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RAGE POST! (all comments & opinions welcome)

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JESUS CHRIST! WTF WAS I THINKING! (prior to playing trailer looked cool and smooth).


Game play on the other hand, not quite what i expected! LOL


well OK the Guide first off is extremely misleading IMO, in both trophy difficulty and plat time.


So if you read the guide, and plan to play this, i wouldn't go by it 100% if in fact that plays a roll on whether u want a easy plat.


GIVEN, the MP trophies are a joke, all in a matter of 10 minutes if play a bit of the game prior to jumping into MP straight away, i was the latter i jumped in straight away for the MP.


Challenges on the other hand, be prepared to rip your hair out on quite a few at first, just to get through them for bronze & silver, and then be prepared to rip what ever hair you have left after bronze and silver while trying to figure out how to get gold! do to camera controls, and cheap AI of which cheap is a complete understatement!


OK, we all know basics after a bit of playing, side boosts and drifting are key, as well as maintaining a STRAIGHT LINE while racing! CAN NOT STRESS THAT ANYMORE.


the boosts? i mean really? a 3 button combo for a boost? what f*king genius came up with this idea?

while racing, which u need to constantly hold the gas R2, then they want you to do the opposite and hit the brake L2 then R2, R2 "in quick succession" common, i mean really? 3 buttons for a f*cking boost that barely does anything and at times is very crucial, and most of the time doesn't even register when u need it to most!, causing u to possibly fail a race or have to restart all over again. TOTAL BULL SH!T!


NOW with all that said, my personal dilemma, 2 challenge types both of which are ELITE


I currently sit at only 2 challenges that are bronze and needing silver and gold, one is the second and last ELITE challenges. the check point challenge in the MINE, and the ultimate challenge in ARTIC POST.


ARTIC POST IS A STRAIGHT UP BITCH! no other way to explain it, it takes a combination of luck and timing IMO to get through it properly (landing in the "right" spots of the track to perform a boost or drift of hitting a boost pad or whatever camera doesn't help either here or rather the whole game for that matter but this challenge is obviously tough regardless.


MY PERSONAL BEEF IS WITH THE CHALLEGE 2 of the ELITE GROUP, the CP challenge, time is so crucial, i managed ONLY once to get the required amount of distance for a silver and short of gold by 600m, but this was during a personal rival run, so the tally did not count towards the SP challenge since then i can not make it to the 5th cp of the race always coming up short no matter how well i think im doing each run the turn around the track right after the 4th cp going into the 5th cp is a complete M*THER F*CKR at the same time its tight and the camera is a total POS here time is short no room whatsoever for a single mistake IMO, even using the short cut everytime and going through clean, cant figure it out.


So with all this said which isnt much just my personal RANT, which im sure most people who have this plat already went through in some sorts, and can relate, as to how much they will honestly admit? well thats another story, there are 24 challenges and given some need to be difficult thats understood, but I MEAN COME THE FUCK ON! this shit is totally disgusting me ATM.


ALL PERSONAL COMMENTS AND OPINIONS ARE WELCOME, so long as YOU PLAYED THIS GAME and have atleast some of the trophies & or the Platinum, im a FAN, of constructive criticism SO LONG AS YOU ARENT A COMPLETE Douche Bag with you words. BOTTOM LINE.

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Yea, i think the game could have a lot more potential if well advertised. Also they could of cared a bit more for the graphics and making the game run smooth. It's not bad, but not so good either. It's an easy plat tho (Played for 30 mins and did all MP trophies and 4 golds in SP)

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the Guide first off is extremely misleading IMO, in both trophy difficulty and plat time.


do to camera controls, and cheap AI of which cheap is a complete understatement!




I agree with most of your complaints. I'd rate it maybe a 6.5.

Camera angle are absolutely useless. The AI was probably the most misleading part of the game for me, especially on the Elite trials. I'm in front of the lead ghost car and yet I somehow managed to fail the challenge! What use is a ghost car if it has no relevance to the time trial in question? If i'm in front of the gold car and I fail, how did the ghost car manage to obtain that gold position?!

I must admit though, that last challenge on Elite was the only challenge I genuinely enjoyed to play.



Also they could of cared a bit more for the graphics and making the game run smooth.


I thought the graphics were fine, and the game ran smooth enough for me.

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Have to agree with OP here


The controls and camera angles are absolute rubbish


Any game where to get boost you need to hit the brake first needs to be hunted for its pelt


Whats wrong with a button press for the turbo like every other title


I bought it cheap in the sale on psn recently and its highly unlikely I will bother going for the plat as its just so bad


Am sure lots of folks found it easy and a good game, but I hated it

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