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Anime: Dubbed or Subbed?


Dubbed or Subbed?  

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Choosing dub.

I'd watch dubs if the voice acting is good (which rarely happens) ; if it isn't, I watch the subs


I don't like watching below the screen. You tend to not be able to appreciate the details in the background if you're always focused below the screen.


Was agonizing last week as to which one of the two I should choose when I watched Neo Ranga. It had great voice acting, but I'm used to Japanese voice acting. In the end I chose the subs.

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I'm going to go with dub just because I like to hear my favorite characters speak a language I understand. As alec613 said, it gets a little annoying looking at the bottom of the screen instead of appreciating the animation in the background. Don't get me wrong, I still like subbed with Japanese voices too.

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Subs hands down. No offense, but I just can't STAND English VA's. I think the only two series I saw where I enjoyed English VA was Black Cat and Blood+ - then again I didn't have the option of subs for either of them. For me, anime is a 100% Japanese thing so I feel like I'm missing out on part of the 'experience' if I don't watch them with the original Japanese VA.

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It depends on the anime for me..


Bleach I can watch either way but prefer subs

Naruto's english VA can suck a dick for being so damn annoying so sub only

DBZ dub all day everyday

Death Note I really thought the dub was well done and enjoyed Light Yagami's VA, along with L


In the end as long as the show is good I will watch regardless of dub or sub

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Depends (therefore: can't vote).


Dubs can be quite extraordinary at times, especially when the Japanese companies take an active role in them; an example of this might be the insistence that the same VA of Haruhi Suzumiya do the voice of Konata in Lucky Star - not only for continuity, but because the Japanese producers were quite pleased with the way the english version turned out.


I don't watch most of the super popular series like One Piece or Bleach or whatever; instead, I tend to watch a lot of weirder, darker stuff, and things like that really lend themselves to being dubbed because the slower rhythms or more dramatic nature actually lend themselves to english more than they do to japanese (Japan has a long history of horrible overacting in dramatic pieces that has only started to be corrected in recent years - I'm talking about film largely, but it has definitely leaked into voice acting): Gilgamesh, for example, or Shigurui (amazing in both languages), or Skycrawlers, etc.


Some things I can't imagine in english; like Katanagatari, for example - where the show is so conversation-driven that it really relies on specific cadences to achieve its very particular tone; or When They Cry - the insane shifts in tone in that series are close to impossible to manage in english. By the same token, though, there are certain things that shouldn't work in english because of the crazy japanese wordplay at work in them, but wind up working really well in dub form: Kodocha, for example (I can listen to Laura Bailey do pretty much anything - her voice really breaks my heart), or the aforementioned Lucky Star.


So, yeah, depends - I usually watch a first episode of something twice, once with subs, once as a dub, then decide which language seems to fit the tone better.

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As a fellow Asian, the pronunciation of the letters T and D by English speaking countries is too unauthentic for me to be taken seriously.


The West bar Spanish speaking nations have only one version of the word T where the tip of your tongue touches the palate in your mouth, while in the East, you can also pronounce it by touching the upper incisors with the tip of your tongue.


If it's confusing, just think about how the East and the West pronounce the word Naruto differently.

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As a preference I would have to say dubbed. But being reletively new to the anime scene, most of what I have watched has been from netflix. I dont generally have a problem watching anything subbed though. Ive seen many foreign movies and shows subbed and it doesnt bother me like it would others.

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