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A new challenger in the fighting genre will arrive in August when Aquaplus releases a fighting game with characters from Tears to Tiara, Utawarerumono, To Heart 1 and 2, and White Album.



I suppose we should say we’re *pretty* sure Aquapazza will be ready on August 30. This is the third release date for Aquapazza, which was originally supposed to come out in June.



Examu, the developer behind Arcana Heart, made Aquapazza which has a fighting system that uses character's emotions.



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I already knew it was going to be delayed until August for some time, my preorder on Play-Asia notified me that my asian version of the game was pushed back (not surprising to see the JP version pushed back as well).


I'm still going to get it regardless of how often it gets pushed back (no more though please lol). The game has done pretty well in Japan and has a spot in SBO, though in the anime fighter department its easily overshadowed by Persona 4 Arena its still a good game nonetheless.

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