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Just Dance Kids is Almost Impossible!!


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If you are thinking about buying this game just for easy trophies then don't!

75% off the trophies are easy to get (thats if you have a second move controller) the only thing you have to do is just start 50 songs in every mode and just let it play, you don't really have to dance for it.

But the golden Just Dance Virtuoso trophy is a whole different story, for this trophy you need to earn at least 12.000 points for every song on regular so you really have to dance for that and not just dance but more like dance as a professional. I myself won't get any futher then arround 6000 points for most dances.


So i won't recomment this game just for easy trophies but if you are a very good dancer then mebe you have a chance to get this game on 100%


PSN ID: mr-jvoorhees

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It is not impossible, but I will say you need to learn the songs.

For example freaking frere Jacque song, the dancers do a routine where they are swinging their arms in a v motion. Took me forever to realize the game wanted me to swing my hands in a u motion. Despicable me song, some of the moves have to be in sync with dancers to get perfect and other parts of the song you have to be in sync with the display dancer icon on the bottom of the screen. Took me a while to figure out how to time that dance.

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