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Alex Kidd - Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.


Road Map


- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 1/10 (Personal Difficulty Estimate)

- Trophy Breakdown: 12 (1 Gold /2 Silver/9 Bronze)

- Offline Trophies: 12

- Online Trophies: 0

- Approximate Time to platinum: 1 - 2 hours

- Missable Trophies: A few, see below.

- Glitched Trophies: None

- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1

- Cheat Codes Disable Trophies: No




There is a code to keep in mind. When/If you die and go to game over screen, you can continue with 3 lives so long as you $400. You are basically buying 3 more lives to play with.


The code is: Holding Up and pressing the B button (Which is maped to Circle by default) eight times before the music in the game over screen runs out. You'll hear a chime and the screen will display 'Continue Mode' under your Hi-Score.


Played this game for years when I was young, never knew that til now...


There is a save function. USE IT!




Play the story until you can to certain parts which I will out line in each step so long as you don't miss anything.




Fists of Stone - You need to destroy 300 blocks so just go out of your way to destory as many as you can. I got this trophy near the end.


Amazing Score - You need to buy/have all the items at least once in your game and I can confirm that you DON'T need them all in your inventory at once or even use that at all by the end of the game. Just so long as you had them at least once.


LEVEL 1 - A Brush with Death and Good Vibrations Trophies.


Easy ones that you can miss but lets get them out of the way. Good Vibrations requites you to break a 'Gold Skull' Block. The first one you see it alittle below from where you start. Hit it and you're done.


For Brush with Death, get the first 'Gold Question Mark' block (It's a ring). Continue on until you get to the second Gold Question Mark. Break it to release a ghost and then quickly run down until he is off screen. That's it!


I always stand under the block, jump up to break it and leg it to the bottom like that. Just careful of the bat flying around.


Level 2 - Rockin' the Bike


Simply put; Go into the shop, buy Bike, ride Bike until the end. That's it. Best to save at the start so long as you don't mess up.


Level 3 - Octopus Sushi


There are two Octopus siting on glass bowl in this level. Get behind then and hit their arms until it is completely gone and the Octopus explodes. I want to point out that there is a secret area if you press down on the first Octopus's glass bowl. If you go down it, you won't be able to get the second so save after killing the first and reload later if you wish to go down this path.


Level 5(?) - Petit-Copter


Same as the bike level. Just get to the end without crashing.


Level 8 - Shameful


You will find the Telepathy Ball half way into the level. it's a blue ball with a red star in it.Hit the purple fish on above it and just fall down running to right to get it. Don't stop or you will die. Move to the far level to see a path open up for you to continue.


Now, at the end of the level when you fight Scissor-Head. He will do Scissors then Paper so you do Paper then Rock. (But you knew that, right!)


Level 9 - Boat Cruise


Same as the Bike and Petit-Copter. Just get to the end without crashing.


Level 10 - Amazing Score (MISSABLE)


Right, you need to save your brother first. He is towards the right. It's alittle hard to draw a map but basically end for the top left and begin to go down until you reach a room with lots of blocks on the top-right hand corner. Go into that path and you will find your brother at the end of it.


Go back once you're in a room with 3 flame enemies and lots of ladders, head to the top-right ladder that gos into the another room. You will find a letter there. Take it with you.


Later on, in a gold castle, it will give you access to a purple stone which you should get before continuing on.l


Level 12 - Copter Rider


Another Petit-Copter level. Again just get to the end without crashing. (Unlike the other ones, you don't have a choice here)



Level 15 - Tears of Regret


SAVE. Now go kill yourself. Seriously, to get this trophy you must lost all your lifes AND have under $400. This is where that code from above comes in handy. If you don't have under $400, just use the code until you can't. Once you have this trophy, reload and continue on.


I want to point out not to forget the Sun stone which Janken drops after beating him. (For the Amazing Score trophy)


Final Level - Amazing Score and Mission Complete


To finish the game, you have to step on the correct blocks. They are (in order); SUN, WATER, MOON, STAR, SUN, MOON, WATER, FISH, STAR, FISH. Get the crowd and you are done! Congrats!



This is my first guide and I know it's horribly crude but I will complete it to the site's standand tomorrow but if anyone could tell me anything I need to do, please do!

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Hi there,


Thank you for taking the time to write a guide for this game but please refer to the following threads and make sure your guide follows the same standard layout we use across the site:





If you have any questions feel free to message me or another guide team member and we'll be happy to help.



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hi for level 10 the castle, amazing score trophie, i follow everything u said but there is no letter after the 3 fire enemies i go to a room with many ladders go up and enter that room, the room is empty is only contains spikes on the floor?

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yeah, thax, but it says where to find it, but it does not say how to save him

when I come on the screen he remains in prison. I have to do something with the symbols above him?


To save your brother, just hit the block to the left (fish) and the one in the midle (waves) and he is free.



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wrong hand turn
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