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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 7.00


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  • 7 months later...

I'm surprised that small group of folks around here who like to earn trophies for working out haven't taken up this game ... or at least they aren't posting in this forum.


I'll wait until I get the plat to vote, but this is looking like a 2 or 3 difficultly max.


Compared to other fitness games: you don't have Move Fitness' ridiculous leaderboard trophy, nor the impossible grind trophies encountered in EA Sports Active 2, nor the stigma of working out with an ex-Spice Girl (Get Fit with Mel B) lol.


I thought I'd have trouble hitting 15 baskets in a row (the only trophy that requires any skill in miCoach), but it's actually easier in this game than in Move Fitness. I got it on my third try.


Also note, this game requires only one Move controller (not two like Move Fitness).

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  • 10 months later...

3. The only skill part is the mini-games. I guess I suck more at it than Satnamji, took me a lot more than 3 tries to get 15 baskets or 20 saves in a row. More on that in a bit...


This game is broken. It's buggy as hell. I've had it freeze, I've had the camera (showing you working out and needed to register your reps) drop to decimal frame rates, and had the game stop taking input from the Move controller (but works perfectly fine in the XMB). All of which is a problem for your Master, Dual Sport, Dual Category trophies because your workout might not register and there's no visible in-game tracking of that. Even when it's not buggy, it's hit or miss whether this game registers your reps while you workout. Sometimes it works flawlessly, even with minor motions (wrist exercises, crunches, etc). It can be too forgiving - registering a rep when you're just getting into position to do the workout. Other times you can't get it to register to save your life. Or it will register every second rep... even after registering the first 5 reps perfectly. Just mind boggling. It can be survived - as far as trophy difficulty it just takes a little longer and is more annoying than it should be (just redo the questionable phases and hope it doesn't glitch again). If you're using this game for actual fitness, don't.


Mini-games. What frustrates me about these is that the playing area is bigger than the screen. The game tries to deal with this by "shifting" your first-person perspective if you lunge quickly to one side. But it's inconsistent about whether it works or not (working when you don't want it to, not working when you want to undo it). This is a huge problem (for me at least) during the 20 saves (soccer/football). The goal area is bigger than the screen and some of the shots go "offscreen" (but still on net). Saving them is luck-based thanks to the wonky "lunge" maneuver. Doubly-so - lucky if it registers, and then lucky if it registers when you try to get back to the center of the goal for the next shot. I found the 20 saves easiest to get in phase 3 and 4 (shots 21-40) because they tended to be in the middle of the net (saveable without the lunge).


This lunge can effect the basketball game too, but in an annoying fashion rather than losing one.

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