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Voted 3 , nothing hard about this game, just did one playthrough + cleanup, on the hardest difficulty every fight is simple if you use stealth takedowns and web rush a lot, none of the boss fights gave me trouble, i think the combat system was pretty simple.

The collectibles were a bit of a grind, but was expecting to be a lot worse than it was.

Overall a very decent game and a pretty simple platinum.

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As for the actual difficulty of the game (defeating enemies, etc.) I scored it a 2/10. Stealth attacks, Web Rush, Web Punch and your Web Retreat are your best friend. Use it non-stop and you shouldn't have a problem beating the game on Super Hero difficulty.


As for the absolute TEDIOUSNESS of this game it gets a 20 out of 10 if that were even possible! The amount of collectibles in this game is God-awful and will make you sick to your stomach and want to puke! As if 700 pointless comic book pages weren't enough! Oh no lets add in the shit-ton you still have to collect during each mission too! Jesus fking christ man!!


On top of that lets add even MORE tedious bullshit to the mix by collecting the gazillion infected citizens and escaped mental patients, repetitive car chases, police deadlocks, Oscorp Secret Labs and for the PS3 version the Xtreme Video and Race challenges! Oh my GOD it's freak'n mind-numbing! At least with the Vita version though there are no trophies related to the Xtreme challenges so you can go ahead and skip them altogether.


This game is tedious, repetitive, boring as hell and lacks creativity. The Vita version is the the ugliest game I've ever played in my life! The non-stop lag will drive you nuts! It's a horrible port. But it's the Vita, what else is new with that? I've platinumed the PS3 and EU Vita version. One more to go: the NA Vita version. UGH! I regret buying them all, lol!


If stacking isn't your thing than play the PS3 version. Yeah you'll have to do the Xtreme challenges (which aren't hard at all) but you'll get a smoother running game and graphics that are pretty decent for an open-world game. The Vita version is pure shit and should be avoided. That's just my opinion so ultimately it's up to you.

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I gave this a 4/10 because of the indoor collectibles - 700 comics wasn't that bad as you don't need a guide to look for them. Without a video/static guide, there's no way in Earth will you ever find them on normal play. You really need to refer to a guide/walkthrough to find them (indoor collectibles) in one go. I was very thorough, but there are a lot of spots where the collectibles are placed in the unlikely places.


Did this on the :pvita: and there is definitely a spike in terms of the game being challenging on the handheld, and I attribute this to the clunky and awkward controls the Vita has. The damn buttons are just so darn fragile and to win boss battles you gotta spam HARD on them - which isn't good for the Vita in my opinion. It definitely received a lot of unnecessary punishment with this game.


I would rate it on the Vita 5/10 just because of that. However I think my previous rating on the PS3 should have been 3/10. Did the collectibles straight up and I played on Super-Hero on the get-go. It didn't seem hard at all, but I'm coming fresh from having played Beenox's other 3 Spidey games which also required to be played on hard. I probably got accustomed to it already, felt like just normal play. Only the comic books left and I've collected 250 so far. Since I've done this before already, might as well vote now for the stack.


(EDIT: left only one comic book in a specific spot to collect later on, I'm positioning this game to be my 175th platinum... waiting to earn one more plat - Far Cry 4 PS3, before I complete it... EDIT 26.04.2019 - Platinum completed)


3, a little tricky until you learn the AI movements but I was playing on PSTV. I think it would have been worse on the Vita.


Yes you are spot on with the pure Vita notion... It takes a lot of getting used to on the :pvita: especially looking for the 700 comic book pages - it's a bitch!


Collecting all those comic book pages was a chore. What were the devs thinking?


If you remember the first two Spidey games from Beenox that had a few "platinum runs" and "web challenges" that were absolute bonkers... They're sadists who enjoy torturing gamers :D

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I'd rate the plat difficulty as a 3 for The Amazing Spider-Man. I'd suggest starting on Super-Hero difficulty as it is not overly difficult and as you play through you will get upgrades and once you get a hang of the combat/stealth moves there aren't any fights that will pose too many headaches. The collectibles are quite enjoyable to find, I enjoyed swinging around the city, doing side jobs and collecting comic book pages between main story jobs. The Concept Art trophy can be time consuming if you weren't taking pictures as you were going. If you need boss pics you need to play the whole mission over again to get to the boss for pics, so at least try to get those as you go to save time later. Overall, I really enjoyed this game and had fun putting the time into it!

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