rocket Turret setup. All of the EDF forces will be coming from the left so point the turret there and destroy anything that comes into range.


The mission will end once the RF technicians have obtained the data and left the area.


Blitzkrieg (Liberation mission):


If your Alert level is Yellow or Red when you start this mission, return it to Green by completing the nearby Heavy Metal Guerrilla Action.


For this mission you have to destroy some EDF Tanks that are assaulting key RF positions so ensure you have the Rocket Launcher and some remote charges handy. The first tank is easy but your next encounter is with two tanks attacking at once so be careful. The third and final wave will attack from the North and South so pick whichever tank is nearest and destroy it. Destroying the final tank will end the mission and unlock the trophy.


Liberating Oasis unlocks the Jetpack so buy and upgrade it immediately! You will need it both for the final sector and to get some the hard to reach collectibles.


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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/08.jpg Coup D'etat (B)

Liberate Eos Sector.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


[spoiler=CDE]The Guns Of Tharsis (Free Fire Zone Liberation mission).


The first part of this mission sees you running the gauntlet through the Free Fire Zone and out the other side, there's nothing we can say for this except don't stop and keep moving. After crossing the bridge on the side, you will get a Checkpoint and be told to destroy the Power Cores that are powering the Artillery. The Power Cores are heavily defended so be careful. The cores themselves aren't hard to destroy, 4 remote charges or 3 Rockets will do it. In the Garage near the third and final Core you will find some Singularity Bombs, which will come in handy should you run out of ammo.


Destroying the final Power Core will end the mission and unlock the Thermobaric Rocket which we strongly recommend buying and upgrading ASAP!


The Dogs Of War:


This mission is really easy. The objective is to wipe out a bunch of Snipers that are targeting civilians as a scare tactic to force them to give up RF members and sympathisers. All you need to wipe this scum out are the Thermobaric Rocket and the Rocket Launcher. When you reach the first building, unload your Thermobaric Rockets into it, then when those Snipers are dead, move on to the second building. If you don't have any Thermobaric Rockets left then use the normal ones. The mission will end once the last Sniper is dead.


Death By Committee:


This is an Assassination mission, your targets are the greedy corporate supporters/legal force behind the EDF. Arm yourself with the same weapons as for the above mission, then head for the building where the meeting is taking place and take out the targets with extreme prejudice! Time your shots right and you will be able to kill everyone without anyone escaping. Once the last person is dead the mission will end.


Hammer Of The Gods (Eos Liberation mission):


For this mission you have to drive back to Dust to pick up your Assault team. Once at the pickup point, you will have to switch vehicles so get out and enter the other vehicle that's there and the Assault team will automatically join you. Your next objective is to go to the rally point and await further orders but once you get 1/2 way there, you will be told to abort and return to base immediately as the RF is under attack. You will have 3mins to get to the Badlands base but once you get close enough, a checkpoint will trigger so you don't have to redo all the preceding stuff all over again if you mess up.


Once you get to the base, Sam will call you and add an objective marker to your map, thus giving you her location. After you locate her you will have to wipe out the EDF presence in the area, killing the final soldier will end the mission and trigger a cutscene.


You must purchase the Radiation Shielding upgrade from the Upgrade Table for 125 Salvage before you can progress with the story.


Before setting off, make sure you set the next mission as a waypoint. Getting to the Marauder base is not easy so take a fast vehicle (an APC is ideal), then drive to the Badlands and into the Irradiated Zone. Once you're about 1/2 way there, the Marauders will start showing up and they will attack you on sight but whatever you do don't get out of your vehicle as they will kill you very quickly. Just before you arrive at where the waypoint ends, look for a right-hand turn then drive on towards where the mission marker is. Providing your vehicle doesn't take too much damage, you will be able to drive right up to where the red flare is.


For an easier route, see the first 2mins 10secs of this video:



Credit to SSoHPKC for this video (even though this video is for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid).


Manual Override:


For the first part of this mission you need to secure access to the Comms Centre and hack into the Satellite Network. This is so you can spot targets for the Artillery base and destroy anything that attacks the Marauder Truck, which is carrying the components you need to destroy the Hydra.


This next bit can be really tricky and glitchy so backup your save and watch the following video:



Credit to BonersGames for this.


Once the convoy reaches its destination, the mission will end.


Emergency Broadcast System:


For this mission, you will need the Gauss Rifle and the Rocket Launcher. Your mission is to capture an EDF Broadcasting Station so the RF can inform everyone of what's really going on and to recruit more members. Before you can capture the facility, you have to pick up Sam then you have to drive to the Voice Of Mars Broadcasting Station but watch out for Roadblocks. The EDF won't like you capturing this facility and will throw a lot of soldiers and vehicles at you to take it back. The EDF will come at you from the North and West but whatever happens, don't let them plant their Singularity Bombs near the transmitter and/or the main building or it's game over!


Once the RF broadcast has finished, get into a vehicle, collect Sam then drive back to the Safehouse and safety. The mission will end once you get to the Safehouse.


Guerrillas At The Gates (Liberation mission):


For the first part of this mission you have to pick up a specially modified Armoured Car so you can drive through the forcefield that's stopping the RF from proceeding. Do not destroy this vehicle else you will fail the mission. Once through the forcefield you have to destroy the Power Station that's powering it, a single Thermobaric Rocket will destroy it. Finishing this objective will trigger an auto save. Next up are a series of Priority Targets, one of which is directly above you so take it out with another Thermobaric Rocket. When you get to the complex up ahead, exit the Armoured Car and commandeer the Rocket Walker as this will make life so much easier.


Nothing is off limits so destroy everything that doesn't belong to the RF or the Marauders. You have infinite ammo whilst in the Walker so go nuts with the Rockets. You will find another Rocket Walker near the EDF Armoury should you destroy your current one. Destroying the final building will end the mission and pop the trophy.


Once the cutscene has finished and you've watched/skipped the credits, you will be respawned at the Eos Safehouse and are now free to finish off any Single Player trophies you may be missing.


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Fixed a broken video.
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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/09.jpg Red Dawn (G)

Liberate Mars.


Story Related, Cannot be missed


[spoiler=RD]Mars Attacks (final mission):


You are now on the home straight so get to Sam and find out more about what she wants you to do. When you arrive at her location, insert the Nano Forge by pressing :triangle: on the console in front of you then head to the Satellite Control Centre. You will now be spotting targets for the Free Fire Zone Artillery battery again so destroy any and all EDF forces that approach your position. You will have 3 waves of vehicles and soldiers to kill but don't miss too many else they will attack Sam and the Marauders and you will fail the mission. Once the third wave has been eliminated and you have auto exited the Satellite, return to Sam and pick up the Nano Forge. After the Checkpoint has triggered, get into the Rocket Tank that's outside and head up the mountain to the Control Tower and kill anything that gets in your way. If you happen to lose the Rocket Tank then commandeer another vehicle any way you can.


About 1/4 of the way up the mountain, you will get a message from General Roth of the EDF saying the Control Tower is now in EDF hands. The only way to launch the Missile now is for Sam to hack into the controls and launch it from her current position. Once Sam has control of the Missile you will have to blow open the Launch Tube Doors. Your final objective is to kill General Roth (who's in a Rocket Tank) killing him is easy, one Thermobaric Rocket and he's finished!


After the General is dead and the Launch Tube Doors are opened the mission will end, a cutscene will start and the trophy will pop. After the credits you will be back at the Eastern most Eos Safehouse and free to finish any trophies you may have missed. Finishing Campaign mode will also unlock Insane difficulty but playing on this difficulty is not advisable as it will make the game much harder than it need be.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/10.jpg Insurgent (B)

Complete 5 Guerrilla Actions.


See Revolutionary for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/11.jpg Guerrilla (B)

Complete 25 Guerrilla Actions.


See Revolutionary for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/12.jpg Freedom Fighter (B)

Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions.


See Revolutionary for more details.

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13.jpg Revolutionary (S)

Complete all Guerrilla Actions.




Some of the convoys can be a little glitchy in spawning so if you have any problems, see here: LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK (credits to SOFxColdPizza, MattH, yuri03042, TimmyShire and demi for the linked information). Prior to the 1.01 patch this trophy could become completely unobtainable on your current playthrough, thankfully now the 1.04 patch is out this trophy is merely glitchy rather than outright bugged. Also note that the trophy tile for this trophy is wrong, it incorrectly says there's only 100 Guerrilla Actions when there are actually 104.


Notes: The Guerrilla Actions in the Demons of the Badlands DLC don't count towards this DLC (credit to Brandon1988 for this info). Also note that already completed missions appear Dark Green on the map so ignore those. Credit to yuri03042 for this tip.


This trophy will take a while to get as the last Radio mission doesn't become available until after you have finished the final Campaign mission and all the Collateral Damage missions. None of these missions are missable, any Radio Calls you miss or fail can be re-attempted after finishing the last Campaign mission. We strongly recommend you complete all the missions, especially the ones received via Radio, before liberating each sector. The reason for this is they disappear after Liberation and don't reappear until after the finishing the final Campaign mission, which will make your life very difficult as the Radio missions will repeat indefinitely, even the ones you've already finished. Completed missions can be recognised by the fact the Mission/Locator image will be dark. If you happen to start a Radio mission that you don't want then save, exit and reload.


The acquisition points for the Radio missions change each time you fail one/load the game so a map is near useless, all you can do is keep driving around until you pick up the ones you're missing. There are 104 Guerrilla Actions in total which consist of the following:


Guerrilla Missions found on the in-game Map:


  • Collateral Damage:
    The goal of the Collateral Damage missions is to use the turret on Jenkins' vehicle to cause enough damage to EDF Property to meet a specific financial target e.g. 30 million Credits worth of damage. These missions will always finish up at a Safehouse.
  • Demolitions Master:
    The goal of Demolitions Master is to destroy the target as quickly and efficiently as possible. You are given different tools for each mission to learn how to use them to their fullest when demolishing a building. These missions are also part of the Got Any Fingers Left? trophy.
  • Heavy Metal:
    The goal of Heavy Metal is to defeat a certain number of enemies whilst inside of one of the various types of walker and tank.
  • House Arrest:
    The goal of House Arrest is to free fellow Red Faction members who are prisoners to the EDF and return them to the safe target location.
  • Guerrilla Raid:
    The goal of Guerrilla Raid is to eliminate EDF forces at the target location.
  • Transporter:
    The goal of Transporter is to retrieve the vehicle and bring it to the target destination within the time limit. These missions are also part of the Warp Speed trophy.


There are 76 total Guerrilla Missions to be found on the in-game Map:



  • Parker: 4 total
    2 Demolitions Master
    2 House Arrest
  • Dust: 19 total
    2 Collateral Damage
    2 Demolitions Master
    4 Guerrilla Raid
    2 Heavy Metal
    5 House Arrest
    4 Transporter
  • Badlands: 12 total
    1 Collateral Damage
    5 Demolitions Master
    2 Heavy Metal
    4 Transporter
  • Oasis: 18 total
    1 Collateral Damage
    3 Demolitions Master
    4 Guerrilla Raid
    3 Heavy Metal
    4 House Arrest
    3 Transporter
  • Free Fire Zone: 4 total
    2 Demolitions Master
    2 Transporter
  • Eos: 17 total
    3 Collateral Damage
    2 Demolitions Master
    3 Guerrilla Raids
    2 Heavy Metal
    4 House Arrests
    3 Transporter
  • Mount Vogel: 2 total
    2 Transporter


Guerrilla missions found through Radio Calls:


  • Convoy
    Convoy missions require you destroy the target vehicle before it reaches its destination. Sometimes you must capture a specific vehicle and return it to a Safehouse.
  • EDF Assault
    These work in the same way as Guerrilla Raids, only this time you're defending not attacking.
  • Interception
    The goal of Interception is to follow and kill the EDF target, then take the item they were carrying.

Do note though that it has been reported that the Radio Calls don't always spawn where they should. The missions will always spawn but you may have to travel a lot further to trigger any you're missing.


There are 29 total Guerrilla missions found through Radio Calls:




  • Parker: 2 total
    2 EDF Assaults
  • Dust: 9 total
    4 Convoys
    2 EDF Assaults
    3 Interceptions - One of these actually spawns on the border between Dust and Parker and can appear in either area.
  • Badlands: 2 total
    1 Convoy
    1 Interception
  • Oasis: 6 total
    2 Convoys
    2 EDF Assaults
    2 Interceptions
  • Eos: 9 total
    2 Convoys
    4 EDF Assaults
    3 Interceptions - One of these can only be activated after completing all Collateral Damage missions, it won't appear until after you have finished the Campaign.


Here's a location map (credit to Gruss Rogers for the image):






  • Always take a vehicle capable of taking 4 people with you when doing House Arrest missions. The reason being you don't know how many people you will have to rescue until the mission actually starts, you will also be able to make a much faster getaway. It also helps for these missions to make your own entrance into the target building(s) as the direct route is always heavily guarded. Kill all the nearby EDF soldiers else the hostage(s) may die before you can untie them. You only need to rescue one Hostage so it doesn't matter too much if the others die (that is if there is more than one hostage).
  • For the EDF Assault missions just make sure you have the Rocket Launcher/Thermobaric Rocket and plenty of remote charges handy to take out the EDF vehicles, use your Sledgehammer or the Assault Rifle on the soldiers.
  • Interception missions are easy enough, just destroy the target vehicle and recover whatever it is they were carrying. The easiest way to destroy the target vehicle is to use a vehicle with a turret. After retrieving the item, lose your Alert Level to end the mission.
  • Convoys are either Search and Destroy or Search and Retrieve. For the SaD missions just get out your Rocket Launcher and charges and destroy every vehicle in the convoy. The SaR missions are harder as you have to capture a particular vehicle and drive it to the specified Safehouse but you must keep it intact else the mission will fail. To capture a vehicle, you have to kill the driver and sometimes a Turret Gunner as well - kill them with the Arc Welder to avoid unnecessary damage to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is empty, press :triangle: at the prompt then you will get in and be able to drive off. The EDF will not take kindly to you capturing one of their vehicles and will try to stop you by any means necessary so watch out. If the target vehicle is a slow one, then it would be advisable to destroy all pursuing vehicles first, else you run the very great risk of the vehicle being destroyed.
  • The only thing you have to watch out for when doing a Guerrilla Raid is to not get cornered or surrounded, else you will die very quickly. Once the Raid is finished, grab a vehicle and get to the nearest Safehouse as your Alert rating will be high and you don't need that kind of trouble following you around.
  • When doing Collateral Damage missions your accuracy will be affected by the movement of Jenkins' vehicle so adjust your aim accordingly. The turret's rate of fire isn't great either so make sure you line up your shots carefully. You will get a few chances at each structure but it's advisable to target EDF vehicles as well, because the buildings alone won't earn you enough cash.
  • When the convoys start respawning after the end of the main story, you can tell which ones you've done by the symbol on your map. If it's dark then you've done it before but if it's bright then it's a new one. Also, the ones you haven't done before will come first (credit to LPD for this info).


Continued below.

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(Revolutionary continued)


Here are some Sweet Spots where all the Convoys seem to spawn after 5-10mins of getting there, credit to TheLastNinja for this info:


TheLastNinja said:
5 convoy missions glitched for me as well [excluding Jenkins not being available until completion of the story]. These are the sweet spots I found:


- Area around the NE entrance of Dust from the Badlands.

- Northwest area of Oasis.

- Martian Council/Voice of Mars.

- Mount Vogel [useless since the convoys are too far away].


It seems like it takes 5-10 minutes of being in the general area for the missions to come in.


Also, see this tip from yuri03042:


yuri03042 said:
You will spawn EDFs and Carriers if you are standing still at a certain distance of the spawn point of the event (it's closer than you would think). Being too far away or too close, means you will block the event spawn or just get Convoys instead.


Two spawns overlap on the top right corner of Oasis and the 2 spawns inside the housing complex of south Dust also overlap. People should be extra careful about those so they don't think they are in the clear, when they aren't. My last event was the Courier event on top right (North East) of Oasis.


Also note that any missions you've completed will turn Dark Green when viewed on your map but the House Arrest ones stay a lighter shade of Green. Credit to snicolec for this info. See here for a printable checklist: LINK (credit to tripledt for this). See here for a pictorial Guide to the Radio missions (credit to EZ for this): LINK


14.jpg Clean and Righteous! (B)

Destroy 5 High Importance targets.


The High Importance Targets have this icon on them: http://i.imgur.com/WpLzAMo.png and are heavily guarded, you may want to wait until you at least have the Rocket Launcher and some upgraded remote charges before taking them on.


15.jpg Warp Speed (B)

Beat all Transporter Pro times.




The description for this trophy is extremely misleading as you don't have to beat the Pro times, just equalling them will do.


WARNING (spoilers):


By the time you get to Oasis there will be 2 bridges marked on your map as High Importance targets but whatever you do, don't destroy or damage them in anyway. The bridges are located in Eos and the Badlands and will shave a lot of time off your Vehicle Pro times by leaving them intact. It's advisable to avoid destroying or damaging any bridges if possible, not just the ones marked as High Priority targets. If you do happen to accidentally destroy or damage any bridges, then there is a small chance to fix them. During Jenkins's missions (except the one unlocked after finishing the Campaign) anything you damage or destroy will be fully repaired once the mission is over.


We strongly recommend getting this trophy before starting the final mission as the EDF will reappear in Free Roam, which will make your life extremely difficult. Also note that the vehicle handling in this game is poor so don't make any sudden movements.


Watch these videos to see how to beat all 18 Transporter Pro times:



(Credit to TMracer73 for the videos. Although these are for the PC version, the info is still valid).

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/16.jpg Got Any Fingers Left? (B)

Beat all Pro times in Demolitions Master.


The description for this trophy is slightly misleading as you don't have to beat the Pro times, as just equalling them will do. Having the fully upgraded Jetpack will make getting some these a lot easier as will fully upgrading the ammo and damage for all the upgradable weapons.


Here's a playlist containing a video guide for each of the 17 Demolition Master Challenges:


(Credit to InfraRedPS for the playlist).


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/17.jpg Lost Memories (B)

Locate all missing radio tags.


This is a radio tag:




There are 36 radio tags in the game, they look like small fireballs and appear as green blinking dots on the Minimap and some are in places which are impossible to reach without a fully upgraded Jetpack. Once collected, each radio tag will play a short message from its former owner. On collecting a radio tag, the game will freeze for a few seconds so don't panic as this is normal. The only radio tags in Eos are in the far North beyond the Martian Council.


See here for their locations (credit to DaFaztFingaz for this): LINK


See Broken Supply Line for a video playlist.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/18.jpg Working the Land (B)

Mine all ore locations.




Even with the latest patch installed, it's still possible for this trophy to glitch if you don't fully destroy each ore deposit when you first encounter them. This is because the stat tracking can break and not register them as destroyed.


This is an ore location:




This is an ore crystal:




There are 300 ore locations spread over the Parker, the Dust, Badlands and Oasis Sectors but there are none in either Eos or Mount Vogel. The ore locations appear as purple blinking dots on the Minimap. For an ore location to be considered "mined" you have to damage it enough so some little red crystal(s) come out and the words "Mined X of 300 ore deposits" (where X is your progress) appear. You do not have to collect the crystals that come from an ore location for that location to count towards the trophy. Don't waste ammo on destroying these, just use the Sledgehammer. To avoid confusion when looking for locations you may have missed, completely flatten them once discovered. They should look like this afterwards:




Some of the ore locations are in places which are impossible to reach without a fully upgraded Jetpack.


See here for their locations (credit to DaFaztFingaz for this): LINK and Broken Supply Line for a video playlist.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/19.jpg Free Your Mind (B)

Destroy all instances of propaganda.


The description for this trophy is extremely misleading because you don't have to destroy all the instances of propaganda, as just 50 of them will do. There are actually more than 50 in the game so don't worry about missing any. Any propaganda that gets destroyed during Collateral Damage Guerrilla Actions and auto repaired afterwards, won't count towards this trophy. Also note that there is no propaganda in the far North of Eos or on Mount Vogel.


Propaganda comes in two types:


Type 1 (found pretty much everywhere):




Type 2 (exclusive to Eos):




Destroying propaganda is easy, because you can either drive straight through them or lob in a couple of Rockets or remote charges. See here for their locations (credit to DaFaztFingaz): LINK and Broken Supply Line for a video playlist. Credit to yuri03042 for confirming the Type 2 Propaganda is exclusive to Eos.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/20.jpg One Man Army (B)

Complete 25 killing sprees during the Campaign.


To get a killing spree, you need to kill 3 enemies in quick succession and you will get loads without even trying. You will get this trophy long before you finish the Campaign so don't worry about it.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/21.jpg Disaster Area (S)

Destroy 1 billion credits worth of EDF property.


This will probably be one of the last offline trophies you will get.


All EDF vehicles, crates and anything on the map represented by a red shape will count towards this trophy. You should get most if not all of this by the end of the last Campaign mission, depending on how much damage you cause but if you don't, then farm one of the Heavy Metal Guerrilla Actions. You will get the message "EDF property destroyed" once you have destroyed an EDF building but not when you destroy a crate or a vehicle.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/22.jpg Broken Supply Line (B)

Destroy 250 EDF supply crates.


There are two types of crate:


Large EDF Crate:



Small EDF Crate:



There are loads of both types of crate spread throughout each Sector and a lot more than 250 in the game so you won't have to go out of your way to get this trophy. Like the ore locations, you have to do sufficient damage to a crate that a message appears confirming its destruction. The crates are really easy to destroy but the best methods are to drive through them or use the Sledgehammer. See here for their locations (credit to DaFaztFingaz for this): LINK


See here if you need video assistance: LINK


Credit to RoosterTeeth and ntahlaps3 for the videos (although 4 of the videos are for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid).

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/23.jpg Power to the People (B)

Raise the Morale of 3 sectors to 100%.


It's recommended that you do this trophy early on by getting the Parker, Dust and Badlands sectors to 100%. If you need a quick Morale boost, then destroy some Propaganda, kill some Marauders (they can be found in the Badlands Sector) or replay some missions. Credit to yuri03042 for confirming this trophy isn't missable.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/24.jpg Tank Buster (B)

Blow up 100 small hydrogen tanks.


Note: The description for this trophy is a little misleading because the hydrogen tanks only come in one size and not several.


These are hydrogen tanks:




The hydrogen tanks are small blue cylinders and easily destroyed, just don't stand near them when they go up, else you will take damage. It's highly likely that you will get this without even trying like Terminator did as there are loads on, in and near most buildings. Like the crates, there are way more than 100 in the game so no need to worry about missing this. One or two shots from any weapon will destroy one of these tanks but don't use your Sledgehammer to destroy them else they will blow up in your face and damage or even kill you.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/25.jpg Best Friends Forever (S)

Kill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer during the Campaign.


The Sledgehammer is the first weapon you get so just go nuts and kill every EDF soldier you see and you will have this trophy in no time. If you use the code for the Gold Breaker Sledgehammer that's in the Road Map, then this trophy will be a little bit easier. Do note though that there are no enemies in the Tutorial level.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/26.jpg Coming Down! (B)

Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings.


Some of the buildings you have to destroy will have one of the following Icons on them:


Medium Priority:



High Priority:



Any structures (except propaganda and crates) that appear in red on your Minimap will also count towards this trophy. Depending on the size and mass of the building you may be able to just use your Sledgehammer to demolish it but with others, explosives or the Nano Rifle will be needed.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/27.jpg Freed Space (B)

Destroy 50 EDF flyers.


The Flyers only show up once you have annoyed the EDF to the point they throw everything at you and your Alert status is at Red. The Flyers don't show up until you start Liberating Dust Sector. The two best ways to take these out are with a fully upgraded Rocket Launcher that has the Multi-Rocket and Heat-Seeking Rocket abilities installed or with the Gauss Rifle. The trophy will pop after destroying your 50th Flyer.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/28.jpg Just the Beginning (B)

Win a Matchmaking match.


This can not be obtained in a LAN match.


Just go to into multiplayer, play a Ranked match and win. See A Winner is You! for tips on how to win.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/29.jpg Start of Something Special (B)

Play 5 Matchmaking matches.


This can not be obtained in a LAN match.


You don't even need to win the 5 matches, just play five right through to the end and the trophy will pop on the Match Summary Screen after playing your fifth match. Also see Topher Would Be Proud.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/30.jpg Doing Your Part (B)

Kill 10 enemies in a Matchmaking Match.


This can not be obtained in a LAN match.


There is a good chance that you will unlock this trophy without trying whilst going for the A Winner is You! and Courier of Pain trophies. It doesn't matter how you kill the 10 enemies, just make use of Backpacks like Firepower or Heal and weapons like the Rocket Launcher or Enforcer to get easy kills. Kill 10 enemies and the trophy is yours. Also see Courier of Pain.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/31.jpg Juggernaut (B)

Destroy a Siege target.




There is a tiny chance that this trophy may glitch, see here for more details: LINK (credit to Jester695 for this). When we get more details, the Guide will be updated accordingly.


When playing Siege mode on the attacking team, there will be various buildings marked for destruction. To destroy a target, use explosives or your Sledgehammer to damage it until it collapses. To unlock the trophy you have to be the one that delivers the final destroying blow. Do note that there will always be 1 or 2 buildings that you won't be able to destroy until the others have been demolished. It is recommended you boost this trophy since virtually no-one plays Siege mode any more.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/32.jpg Doozer (B)

Reconstruct a Damage Control target.


The only thing most people play is Team Anarchy so all the other modes are dead or nearly dead, including Damage Control, which means you will have to boost this one. To count as reconstructed, you have to repair a Damage Control target to between 97-100% repaired.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/33.jpg Grab Some Popcorn (B)

Enter Spectator mode and enjoy the show!


This can not be obtained in LAN or Custom matches (credits to Gethron and Bravo088 for confirming this).


Because most of the modes are dead, you will want to do this in a Team Anarchy match so go: Online => Spectator Mode => Team Anarchy. Once in Spectator mode you can switch camera angles and follow players around, the trophy will pop on the Match Summary screen at the end of the match. You will not earn any xp or kills whilst in Spectator mode. Do note that you have to watch the match all the way through for the trophy to pop.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/34.jpg Try Anything Once (B)

Finish a match in every mode.


Since Team Anarchy is the only mode with any activity, you will have to boost this trophy in Custom or LAN Matches. Fortunately you can get this by playing solo, set the time limit as low as it will go then start the match and let the timer run out. You will not earn any xp or kills doing it this way but you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the long run. The trophy will pop on the Match Summary screen.


Game Modes:


  • Anarchy
  • Team Anarchy
  • Capture the Flag
  • Damage Control
  • Demolition
  • Team Objective - Unlocks at Rank 1 (earn 50 xp in MP)
  • Siege - Unlocks at Rank 5 (earn 250 xp in MP)

In LAN matches all of these modes are unlocked from the start and certain modes are already unlocked in Custom matches (credit to Gethron for some of this info).


The Partial Recall, Bagman and Team Bagman DLC modes are not needed for this trophy.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/35.jpg Check Your Map (B)

Finish a match on every map in Multiplayer.


This can be boosted solo. Some of the maps can only be played when Siege is selected as the active game mode. The DLC maps, marked by the symbol below, are not needed for this trophy:




The following maps are the ones you need to play:


  • Crash Site
  • Deadzone
  • Downfall
  • Excavation
  • Fall Factor
  • Garrison
  • Pinnacle
  • Quarantine
  • Radial
  • Rift
  • Sand Pit
  • Settlement
  • Warlords
  • Wasteland
  • Wreckage


Siege Maps:


  • Cornered
  • Crescent
  • Crevice
  • Framework
  • Gauntlet
  • Overpass
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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/36.jpg Tools of the Trade (B)

Score a kill with every weapon in Multiplayer.


This is a tough one thanks to the following weapons being either hard to find or hard to kill with:


  • Singularity Bomb
  • Rail Driver
  • Thermobaric Rocket
  • Reconstructor (Damage Control and Siege modes only)
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Nano Rifle
  • Pistol

To boost this, use the following settings:


  • Game Mode: Anarchy
  • Map: Crash Site
  • Score Limit: 5
  • Time Limit: 5 mins
  • Enemy Icons: Always
  • Time Of Day: Random
  • Respawn Delay: 3secs
  • Starting Backpack: Firepower
  • Regeneration: 50%
  • Health: 50%
  • Movement Speed: 130%
  • Unlimited Ammo: On
  • Default Weapon 1: Thermobaric Rocket
  • Default Weapon 2: Rail Driver
  • Default Weapon 3: Nano Rifle


Leave all other settings on their Defaults. For the weapons, work through them in the order they appear in the pre-match settings menu. Once you've got a kill with each of your starting weapons, go looking for the others. The reason for having the Rail Driver as one of your starting weapons is because it's a pain to find and keep hold of. On the Crash Site map, you will find weapons in and around the following places:


Firepower Backpack building:



Singularity Bomb

Gauss Rifle



Assault Rifle

Remote Charges (these are in the Walled area to the right)


Stealth Backpack area:



Proximity Mines




Concussion Backpack Building:




Arc Welder

Rocket Launcher

Remote charges



Spaceship wreckage:





Assault Rifle



Jetpack Backpack Building:



Arc Welder


Proximity Mines


Heal Backpack area:



Pistol (Is located in front of the wall)


Rhino Backpack building:



Ground Floor:

Arc Welder (spawns outside the building opposite the rock with the Peacekeeper on it)


Assault Rifle



First Floor:

Remote charges

Assault Rifle


Sniper Rifle


Gas Tank Building:



Remote charges

Proximity Mines


Gauss Rifle (spawns on the other side of the wall from the remote charges)

Assault Rifle (spawns outside next to the Vision Backpack)


Shotgun (spawns behind the building)


Cliffside Hut:



Singularity Bomb



Walled Area to the left of the Cliffside Hut:



Proximity Mines (these are on the Cliff Edge inbetween the mound and the wall)



Central Rock area:




Assault Rifle (The Assault Rifle is in the top right-hand corner (depending on which angle you look at it from)).


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/37.jpg Field Tested (B)

Earn 1,000 xp in Multiplayer.


See War Veteran for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/38.jpg Battle Scarred (B)

Earn 10,000 xp in Multiplayer.


See War Veteran for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/39.jpg War Veteran (G)

Earn 100,000 xp in Multiplayer.




This is glitched but in a good way, as it can pop at anytime between 80,000 and 100,000 xp. It popped for Terminator when he had just 147 xp left to get and for DaFaztFingaz when he had 524 xp left to get. Complete bonus xp events to get more xp during a match.


XP Boosting Method (Requires 2 total players):


Step 1: Play Custom Matchmaking with the settings


  • Gamemode: Capture the Flag (CTF)
  • Map: Quarantine
  • Player Movement Speed: 130% (Max)
  • Respawn Delay: 3 seconds (Min)
  • Total Flag Captures: 10
  • Default Weapon 1: Thermobaric Rocket
  • Default Weapon 2: Singularity Bomb
  • Default Backpack: Fleetfoot
  • Ammo: Unlimited


Step 2: Start the match by destroying a clear path to both flags.


Step 3: Both players run back and forth capturing each others flags. The final score will be 10 - 9. The player who gets 10 captures receives a bonus amount of xp for winning the match, repeat as necessary.


There are two further ranks above the one you unlock at 100,000 xp but they are not needed for any trophies.


Here is a video which demonstrates a variation on this method courtesy of Nam Dinh:



(Although this video is for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid)


Here is an alternate method courtesy of BrandonM8969:



(Although this video is for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid)


See here for a variation on BrandonM8969's video, courtesy of xboxachievements.org: LINK (although this is for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid).


See here for some variations on the above methods: LINK. Credit to trueachievements.com and Dycloide for the link and The Living Dad, Seanrock101 and Draco719 for the tips (although these are for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid).


Here's another method, courtesy of yuri03042: LINK


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/40.jpg A Winner is You! (B)

Win 250 matchmaking games.




The glitch is that this trophy may not pop until your 251st win.


This can not be obtained in a LAN match.


The best way to get this trophy with the least amount of frustration is to get together with 3 good partners to prevent you from getting stuck with bad players. In theory if you get 12 people together to lock out a server then you can boost this but that would take a lot of co-ordination, luck and patience so we don't recommend it. The only game mode that you can consistently find games in is Team Anarchy. There are no objectives in Team Anarchy other than getting kills and whichever team reaches 50 kills, wins.




  • Stick by your teammates, don't be a Lone Wolf and don't rage quit if you start losing.


  • Combine backpacks with teammates, if you are using the "Firepower" Backpack then have a team mate use the "Heal" Backpack, this will make both of you difficult to kill when sticking together.


  • Learn where the enemies hang out the most and place Proximity mines, good placement of mines can quickly tip the scale in your favour.


  • Headsets can be very useful as you can discuss tactics, warn of enemy players etc.


  • Proper use of weapons/backpacks. Use the right weapon/backpack for the job.


If you're having little to no luck getting this or "Topher Would Be Proud" legit, then Sergen The Boss has provided a method here: LINK that will get you both trophies in anywhere from 20-40hrs but this estimate is heavily dependant on the servers playing nice, which unfortunately doesn't happen very often.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/41.jpg Topher Would Be Proud (B)

Play 250 matchmaking games.


This can not be obtained in a LAN match.


This trophy will come naturally along the way to 250 Ranked wins. Once you've played 250 games, win or lose, this trophy will unlock at the end of match 250 on the Summary screen. See A Winner is You! for tips.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/42.jpg Courier of Pain (B)

Score 5,000 kills in Multiplayer.




This is glitched but in a good way as it can pop early like it did for Terminator, when it popped for him he had 4,999 kills so there's a good chance that it could pop even earlier if you're very lucky. Use weapons like the Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Proximity Mines or anything that can kill quickly. Also use Backpacks like Firepower, Heal or Vision to help get kills.


Boosting Method 1:


If you have to boost this then you can use the xp grinding methods we have listed for War Veteran only instead of finishing the match the moment you get 10 wins, you can modify it slightly and have it so the person who's meant to win that round spends the remaining time running round the map killing the other person over and over again with the other teams' flag. Once you have 10-15secs left on the clock, win the match by taking their flag to your base.


Boosting Method 2:


Alternatively you can use this setup:


Boosting Kills Method (requires 2 players total)


Step 1: Play a Custom Match with these settings:


  • Gamemode: Anarchy
  • Map: Quarantine
  • Player Movement Speed: 130% (Max)
  • Respawn Delay: 3 seconds (Min)
  • Total Kill Limit: 200 (Max)
  • Total Time Limit: 30 minutes (Max)
  • Default Weapon 1: Thermobaric Rocket
  • Default Weapon 2: Sniper Rifle
  • Default Weapon 3: Rail Driver
  • Default Backpack: Firepower
  • Ammo: Unlimited

Step 2: After starting the match, destroy all of the structures.


Step 3: The person who will be getting killed will spawn and immediately activate their Backpack or shoot their weapon so their shield goes away. The killer then uses one of his weapons to eliminate the other player. Repeat as necessary. Depending on how quickly you get kills, you can reach 200 within the 30 minute time limit.


Alternative Step 3: The same idea as the other Step 3 but instead both players rotate back and forth between kills.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/43.jpg Experimenter (B)

Complete 4 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.


See Mad Genius for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/44.jpg Detective (B)

Complete 8 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.


See Mad Genius for more details.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/45.jpg Mad Genius (S)

Complete 16 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.


  • 10 Kills with each weapon. For a list of all of the weapons, see this link: LINK. The only gun that you'll most likely need to boost is the Reconstructor.
  • 10 Wins - Every Mode. For this you need to win 10 Matches in Anarchy, Team Anarchy, Demolition, Capture The Flag, Siege and Damage Control. The Bagman and Team Bagman DLC modes are not needed for this trophy. Since all most people play is Team Anarchy, you will have to boost this.
  • 100 wins. This can be done either in Ranked matches or in Custom matches. You will get this along the way to 250 Ranked wins.
  • 100xp each Backpack. Just grab a Backpack and keep getting kills, once you reach 100xp switch to a different Backpack.
  • 100xp each weapon. This is the same idea as the "10 kills each weapon" challenge. Just keep killing enemies and switch weapons once you reach 100 xp. Note: You can rebuild structures with the Reconstructor to reach 100 xp more easily.
  • 1,000 kills with one weapon. This will come along the way to 250 Ranked wins. The most likely weapons you'll get this with is either the Assault Rifle or the Rocket Launcher.
  • 5,000xp with one weapon. Just keep using the same weapon and this should unlock before you reach 250 Ranked wins. If it doesn't, then boost it by playing Capture the Flag on Quarantine and you'll reach the remaining xp with the Sledgehammer since the flag counts as the Sledgehammer
  • 5,000xp with one Backpack. Just keep using the same Backpack, Firepower, Heal or Vision are recommended and you should unlock this before you reach 250 Ranked wins. If it doesn't, then boost it by playing Capture the Flag on Quarantine and you'll reach the remaining xp with a Backpack quickly.
  • 500xp any bonus. This not as hard as it seems as you will most likely get this with the "Assist" bonus xp event.
  • 5xp every bonus xp event. You need 56,000 xp to unlock all the bonus xp events, then you have to do each one 5 times for it to count. See our Bonus xp guide at the bottom of the guide, here: LINK
  • 1 life: 10 kills - 1 weapon. This isn't easy and is best boosted as it's tough to stay alive long enough to get even 1 kill, let alone 10.
  • 1 life: 25 bonus xp. The more you rank up, the easier this will become since you unlock more bonus xp events.
  • 1 life: 5 xp - 5 Backpacks. Grab a Backpack and get xp by killing enemies, once you reach 5 then switch Backpacks and repeat. If you die then you must start over. This becomes easier the more you rank up. If you're having trouble then you can easily boost this.
  • 1 life: 50xp. This is the same idea as the 25 bonus xp in 1 life, except double. This becomes easier the more you rank up, just get as many kills as you can. If you are having trouble then boost it by playing Capture the Flag on Quarantine since capturing a flag grants you 40xp. To unlock all the xp events, you need to earn 56,000 xp and events are not retroactive i.e if you complete the requirements for one before you've unlocked it then it won't register.
  • 1 life: 1 kill each - 5 weapons. Grab a weapon, get a kill, switch weapons, rinse and repeat. Not too difficult, using Backpacks can help.
  • 1 life: 15 different bonuses. This is one of the harder challenges. There are 50 total bonus xp events. The best strategy would be to write down a plan ahead of time of which xp bonuses you will get. If you have trouble with this trophy then you can always boost it. Since there are so many bonuses to choose from you shouldn't have any trouble, just make sure to set a long time limit in case you're struggling to get the last few.

You can go to "Statistics" in the multiplayer menu to see your progress with each challenge.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/46.jpg Jack of all Trades

Score 10 kills while wearing each backpack.


This should come on the way to 250 Ranked wins. You can boost this by using the same method as War Veteran but change the backpack after each round. It doesn't matter if the backpack is activated or not, just as long as you're wearing it. See here for a list of all 10 backpacks and what they do: LINK


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/47.jpg The High and Mighty (B)

Kill a flying opponent using a remote charge stuck to them.


You will probably have to boost this one. It is very difficult to get this legit as the odds of sticking a Jetpack wearer without them noticing, then detonating your charge before they kill you is low. What makes this even harder is the remote charges have poor accuracy, especially at close range and tend to go everywhere except where you want them to go.


Use the following settings:


  • Game Mode: Anarchy
  • Map: Crash Site
  • Score Limit: 5
  • Time Limit: 2 mins
  • Enemy Icons: Always
  • Time Of Day: Random
  • Respawn Delay: 3secs
  • Starting Backpack: Firepower
  • Regeneration: 50%
  • Health: 50%
  • Movement Speed: 130%
  • Unlimited Ammo: On
  • Starting Weapon: Remote Charges

Now everyone has to meet in the middle of the map, stick each other with a remote charge then everyone has to take off and detonate their charge. The trophy will pop shortly after everyone is dead.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/48.jpg Party Time (B)

Play all Wrecking Crew modes once.


Play the following modes:


  • Total Chaos
  • Escalation
  • Barrel Dash
  • Rampage


The description for this trophy is misleading as the DLC mode "Behemoth" is not needed for this trophy, nor is the one called "Challenge" as that was added via the 1.01 patch some months after the game was released. The easiest way to get this trophy is to leave the majority of the settings on default whilst making sure the Rounds To Win setting is set to 1 but change the mode after each match. This shouldn't take more than 5-6mins to get.


You don't need to be signed into PSN for this trophy.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/49.jpg Can't Get Enough (B)

Play every mode on all maps in Wrecking Crew.


Play the modes listed for "Party Time" on the following maps to get this trophy:


  • Complex
  • Watch Tower
  • Vista
  • Factory
  • Cascade
  • Pipeline
  • Scrapheap

The description for this trophy is misleading as the DLC and 4 pre-order maps are not needed for this trophy and will only slow you down if you do play them. If you do buy the DLC maps then they will be marked with this symbol:




The pre-order maps do not have this symbol on them and you don't need to be signed into PSN for this trophy.


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/50.jpg Wrecking Ball (B)

Score 25 million points worth of destruction in Wrecking Crew.


The description for this trophy is a tad misleading as you don't have to score exactly 25 million points, you can go over that amount and still get it.


Use the following settings:


  • Mode: Total Chaos
  • Players: 1
  • Map: Complex
  • Weapon: Thermobaric Rocket
  • Backpack: Tremor though the Rhino may be just as effective
  • Building Collapse: High
  • Rounds To Win: 5
  • Barrels: On


You should be aiming for between 100,000-140,000 points per round but do note you only have 1 minute to get this amount. To maximise your points, aim for the base of each building and keep pounding the structure until it collapses. it should only take 2-3 Rockets to flatten each building but if it doesn't fall, use your Backpack. If you hit the Smokestack that's in one corner of the map in just the right spot, then it will virtually destroy the building next to it when it falls. Completely flatten every building and you will easily get 100,000+ points every time. Do note though, the Smokestack won't always fall the way you think it will so you may have to hit it a couple more times to completely destroy it.


Be careful when using the Thermobaric Rocket as it's extremely powerful and will insta-kill you if you're not careful. Also watch out for falling debris as getting hit by any of it will stun you and waste valuable time snapping out of it. Debris can also be a hazard if one of your Rockets hits some as it's falling as that will instantly kill you.


We recommend doing this trophy over a period of days as it can get really boring and trying to get the entire 25 million points in one go will take hours.


Alternate Method:


See this video for a different way of getting this trophy:



Credit to llwhiplashll for the video (although this video is for the Xbox 360 version, the info is still valid).


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/142/51.jpg Red Faction Member (G)

Play online with another player who has completed the Campaign.


This trophy is semi-viral in that both players must have finished the Campaign but the trophy description falsely implies only the other person needs to have finished the Campaign, Terminator found this out the hard way.

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Here's a link to a thread that shows you when each of the following bonuses will become available: LINK (credit to Filter x360a for this link).


Guide to getting 5xp: Every Bonus:


  • Air Strike | Kill an enemy in mid-air. Use the Enforcer or Arc Welder against an enemy wearing the Jetpack.
  • Assist | Help a teammate kill an enemy (the teammate must finish off the enemy, however). Follow a teammate and only slightly damage an enemy.
  • Back Off | Kill an enemy that's meleeing you up close. Use the Shotgun to quickly kill an enemy trying to melee you.
  • Backfire | Kill an enemy with his own explosive. If you see an enemy place a Proximity Mine or Singularity Bomb, quickly shoot it to get this bonus.
  • Backwhat | Kill a Backpack-sporting enemy while you're not wearing one. Only possible when you start off not wearing a Backpack.
  • BBQ | Damage three enemies simultaneously while using the Arc Welder. This can be tricky. The best map to attempt this on is Quarantine as at some point the other team will destroy all the buildings, which will make it easier to get 3 people together so you can zap them. You only have to zap them once for it to count towards this.
  • Beat Down | Melee an enemy to death. This can be tricky, use the Sledgehammer and combine it with the "Stealth" or "Fleetfoot" Backpacks for easier kills.
  • Blast | Kill an enemy by shooting out an explosive barrel. Not too difficult, lots of maps have explosive barrels. Crash Site and Dead Zone are good maps to get this.
  • Blindside | Kill an enemy from behind. This will probably come without trying, just kill an enemy from behind. You can make this even easier by using the "Stealth" Backpack.
  • Bullseye | Kill an enemy with the rocket-launcher, making sure the rocket makes direct contact with the enemy. This one comes by accident a lot of times. Just be close to an enemy and shoot a rocket at them.
  • Camper | Kill an enemy without moving. This can be done pretty easily, just stand still and take out an enemy. The Sniper Rifle is a good choice to do this with.
  • Charge | Rhino charge through a wall to kill an enemy on the other side. This is not hard, just grab a Rhino Backpack, hide and wait for an enemy to walk by you then active the pack. Quarantine is a good map for this.
  • Crush | An enemy dies in the collapse of a building. This one can be tricky because a lot of times an enemy won't die by your actions but by their own hand, even if you were the one that collapsed the building. Should you have difficulty getting this bonus, follow this video on how to get it on the Pinnacle Map:

    (Credit to Fahad Al-Saad for the video).
    Alternate Method 1: Play on Crash Site, have a friend or friends stand next to the pile of wreckage that’s in front (back or side depending on which angle you look at it from) of the rocky outcrop in the centre of the map where the Grinder is, set 2 Singularity Bombs a few centimetres apart then stand back as you don't want to get pulled in. You can do this twice before the wreckage gets scattered too far and you have to start a new match.
    Alternate Method 2: LINK
  • Death By Boundary | Knock an enemy out of a level's boundary. Play Quarantine and use the Concussion, Rhino or Thrust Backpacks on enemies near the edge of the map and you will get this bonus.
  • Death from Above | Kill an enemy while blasting downward with your jetpack. To blast downward with the Thrust Backpack, hold :cross: and activate the Backpack. Make sure you are on top of a building when you do it. Quarantine is the best map to try this. This Bonus is a tricky one to get right and will take practice to pull off.
  • Death from Below | Kill an enemy while blasting upward with your jetpack. Simply activate the Thrust Backpack when near an enemy.
  • Doppelgänger | Kill an enemy that's wearing the same Backpack you're wearing. This will come without trying. Just play a match where everyone has a default Backpack and then just get a kill.
  • Dust Bunny | Kill an enemy who's in the process of jumping into the air. Another one that will come without trying. The Rocket Launcher is a good way to quickly kill an enemy that has become airborne.
  • Flagman | Kill an enemy who's holding his or her respective team's flag. This will have to be boosted since no-one plays Capture the Flag any more. The description for this challenge is wrong, it should say "Melee an enemy whilst holding that team's flag" (credit to Potent_Delusions for this info).
  • Full Control | Repair a target completely. This one will probably have to be boosted. Just play Siege or Damage Control and find a Reconstructor. Wait for the target to become damaged, then repair it.
  • Ghost Kill | Kill a stealthed enemy. Grab the Vision Backpack. Whenever you see an enemy activate their Stealth Backpack, activate your Vision Backpack so you can still see them and then just kill them as you normally would.
  • Good Timing | Use the Rhino or Thrust pack to survive an attack. Take some damage and then use the Rhino or Thrust Backpack to quickly escape. Also see this quote from Potent_Delusions:
    The "Good timing" bonus can be made much easier to get by simply thrusting upwards with the Thrust pack before a rocket hits you. The rocket must hit something though, it cannot simply go through the air and never explode so the person going for the bonus should stand in front of a wall or building.
  • Hail Mary | Kill an enemy from afar without using a gun. Place a Proximity Mine and then just wait for an enemy to trigger it.
  • Headshot Kill | Kill an enemy with a headshot. This is a pretty common bonus. The Pistol and Assault Rifle are great at getting headshots as is the Sniper Rifle.
  • Heal Teammate | Restore at least half of a teammate's health. Whenever you're by a teammate that is taking damage, activate the Heal Backpack and stand next to them to replenish their health.
  • Interceptor | Kill an enemy dangling in mid-air. This is kind of a weird one. Trapping an enemy in a Singularity Bomb's vortex will unlock this. Quarantine is a good map to do this on.
  • Knockdown | Knock down multiple enemies simultaneously with the Concussion Backpack. This is kind of tricky since the Shockwave isn't very large. Play Crash Site, grab the Concussion Backpack and hide and wait for 2 enemies to come close to you and then activate the Backpack. It's also possible to get this bonus on Quarantine once the buildings have been demolished.
  • Lined Up | Hit two or more enemies with a single Rail Driver shot. This is extremely hard to do legitimately so we strongly recommend boosting it. To boost this bonus, you will need 2 other players besides yourself. Play Anarchy on any map and set the Rail Driver as a default weapon. Have the 2 enemy players line up and then shoot them with the Rail Driver.
  • Mega Kill | Kill multiple enemies within three seconds. The Arc Welder and Rocket Launcher are good weapons for this. Quarantine is a good map to do this.
  • No Problem | Kill an enemy while at full health. This will come without trying. Just use a Backpack like Stealth and sneak up on an enemy.
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  • Pack Hunter | Be near a teammate when they kill an enemy. This is another one that will come without trying. Just stay close to a teammate and let them get the kills. Use the Heal Backpack to protect your teammate.
  • Payback | Kill the person who killed you last within 15 seconds of respawning. Play a small map like Quarantine or Crash Site and you will get this bonus pretty easily.
  • Power Trip | With Firepower active, kill an enemy with a melee weapon. Grab the Firepower Backpack and hide and wait for an enemy to walk by. Once you see an enemy, activate the Backpack and hit them with the Sledgehammer.
  • Rainbow Wars | Kill an enemy that is using a Heal Pack. It's tough to kill an enemy while they have a Heal Backpack activated. Grab the Firepower Backpack and a Rocket Launcher or Grinder and try to get a direct hit on an enemy who's using Heal. The map Downfall is a good map to do this since the Heal Backpack is used quite often.
  • Remote Save | Kill an enemy before they detonate a remote charge stuck to you or a teammate. This is a very tough bonus to achieve, recommend boosting this one. When an enemy throws a charge on you, you need to kill that same enemy before he kills you.
  • Rescue Kill | Kill an enemy near a teammate that has been knocked down. This one seems to be glitched, as somehow it doesn't register when you get the bonus. However, the number often jumps up as you approach 100,000xp so don't worry about it too much. Just kill an enemy that has knocked down a teammate.
  • Shake it Up | Kill an enemy while your Tremor pack is activated. This is not too hard, just activate Tremor and zap an enemy with the Arc Welder.
  • Sharpshooter | Shoot and kill an enemy from far away. Use either the Sniper Rifle or Rail Driver. Just look for a relatively still enemy and kill them. If you're really good then you can get this with the Pistol and/or the Nano Rifle.
  • Sleeper Kill | Kill a fallen enemy with a melee attack. Use either the Rhino or Concussion Backpack. When near an enemy, activate your Backpack then go over to the enemy and smash them with the Sledgehammer.
  • Streak Stopper | Kill an enemy who has achieved an "unstoppable" killing streak. Kill an enemy that has killed 5 players in a single life. This one comes by chance, just play your best and you will get it by accident.
  • Stuck | Detonate a remote charge stuck to an enemy. You just have to get lucky with this one. When near an enemy, throw charges at them and hope that one sticks and then detonate it. You can always boost this one if you're having difficulty.
  • Survivor | Recover to full health after nearly dying. For this to unlock I think you need to have lost at least 50% of your health. Just let yourself take some damage and then go hide and wait for your health to refill.
  • Synchronized Kill | You and a teammate kill your respective enemies simultaneously. This one comes by chance, just kill an enemy the same time a teammate does. If you need to boost this bonus, then headsets are a must.
  • Unstoppable | Kill 5 or more enemies in a row. Use the Heal Backpack combined with the Rocket Launcher.
  • Vendetta | Kill an enemy who recently killed one of your teammates. This one is quite common. Just kill an enemy that has killed your teammate.
  • Vertigo | Kill an enemy above or below you. The best map for this is Quarantine, get up on one of the buildings and shoot a Rocket at an enemy who is below you but it has to be a direct hit for it to count (credit to Potent_Delusions for this info).
    This bonus event can be a little temperamental in that it doesn't always recognise that you've fulfilled the requirements for it. We're not going to call this glitched because the requirements aren't very clear.
  • Who's #1 | Kill the player with the highest number of kills. This is not too hard, just keep killing enemies and you will eventually kill the player that has the highest number of kills.
  • X-Ray | Kill an enemy through a wall with the Rail Driver. Use the zoom of the Rail Driver to see through walls. Look for an enemy that is relatively still and kill them.
  • You're doing it wrong! | Kill an enemy with the Reconstructor. This one can be a pain. Grab a Heal Backpack and then grab a Reconstructor. When near an enemy, activate your Backpack and just keep shooting the enemy with the gun.
  • Zombie Kill | Kill an enemy from beyond the grave. There is no real trick to getting this one, just use rockets and you often get it if you've fired a rocket right before you die. If you want to boost this then the best method is to set a Proximity Mine, have one of your friends kill you and then immediately step on the Mine.

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Multiplayer Tips & Strategies:




  • Sledgehammer: The Sledgehammer is king when it comes to meleeing enemies. One quick swing of the hammer will instantly kill an opponent.
  • Assault Rifle: Typically the default weapon in multiplayer. Great for short to medium range encounters but falls short when aiming at extreme distances. Aiming for the head can quickly kill your enemies and conserve ammo.
  • Arc Welder: Fires a storm of electricity, great for taking out multiple opponents. However the effective distance is not very long so only use it during close encounters.
  • Enforcer: Quite a useful weapon. It's similar to the Assault Rifle, except that each shot automatically moves towards the target. Great for mid-long range encounters and very effective against flying enemies. The downside is that the Enforcer lacks power and cannot be fine aimed as well as other weapons.
  • Gauss Rifle: We don't care for this weapon much. While it is strong it's very inaccurate and is easily out-gunned by other weapons. However it is effective at destroying barriers and other structures that an enemy may be hiding behind.
  • Grinder: One of the harder weapons to master. Learn where to shoot in relation to the enemy's movements and you can quickly dispatch them. Headshots are an instant kill and if used with Firepower Backpack body shots can be an instant kill as well. Hard to use at long-range due to slow moving discs. The crosshair for the Grinder is a little inaccurate as it's positioned slightly lower than it should be, which will cause you to miss if you're not careful.
  • Nano-Rifle: This is a nice weapon, great at destroying structures but not great against people. When shooting targets it's recommended to fine-aim (zooming in) and go for the head since the shots tend to be less accurate when fired without fine-aim and at the body. Good for medium to long range.
  • Peacekeeper: One of the least useful weapons in multiplayer. This gun is a cross between the Shotgun and Assault Rifle but is much weaker than the two. It's not good enough to out-gun the Shotgun at close-range and not accurate or powerful enough to out-gun the Assault Rifle at increased ranges. We recommend skipping this gun once you have got enough kills for the appropriate parts of the "Mad Genius" trophy.
  • Pistol: The Pistol is extremely accurate and powerful and great at any range. When using the Pistol, aim for the head and rapidly pull the trigger for quick kills. This weapon is deadly when combined with the Firepower or Heal Backpacks. Be aware though that the crosshair is really small which makes accurate targeting difficult.
  • Proximity Mine: The Proximity Mine is a passive weapon. Just place the mine on the ground and wait for an enemy to come within detonation distance to get a kill. Place mines on paths most walked and on Backpack stations for best effectiveness. To destroy a Proximity Mine simply shoot it with a weapon at a safe distance. Watch out for enemy mines on the Backpack racks as that is, unfortunately, a very common cheap and nasty trick that people use. You can only place 4 mines at any one time so be careful where you place them.
  • Rail Driver: Quite a useful yet difficult to master weapon. The Rail Driver is unique in that it can see and shoot through structures but not rock. When using the Rail Driver try to aim at an enemy's head for the best effectiveness, a straight headshot is an instant kill. Combine it with the Firepower Backpack to increase the damage to body shots. You can also carry the Rail Driver with you and use it as a way to spot enemies ahead of time.
  • Reconstructor: Not really a practical weapon but it can be used in emergencies at close-range if an enemy is following you. Only found in the Siege and Damage Control game modes. You cannot get this on the map called 'Framework".
  • Remote charge: Remote charges can be used as an active weapon or a passive weapon. When using it actively to get kills, try to stick the enemy with a charge for an instant kill once detonated. When using it passively to get kills, place charges around areas such as Backpack stations or corridors. The Crosshair for this weapon is beyond inaccurate so it's only recommended for use at close range.
  • Rocket Launcher: The Rocket Launcher is great at quickly taking down buildings and killing opponents. When shooting at opponents aim for the ground near them and let the blast radius kill them instead of trying to hit them directly. Combining with the Jetpack Backpack is a good method for getting kills.
  • Singularity Bomb: The Singularity Bomb is a sort of active/passive weapon. Whenever you place one it will take a few seconds to activate. Once activated it will create a vortex and pull objects into it. Great for taking down buildings. We recommend avoid trying to use this weapon against people as it takes so long to activate, it also tends to miss more time then it hits even with its massive area of effect.
  • Sniper Rifle: Excellent long-range weapon. When scoped the Sniper Rifle is very accurate and when un-scoped it still retains great accuracy. Combine with the Firepower Backpack for easy kills.
  • Thermobaric Rocket: The king of explosives! The Thermobaric Rocket fires a powerful projectile with a large blast radius capable of taking down small buildings with a single shot. However, you only get 2 shots so use them wisely.



  • Concussion: This creates a shockwave around the player that knocks down opponents. One of the less useful Backpacks, the shockwave doesn't have a very large radius and won't always knock down opponents.
  • Firepower: One of the most versatile Backpacks. Firepower increases the damage of all weapons while active, allowing you to quickly dispatch your opponents. Use it against players who are using the "Heal" Backpack. This Backpack takes ages to recharge but on the flipside you do get a lot of use out of it before the battery runs out.
  • Fleetfoot: Fleetfoot temporarily increases the speed of the player. This is a useful Backpack if you have a good aim while running. Use it to quickly run up to enemies with the Sledgehammer and take them down. This Backpack also makes you very difficult to hit.
  • Heal: The Heal Backpack rapidly replenishes the player's health and any teammates within the heal radius. It's one of the most useful Backpacks since it can save you in an emergency. Use it against enemies who are using the "Firepower" Backpack. The battery doesn't last very long and it takes ages to recharge so time your use carefully.
  • Jetpack: The Jetpack allows you to reach those high locations. Combine it with weapons like the Arc Welder, Enforcer or Rocket Launcher for the best effectiveness. Use it in short bursts to cover long distances.
  • Rhino: The Rhino Backpack allows the player to charge through any opponents or structures destroying anything along the way. This is very useful on up-close maps like Quarantine but is extremely unreliable and has a tendency to not work at the most inopportune moments.
  • Stealth: This is a great Backpack to move around the enemy undetected. However, you will never be fully invisible and players can see a very slight distortion of you when activated. Enemies using the "Vision" Backpack can still see you.
  • Thrust: A cross between the Jetpack and Rhino Backpacks. When activated your player will launch up into the sky, knocking down any opponents that are standing close enough to you. To launch your player downwards hold the :cross: button and activate the Backpack. On maps like Quarantine where the buildings are really close together, it is possible to quickly "hop" between buildings by jumping off the building you're on then quickly activating the Thrust Backpack. Do it right and you will land on the roof of the opposite building. This tactic makes you difficult to hit and can be a lifesaver. Do note though that for a couple of seconds after activating, you cannot use any weapons which will leave you vulnerable if you're not careful.
  • Tremor: This is useful if you want to knock down a weakened structure or disorientate opponents. Combine with weapons like the Enforcer or the Arc Welder to maintain good accuracy while the Backpack is active.
  • Vision: This is a very useful Backpack which allows you to see enemy targets through structures and even organic matter, however, its distance is limited. When activated enemies will be red and teammates will be blue. Use against enemies using the 'Stealth' Backpack. This Backpack has one of the shortest usability windows in the game as you don't get much time to use it before the battery runs out.
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Weapon/Backpack Combinations:


  • Up Close and Personal
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Backpack: Rhino
    This combo is perfect for those close-range encounters and is great for racking up kills towards the 5,000.
  • Invisible Smasher
    Weapon: Sledgehammer
    Backpack: Stealth
    Great for sneaking up on enemies and quickly dispatching them with a quick swing of the hammer.
  • Thunderstorm
    Weapon: Arc Welder
    Backpack: Jetpack
    Great for those more vertical battles, especially against multiple opponents. Just fly around with the Arc Welder and zap them until your heart's content.
  • Dead Eye
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Backpack: Firepower
    The Sniper Rifle is very accurate even when un-scoped. Combined with the Firepower Backpack makes this a deadly weapon. A well placed shot can instantly kill your foe.
  • Bladerunner
    Weapon: Grinder
    Backpack: Fleetfoot
    This combo takes a little more practice than the others but once you start becoming good with the Grinder, you can walk or "run" all over the competition with some fast moving feet and discs that are hard to avoid.
  • Size Doesn't Matter
    Weapon: Pistol
    Backpack: Firepower
    The Pistol is deceptively powerful and accurate. Combine it with the Firepower Backpack and a few well placed shots and you can make quick work of your opponents.
  • Fly to the Moon
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Backpack: Jetpack
    The Rocket Launcher is unmatched when you need to do a quick barrage of propelled explosives, however the rockets can often be dodged by opponents when shot directly at them. Use the Jetpack to fly above your foe and shoot the rockets from a difficult to dodge angle.
  • The Enforcer
    Weapon: Enforcer
    Backpack: Firepower
    The Enforcer, while great at dealing with airborne enemies, it lacks power. To make up for that lack of power, combine it with the Firepower Backpack.
  • Bomberman
    Weapon: Remote Charges
    Backpack: Fleetfoot
    Remote Charges are great for setting up a trap but can also take out those hard to reach enemies. Combine it with the Fleetfoot Backpack to get that extra throw distance.

Team Anarchy Map Tactics:


  • Crash Site
    Crash Site is a medium sized map with a few small sized buildings. Half the map is close-quarters while the other half is open space. There are many Proximity Mines scattered around the map so make use of them. The Vision, Rhino and Firepower Backpacks are the most used so a well placed mine on any of those packs are easy kills. The Assault Rifle and Grinder are great choices on this map, combine them with the Vision Backpack for easy kills. The Shotgun is also great when at close-range.
  • Deadzone
    Deadzone is a medium sized map with few buildings and lots of debris scattered around the map. The map is in the shape of a loop, it is advantageous to be on the small hill (the one with the silos) with the Firepower Backpack and Rocket Launcher in your possession. Place mines around the Firepower and Heal Backpacks and also hide them within any debris. The Enforcer is a good choice for this map, combine it with the Firepower Backpack for best results. The Rocket Launcher is good for getting kills on this map. If you are on the little hill, then you will have enough of an angle that you won't need the Jetpack.
  • Downfall
    Downfall is a medium-to-large map with lots of vertical action. Place mines around the Heal, Vision and Stealth Backpacks. The Rocket Launcher is very effective on this map due to the large elevation differences, combine it with the Jetpack for maximum effectiveness. Guard the tower where the Rocket Launcher is and don't let the enemy destroy it but make sure you take out the ladder to make access for the enemy more difficult. The Rail Driver can be good on this map, just be sure to move around a lot because the enemy will catch on to your location relatively quickly. There are various points on the map where you can set off remote charge traps such as the path leading to the Heal Backpack and the pit by the Stealth Backpack.
  • Excavation
    Excavation is a medium sized map with lots of buildings and large elevation differences. Place mines around Rocket Launcher spawns for best effectiveness. There are various points on the map that are advantageous to sniping. The Rocket Launcher is the most used weapon on this map combined with the Jetpack. Use the Arc Welder combined with the Jetpack to combat Rocket users. Excavation is one of the few maps with a Thermobaric Rocket. The rocket can be found on a catwalk near the Jetpack.
  • Quarantine
    Quarantine is the smallest and most hectic map. There are 4 large buildings in the map, all of which can be destroyed. Proximity Mines are great on this map due to the small size. The most used weapon is the Rocket Launcher combined with the Jetpack. You should always stay on top of one of the buildings to avoid getting hit by enemy rockets. The Enforcer and Arc Welder are good weapons to use against airborne enemies. You can use the Tremor Backpack and place Singularity Mines to make quick work of buildings that enemies are hiding in.
  • Rift
    Rift is a large sized map with consistent elevation differences. The Rocket Launcher is quite common on this map, so use the Enforcer to combat it. This is a good map to snipe on since there are balconies on each building to hide in. Besides the Jetpack, the Vision Backpack is also used so place Proximity Mines around the station. You can find some mines a few feet away from the station to pick up.
  • Sand Pit
    Sand Pit is a medium sized map in the shape of a circle, the highest ground is in the centre of the map so capture it ASAP! There are many Proximity Mines scattered around the map so place them around the Firepower, Heal and Stealth Backpacks. This map is great for all types of weapons, particularly the Grinder, Rail Driver, Assault Rifle etc. Use the Heal Backpack to combat enemies with Firepower and vice versa.
  • Warlords
    Warlords is the largest map in Team Anarchy so long-range weapons are most useful. The Jetpack is a commonly used Backpack so combat it with the Enforcer. The Rail Driver is quite useful here a spotting enemies. Proximity Mines aren't very useful here so don't waste your time setting up a whole lot of them. The Sniper Rifle combined with the Firepower Backpack is very effective here. The one place that Proximity Mines can be useful, is on the bridge that connects the two sides of the map so place a couple on it where people are likely to wander into them.

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General/Misc Information:


  • For every 3 radio tags you collect, you will gain access to a M.O.A.B (Mother Of All Bombs). The M.O.A.B is a one time, one use vehicle activated weapon. To activate one you have to run over it then exit and re-enter the vehicle but to actually get it to blow up, you have to destroy the vehicle. Uncollected M.O.A.Bs will appear on your map like this: YQcWk8s.png  and they look like this on the ground: JY1PXr4.jpg  M.O.A.Bs do not respawn so use them wisely.
  • In Multiplayer, any remote charges, proximity mines and singularity bombs you've placed, will disappear when you die and respawn. You will also lose any weapons or Backpacks you may have found.
  • You cannot save during most missions so make a manual save before starting one. You will get an auto-save at the start of each Campaign mission but it's still best to have a manual one as well.
  • Additional MP advice can be found in the Training Videos section of the Online menu.
  • It is recommended that once you have your boosting group, to set your PSN message settings to Friends only and disable Friend Requests. Doing this will prevent hate mail from getting through from any sore losers you meet and stop randoms from sending you Friend Requests.
  • Make sure you have the latest legit firmware installed on your PS3 before playing, to ensure game stability.
  • The demo has also been removed from the EU PS store, though we don't know if you can get it from any of the other PS Stores.
  • To stand a better chance of not being detected in a Multiplayer map, set Alec Mason as your default Red Faction character because he's the quietest one out of all the available characters.




Infinite Salvage Exploit: This exploit couldn't be easier to use, just follow these steps:


Step 1: Go to the Oasis Safehouse (it doesn't matter how you get there).


Step 2: Destroy all the Hydrogen Cylinders, Barrels of Fuel and the large fuel silos then pick up all the Salvage that's left behind.


Step 3: Save and Reload (there's no need to return to the Main Menu).


Step 4: Rinse and repeat.


This exploit will net you 30+ Salvage every minute :).


Terminator tried this exploit at every Safehouse and the Oasis Safehouse is the only one it works with.



Instant Ammo Refill exploit: Providing your Alert Status is Green then you can Fast Travel to a Safehouse and get an instant refill for all your carried weapons, without having to visit a Weapons Locker.

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  • 1 month later...

Thank you :), it took us a long time to write but it was worth it. Compared to the Main Guide, which took about 2-3 months to write, I wrote the DLC guide in just a few days. No disrespect to Duck but his guide is just too vague, some of the info is completely wrong and it makes no mention of several trophy glitches (both good and bad) that currently exist. This guide is also meant as a challenge to Pro-Times guide because frankly, the videos in it are so blurry and zoomed in that it's near impossible to see what's going on. The old guide may have been good when the game first came out but a lot has changed since then.


DFF wrote up most of the MP trophies (including 99% of the Bonus XP Events guide) and I took care of the Story mode trophies. The General Info section was something I added near the end of writing the guide as there some little tit-bits that didn't fit anywhere else. We were originally going to add a Patch Notes thread/post as well but that was abandoned when we couldn't find any reliable info on the 1.02-1.04 patches :(.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice work mate, very detailed. I'll hafta utilise some of ur online tips when I begin again tonight :)

The only thing I'll say is that the blowing up someone with a mine while they're using the jet pack is possible with luck. I got someone while they were already in the air and blew em up. Took a few tries but got it in the end.

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