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Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match - Trophy Guide & Roadmap


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The combo did not pop the trophy and doing exactly what the guide says about pushing all the face buttons and still only getting 9 hits each time. I believe this to be a very hard trophy to get unless there is a way around it but coming up empty handed when trying to search for a video and/or advice.


Nevermind. I got the trophy and I found out what I was doing wrong. You need to start hitting the buttons the instant the combo starts or it will only go up to 9 hits. You need to be quick is all and it sucks. Sorry, this trophy, in my opinion, was the hardest one to obtain.


Confirmed on using the joystick to increase the hits. Was fooling around with a friend on the 10 hits and you need to move the joystick to get that extra hit or two when also bashing the 4 buttons.

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Hi, just letting everyone know I'm aware of the issues with the guide images and HOPEFULLY PLAN to get them fixed. Heres a quick rundown of my situation:



I'm working 3 jobs for the summer, my schedule looks like this Mon-Fri (9am - 9pm or 12am) then on the weekends (4:30pm - 12am). During my little free time I'm currently practicing for my last major FG tournament before EVO (basically last major BBCP tournament since P4U2 and UNIEL will be out at the next tournament I attend). During my little free time I either:

  • Catch up on my anime
  • Work on commission requests I have



My images are basically all gone because imageshack decided to do some dumb update and broke all my images, replacing all the images isn't as easy as you may think. Its pretty tedious and requires a good amount of free time to complete per guide because they each had specific icons related to its game (looking at my free time above... yeah its hard)


Now keep in mind that I have this for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY GUIDES... yeah it's not something I was looking forward to after finishing them all a year later :/



My final plan is to remove all the special images and icons and just switch it with something basic and use the PS3 buttons, its something I don't prefer for presentation purposes however at this point its my only timely option


When will I get to it ? Well my event is this weekend so I'll TRY to start on things next week, it just depends on how tired I am. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this causes on your trophy hunting

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This is the link to show you the Simple Mode command inputs for every characters. Most of trophies can unlock by using this mode, unless you are hardcore fighting gamers and enjoy getting the trophies by hard way:whistle:. I recommend you to use this mode to unlock the trophies.


Thanks, this was very helpful.


Also for any who are still confused about Justice is with Evenkuruga, just switch to simple mode.


All you need to do is tap C, C, C, C


You'll hear bells when you time it right, the first visual clue is a white flash, after that keep tapping it out. Once you've hit all four perfectly your opponent will hit the screen and pause midair for a spit second, that's when you hit AB together to catch then with the super.


Thanks for Setsuna in general for the awesome guide.

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First off, great guide!

I strangely seem to be having trouble getting Konomi's Gen-Gen-Genghis Khan trophy (sheep-sheep-sheep meat). I've tried both Normal and Simple controls for over an hour, but nothing's popping up. This is one of the last few trophies I need.

Any advice?

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First thx for hard work but trophies and moves need to change to real names


anyway my tips for some trophies:


- Really Busy


just for more easier press A+B then hold 6 (till Manaka Hops 3) press A+B


- This is, Victory


push Hakuoro to in the corner, reduce an opponent as Hakuoro to the last letter O.


- I'd Rather Be Napping...


do not set a timer to infinite because trophy will never unlock.


- What a Bothersome Command


use Rina or yuki for more easier to do move Activation


- Hawawawah


this move just 22 (A/B/C) not 222 (A/B/C)


- Righteousness of the Evenkuruga


just add this video by PSTHC for your guide


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Can someone please give a more detailed explanation to Toughing It Out, where you need to Withstand 4,000 damage during the Ointment skill?


I've been trying several different methods using Chizuru as an opponent, but no matter what I do the trophy doesn't pop.


How can I land an attack on him while his Ointment is active?


EDIT: Fixed it! The guide is incorrect, Ointment prevents knockups/knockbacks. Instead use Chizurus massive slash attack. With simple controls it's -> + L1.

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