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Here's an idea for a tournament: A complete racing tournament.


concept:You list a number of race games and them all to the competition.

You make teams with around 10 members (depends on how many can compete in a game) and you just race and try to be the best racer over all racing games.



Dependable with how many are in a group I'd say:

1. 10pts

2. 8 pts

3. 6 pts

4. 5 pts

5. 4 pts

6. 3 pts

7. 2 pts

8. 1 pts

9. 0 pts

10.0 pts


All points will be added to the player's total

ex: First game = whipeout (I finished 1st)

I have 10 pts

second game is modnation (I finished 5th)

I have now a total of 15 points

So on untill all the games are through.



To make it easy :whistle:, multiple groups will be made with around 10 players per group (if possible for the game)

At the end of all games all lists will be converted into 1 big list.

The first ten players will have to race each other in a game chosen by the event team and you can choose to either add the points to the list, or just keep the results of this last race as the final top 10.



It can happen that you can't join a race, due to work or wathever. If it happens once, give a warning. If it happens frequently you can give a penalty score.

If it is multiple games, it would be complicated and few people would have all the games

Just one would be a good idea.

Gran Turismo,F1 or Modnation for a more arcadey racer would be good.

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If it is multiple games, it would be complicated and few people would have all the games

Just one would be a good idea.

Gran Turismo,F1 or Modnation for a more arcadey racer would be good.


I was thinking more about a related site award :p

best PS3T.org racer


And if this would work, you could also implent the idea in other gamegenres:

shooters and fightinggames, sport games, etc

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Just wanted to pop in here and let you all know that your suggestions have been great and we'll be considering them all.


Please keep in mind that I really want to do an FPS tournament (we all know I love to shoot things) but it's going to take some planning and thought. If we do a team based tournament not only do we need enough sign ups for the same game but we need to make sure that teams are chosen, that all the people from each team can get their matches in etc. It won't be as simple as a 1v1 type of tournament.


With that being said I'm sure we can do it, but we need to plan. If we don't have enough sign ups it could be one that gets cancelled.


In the meantime we have the Madden and Fifa tournaments that will come up in the next couple of months and beyond that we'll be choosing the next.


Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming :)

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It will if we have another repeat of the Poker tourney. :p


You mean the one where a ton of folks no-showed? ;)


That is actually a great example of how a FPS tournament could get ruined. If just a few people no show on each side or one side even, that would make everything more complicated - would cause teams to be lopsided etc.


When you're trying to get organized teams together its simply going to be a more difficult process.

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What about MW3 Face off?

There is 1v1 and 2v2, so you could do either.

If you do 2v2 you could allow teams to sign up, then group everyone else into 2s.

It would be nice before Black Ops II.

I don't think we've done a doubles competition (except some of rockets must die) so would be something different.


I think this is a brilliant idea. I was thinking of suggesting it before I read all of the suggestions. The Face-Off mode is perfect for tournaments. 3v3 might be very fun as well

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Speaking of ... any chance of another Beat the Staff type event? I realize it's quite a bit of work on you guys.


No word about that yet but would be nice to have again. It's just a matter of staff members having the game(s) and the availability to do it. The main problem with Beat the Staff and Rockets Must Die, especially in team based match-ups, was finding the time to have the match-ups. Weekends tend to be an ideal time, but not everyone (including myself) is free on the weekends. Maybe once the first season of THL and site tournaments are completed, the EDs will discuss it.

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