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I wavered between 4 and 5, but went with 4 because it's only a handful of sections that cause any real trouble, mostly because the difficulty isn't true to "easy" and because the AI can be really cheap, particularly with the drones.


The game is a bad Gears of War ripoff.


Several gripes and tips:

1. The grenade throwing mechanic is a joke (and the animation stinks). I just farmed a can't miss spot for the trophy. I may have killed a dozen enemies "legitimately" using grenades in the entire game. By the time you get your aim set up, you're practically dead.


2. Underwater maneuvering is horrid, and the "plant the charges" part...yikes. I tried shooting my way through it, and failed hard, but then I came across this video (the part in question is right at the beginning):




Following his method (and gaining control of one drone to the right, which he doesn't show) I was able to do it in about 4 tries. I had tried about 25 times before trying to shoot my way through it (one of my guns was also the sniper rifle, which is useless in that situation). Definitely START with this technique, and Heaven help you if you're on anything but easy, which throughout the game felt more like hard. I've beaten 2 of the Gears games on insane and two Uncharted games on crushing (haven't finished the third yet)...easy was pretty close to that in spots. At the end of the game I reloaded a checkpoint on the highest difficulty and I died almost instantly.


3. For the final boss battle in the turret, my best tip is to go into the pause menu's settings and crank the brightness the whole way up. I had failed miserably my first three attempts (and, seriously, the checkpoint is like 2 minutes of gameplay back from that...seriously?) and when I was desperately trying to see if I could change the difficulty on-the-fly because I thought it was on hard or higher, I came across that. It would probably help in the whole game, but I just kind of breezed through the last fight because I could actually see what I was shooting at.


Very glad to be done with this. Terrible game.

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Voted 4.


Single player is mostly straight forward but there are few sections in the game which i found rather difficult. Playing on the easy setting did not feel like a game on easy. Taking charge section of the game was a joke, lost count on how many times i died.


Throwing the EMP grenades got you killed most times and act 1 of the game took for ever to finish.





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